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July 16 Babies


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in July 2016 Birth Club who have (nearly!) all given birth to an equally lovely baby – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on. (We know there’s just a couple of you left to have your baby,  please do come on over and chat here). 

If you've not been part of the Due in July 2016 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born July 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off, we've got a fabulous Miracle Blanket* (designed to make swaddling easy - see pic) to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting! 


*The Miracle Blanket has been designed to make swaddling easy. Its unique design ensures snug, straightforward wrapping with no excess fabric (so overheating is not an issue) and it has special flaps to secure baby’s arms. The Blanket has no press studs, straps, Velcro or buttons, so there’s no danger of scratching, and it currently retails at £19.



  • Afternoon ladies!

    wow I didn't think I would be in this thread till baby got here, but he's holding on strong!

    tempted to go for a walk but I'm a little scared on my own!

    how are all the babeis coping with the heat? 

    Tats! I love tattoos but I don't actually have one!

    im tempted to have a small one one 'bear' is here. Thinking of having 3 (daddy, mummy and baby bear) in a forest scene! I'll see if I can find a piccy! My only concern is if we do have another baby will I be able to extend it! 

  • Hey ladies! Our july baby thread os finally here! Although technically I was a June ha. My baby girl is doing ok so far I on the other hand am not ha x

  • Shoonawikwik that's a lovely idea. I got my first tattoo when I was 16 and then had to have it redone a few years ago and always been to chicken to get another as it was so sore the second time. But I'm thinking I'll get a wee something for baby. You idea is lovely.

    Hope your okay K85m. are you struggling with the heat? How was your wee boys sport day?

  • I'm planning on getting a sketch of my wee mans face as my tattoo on my thigh (just a5 ish so not that big ) 


  • How did the sports day go? my child will not amuse himself at all today. That's really cute toobeautiful X 

  • Wow! I'd be too scared to have a portrait! T do look amazing though if you go to the right tattooist!

  • K85m I can't believe how warm

    it is in wolves! Im

    tempted to buy a paddling pool

    and just sit in it! 

  • It's hot here as well but just sitting inside. I might as well sit in my sons because he never wants to play in it Lol X 

  • Thanks Danielle!  Yes we are all struggling with the heat here (south coast) as its just hit 30 degrees!

    Been to the doctor today and they are happy to start to wean me off my blood pressure medication and have also registered Oliver and booked in for his 8 week jabs on Sept 1st.

    Has anyone's baby cord stump dropped off yet? Oliver is 2 weeks on Wednesday and his is getting looser but still attached.  I want to book in for some newborn photos but want them without the cord stump.

  • My wee mans fell of when he was 4 days old x

  • Yes shoonawiki willenis roasting! Yeah struggling with the heat Claire I'm ok I just got no summer clothes n don't want to buy stuff cuz trying to lose weight. I'd love to jump in a pool ha.

    His sports day was amazing! I told him dont worry about winning just do ur best etc and he won all 3 races ha! So so proud but wud of been proud anyway even if came last! it was hot though poor kids. I put squash in his water bottle cuz the school only allow water but he always comes bk with a full bottle never drinks it so thought stuff it its too warm. He's gone to watch my niece now and I'm off to the family planning clinic in midwives advice to get the pill as doctor wudnt give it me. I don't think they will either so prob end up a wasted journey x

  • Oh k85m how lovely and the icing on the cake that he won too!  Hope you get sorted at the clinic.

  • oh well done 2 your Wee boy winning all races wat a Wee super star 

    rustic my Wee Ollie cord fell off yesterday at 5 days olds 

    midwife just away Ollie jaudice is gettin worst but did say sumtime gets worst before better there check it again on Thursday 

    my pram here now totally In love so I am 

    think it funny how was all baby talk now we are on 2 tattoo talk hehe x

  • I thought it should fall off after a week but mw was happy with it at the 10 day check.  I have hv tomorrow so will ask her. It's nice and dry and no sign of infection though.

  • Well my tattoo will need to  another pic one with lots of detail but at least a tattoo of wee mans face so just got to wait until I can get a good wee pic of him smiling lol

    yeah jwebster Malachi was the same his jaundice got   worse at day 6-7 but by 10 days old he is totally fine ans been discharged 

  • Yay sorted. Got 6 months of my pill thank you family planning even got some free condoms ha felt like I was young again going in there ha although I was the oldest in there when walked in ha. Knew that doctor was just being a mean bitch x

  • Wooohooo! I'll be getting to that family planning clinic asap!

  • I going fone Drs see about gettin my inplant back in again 

    I hope jaudice away by Thursday imageimageimageimageimageimage Cant wait take my boy out walks x

  • Dunno bout anyone else but my baby girl is roasting poor thing gonna be a long warm nite and even hotter tomorrow! We wud have babies in a heat wave! 


  • It's actually been hot here today :) And tomorrow, but then going to go back to being rainy and 16 degrees LOL.

    We sat out for a bit earlier but only about 20 mins.

    Going to spend longer outside tomorrow hopefully. Also registering her tomorrow :)

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