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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in February 2019 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in February 2019 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around February 2019, do please feel free to post and join in. 



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  • Hi all, my chunky monkey now weighs 10lb 3oz, he was 8lb 11oz at birth which was 2 weeks ago today. Hope everyone is well. Xxx
  • Oh @Fayeuk, lovely to hear from you! How is Eli doing? And you? 
    Also, can we ask did you get an email notification through that we tagged you on this thread? 
  • @Fayeuk that’s a great weight gain! Did he lose a lot in the first weigh in?
    Emily list 7.8% at the 5 day check which I was pleased with as they think she has a tongue tie! She’ll be weighed again on a Wednesday I think 
  • Hi, Eli didnt lose any, he put on 3oz at his day 5 weigh in, but I only breast fed in the hospital for the first 2 days then put him on formula as he always seemed to be hungry and it was a struggle after the c section. I did feel guilty about not breast feeding and had a few tears but after talking to the midwife she put my mind and me at ease. 

    Yeah I did get an email about this new thread, thank you. 
  • Ah that’s great! 
    Honestly think you don’t need to feel guilty AT ALL about using formula. This is honestly the hardest thing anyone will ever have to do, and if formula is what mum and/or baby needs to stay sane then to me - fed is best!!!
  • Hey everyone hope you are all doing well, my little boy is now 4 weeks and 2 days and gained weight every week, he was born at 7pb and weighed in Friday just passed weighing 9lb 7oz, here's a picture of him now x
  • Ok can't post picture says they are to big! 
  • Hey @Chelseafirsttimemum lovely to see your name pop up. We're afraid we currently have a limit on picture sizes, but you can still post your pic. Just head to this thread and it will tell you how. Please let us know if you need any help. 

  • Hi all. 
    Glad you’re all doing well... 
    I can’t believe February has been and gone already 😱!!! 
    Freddie is 13 days and hadn’t lost any weight when they weighed him last. Visit from midwife tomorrow so he’ll be weighed again then 😬🥰. 
    I am beyond besotted  
  • Hiya everyone!
    glad to hear everyone and babies are okay and doing well!!
    my little harriett is now nearly 5 weeks she was 6lb7 (got told in theatre she was 6lb12 but they wrote down 6lb7 🙈) and is now 8lb4.
    Shes suffering from really serve reflux where it comes out of her nose and cant breathe so have to help her catch her breath and breathe again but shes on gaviscon now which is helping but now its given her serve stomach ache so back to the doctors tomorrow bless her hate seeing her in pain but other than that shes such a happy baby! 

    Take care everyone, look forward to keeping up with how the babies are doing xxx

  • @SmanfaX and @Sophiemarie32 your babies are adorable!!!
    It’s so surreal after all these months of waiting and talking of pregnancy woes that here we all are with our little ones!!!
  • Hi ladies glad your all doing well, these babie are gorgeous. Our little murphy is now 10lb and hes 4 weeks old tomorow,cannot believ where the time has gone but its defo been a rough start xx
  • Ladies your babies are adorable!!!
    Hows everyone getting on?
    youre all a big further ahead than me - have you had a turning point where things seemed to settle down and get easier? Please say yes! Haha
    We have a referral for Emily for the tongue tie clinic so hoping that helps everything be a bit easier!
  • My little boy is 5 weeks on Saturday and I can thankfully say things are settling and so is he l so I would say yet it gets better, hope you are all good.
  • How is everyone doing? 
    My handsome little bub is suffering with colic so we’ve been out for a whole new set of bottles, Infacol and he’s getting plenty of cuddles! I on the other hand, am one tired lady 😴.. he’s up every 2.5 hours in the night. How are your little ones doin? Xx
  • Harrietts now 5 weeks weighing 9lbs had colic and reflux has settled down on the gaviscon but now has bad gas so are trying out gripe water out at the moment shes been on infacol and looks like they want to try her on ranitidine next 🙈. She has 5 ounces every 4 hours so is only up at 2am till 3am during the night so doing very well! Got scans on her hips on Wednesday as she was breech so fingers crossed there okay.
    hope everyone and babies is all okay and doing well xxx
  • Has anyone elses babies suffering from gas (farting) and screams in pain with it? And seems like there belly is quite sore? My doctor said it was normal but its horrible seeing her in pain xxx
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