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January 2019 Babies - Part 2



  • Yeah I know. Luckily we eat a lot of natural yoghurt so it’s fine. What about the individual Greek yoghurt pots? I know they’re still big but not huge. Also I blended strawberries into mine and froze them as lollies? 
  • I’m lactose intolerant so yoghurt will just go to waste. I will definitely have another look though. I wonder if I could separate it into the little food storage pots I have and freeze some 🤔

    Arden is currently sitting eating his dad’s crust off his toast and couldn’t be happier 
  • Okay... I think she is ready! I gave her a risk this morning and she had it with both hands and had almost a 1/4 of it. I’m going to do the ice cube thing, that’s a great idea!!! I’d like to do purée and baby lead... might just do purées for the next 3 weeks then start with some hand foods. Just one meal a day for the first two weeks??? I was thinking of doing it in between bottles? 
  • I started it about an hour after a bottle, that way he was ready and not grumpy. One meal a day at first. I would also give him what I was eating, so like a bit of cucumber or pepper or a toast finger 
  • I have done purees only up until now. Tried her with finger foods and the level of gagging put me off so much! So I'm gonna wait a bit before I try again. You don't need to do baby led if it doesn't suit you or your baby. I had planned to do puree only until she reached 6 months anyway. I back cook stuff  on a Sunday and pop them in wee silicone trays then pop them out and put them in zip lock bags. I'm starting to mix foods now as well but to begin with, I started with one thing at a time and about an hour after a bottle. I started with one meal a day but quickly upped it as Brodie seemed to want more. 
  • Those who are already weaning, have you found that your baby is dramatically dropping bottles? Arden will still only take about 22oz a day maximum when before it was at least 30 
  • Yes ,I can only get Brodie to take about 20oz at the most and she was on 33 to 35 before.
  • Aww Brodie has her first tooth! ❤️
  • Nope Cooper hasn't dropped feeds at all little fatso. Over the weekend hes been having 3 meals and puddings too. Yet today he had toast and then just his feeds 
  • Aww that’s great Colpage! It’s roasting here today and we cannot get this boy to drink milk, I’m hoping it’s just his gums bothering him 
  • Thanks so much for all the advice!!! 
    Aww Colpage! I’m waiting for the teeth... she dosent stop chomping her finger & EVERYTHING goes in the mouth. 
  • Aw yay col! Still nothing for Logan but he is chewing everything, hands, other people's hands, knees and shoulders! 
    He has only dropped a couple of Oz in bottles, maybe leaves 1 or 2. Usually finishes them though, he's a grubber
  • Which tooth has come through col? So sweet!
  • One of the bottom front ones. She spent the last part of the week soaked in drool like nothing I've ever seen! She's been showing teething signs since she was 8 weeks old... Glad she's got one now though! She can't stop licking it! 
  • Haha bless her! 
    Noah is the same. I can see white at the bottom and upper right but nothing yet. 
    Has she been in more pain coming up to it coming through?
  • I noticed it this morning as it was so sharp when I put teething gel on it and sure enough it was out of the gum. Nah she hasn't really been much different to be honest, apart from more drool than normal, I wouldn't have been able to guess. She's been off her milk but I put that down to the weaning but who actually knows eh? She's not been upset or anything though so that's something. She has a wee teething monkey that she absolutely loves!! 
  • Hi guys... Just wondering, what do your babies nap in during the day? Brodie is outgrowing her beanbag but she spends so much time in it at the moment, I'm gutted! 
  • The pram, his cot or on me 🙈 
  • The couch (he can’t roll yet and our couch slants inwards and I block him in), or his cot 
  • Yeah I do same Chech or upstairs in his cot
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