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July 2017 Babies - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the July 2017 Babies peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • I think for me I know I don't want anymore children. It's been a pretty rough ride and I've found it really hard. It takes me along time to get pregnant to. I love my hubby to pieces weve  been together 12 years and married almost 8. But if anything was to happen And he met someone else I would hate to think I'm the reason he couldn't have more children. He says he'd get the snip if I wanted him too.

    mummytoolly she did want me to consider the coil, but I'm not overly keen. I suffer really bad migraines so have to be careful with the pill. I have to get through the referral process first...fingers crossed! 

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

  • glad u had a better night katt 

    I'm not sure about any more I would love the thought of Ollie having a friend but he's such a good baby n the complications of my pregnancy I know would mean I'd have to be watched like a hawk n have him early via c sections it's a big sacrfice. 

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  • Sounds like this is going to be the last for most of us. Id love a girl but obv u cnt pick and choose and I'm happy with my boys two is a good number olly has a friend and we know we cn afford to look after them properly they're so expensive haha. What's everyone up to today 

  • The shit has hit the fan. Saoirse is now unwell. She's got a few spots on her bum but her throat is all blistered and temp up. Her temp was 37.7 so called nhs 24 they said I can give up to 4 doses of calpol over 24 hours but if she spikes over 38 I've to call back but she had it 90 min ago and is hysterical and I can't calm her x

  • Oh god Katt isn't there anything they can prescribe her? And I'm sorry she's not well as well xxx

  • Awww katt big hugs to you all bless you hope she gets better soon x late you able to re organise the christening ? 

    Id take her straight to walk in centre or A n E if her temp gets over 38 especially if you have already given calpol just to be on the safe side 

    me and Ollie and watching hubby play football today its probs going to be the last time it's nice so thought why not x

  • I agree with Lillian chick if she gets worse take her straight to a and E poor patrick and saoirse :( when is her christening meant to be chick?

    That sounds nice Lillian we took the boys to marketon park which is the big local park near us they have big playgrounds and a paddling pool there so it's nice for the children. Cnt believe how warm it is today I'm so burnt stupid me lathered the boys up but forgot to do myself and now I'm feeling like fat is spitting on my skin.


    Excuse the state of me 😂. 

  • Everything paid for. I wish we'd cancelled when Patrick was unwell earlier in the week. I'm too stressed for it and people have cancelled since I told them about the HFMD so we're already over catered 

  • Is it meant to be tomorow then chick? That's awful would they be willing to postpone it to another day with the little ones being unwell? 

  • How are we doing ladies I'm up on Charlie duty his cold seems to have got worse today he's so snuffly and struggling to take his feeds. I've been giving him saline spray and I've brought him some calpol plug ins but I've noticed on the box it says not for under 3 months do u think it will be okay to use it as long as he's not next to it?

    Has anyone heard of baby leaps

  • What a night from hell. Saoirse will not settle unless in your arms. I took the shift from 0000-545 and I'm guilty on closing my eyes with her on the sofa. OH up now. Need to get up arms 730 to start getting ready for christening. Thank God he's off work tomorrow. It's going to be a long day. 

    I think if you only have it on a wee while them might be ok

  • Aww katt I feel for you Hun I hope all goes well x 

     know you can use the vapour oil from birth n it will be the same sort of medication maybe just have it in for a short time x

  • so sorry you are having such a nightmare katt. Really hope the christening goes smoothly. Just keep thinking that you can have a nice peaceful day tomorrow once you have got through the stress of today. Let us know how you get on xxx 

  • Good luck and enjoy today Katt, hope it goes okay! 

    Ive got the calpol saline spray mummytooandc. Is it the same one? I didn't think it worked much though. I'm sure the vape will be okay for a little while! 

    what are your babies like with dirty nappies. Jacobs routine has really changed, he's now going mostly only once a day if that! He's just gone now, first time in just over 48 hours. He's straining so much and it takes over 10 mins for him to be finished so I can't even change him yet bless him! 

  • Ollie rearly goes last time was Thursday morning and still waiting for another one.

    ollie is sniffly this morning again bless him think it's our room but don't know what it is about our room x

  • Good morning,

    Hope you have a lovely day Katt, and the little ones are feeling better.

    We just used the saline calpol spray with Joseph, it didn't do a great deal.

    We struggle with Poo too, he haant been since Thursday, but again he is really straining. After changing his milk we dodnget back to once a day. I think the gaviscon the dr gave us hasn't helped. 

  • Thanks ladies ive got the saline spray and the calpol vapor plug in just worried about overdosing him or something but he's so snuffly I think it's because our room is the attic it's either freezing or red hot there's no in between I had to have the window open the other night the gro egg was reading 28 so I don't think that helped him. I'll give the plug in a go tonight and turn it off when he comes up hopefully the vapor will stay in the room

    Sorry to hear last night was so bad for you Katt I hope they both get better quickly and today goes well for you xxx

    Charlie is really regular with his poops he usually goes every two days but it's alot when he goes and he takes about 10 minutes to finish he did one when the hv came last week it literally shot out and went on me and the rug 😂😂 (I admit I was more concerned about the rug)

    There's an app you can download which shows you babies development and when they're likely to be restless fussy and not sleep I saw someone discussing it on another forum and decided to check it out its actually really accurate it's called the wonder weeks 

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

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