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This is a new thread for the people from our Due in May 2020 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby, or they're expecting them any time now.

If you've not been part of the Due in May 2020 birth club thread so far, but have a baby born around then, feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Beautiful little lady 04/05/20 💜 Georgie Lambert 

  • Ellie Rae
    born May 3rd weighing 6lbs 13oz
  • Hi everyone, how are you doing? 
    We're wondering if you would share your birth stories here, so we can get a real feel for what it's really like giving birth in the time of Corona. We would love to hear how it all happened for you guys. 
  • My birth story - 

    i was scheduled for a c section on the 6th of May, on the 2nd of May Saturday I started to feel a little strange, I wasn’t able to do much and had lots of pressure down below, I didn’t think anything Of it and had a lazy day (ish) with hubby cooking all the meals we had that day. The next day my belly was extremely tight and I could not stand with with having what I thought was a Braxton Hicks and it was also very painful all the time I had also notice babies movements slowed down too, I had been to the triage unit only the Friday before and everything was normal so I was really reluctant to go as I knew I would be back at the hospital in a few days however my husband wasn’t having any of it and made me ring to go in and get monitored. 

    When i arrived at the hospital 38+4, midwifes in full PPE they put me on the monitor And to everyone’s surprise I was having proper contractions 2 in 10 at this point and they noticed some
    very slight cervical changes, they offered me a choice to go home and see if anything happens or stay overnight and be monitored which they recommended, I choose to stay over something was just niggling in my head however the pains did seem to ease a little towards to the end of the night. 

    1am May 4th - I woke up and instantly knew something was happening, the pains came in my legs exactly as they had with my son. I was put on the monitor and contracting 3 in 10, the midwife called the doctors as I was scheduled for a section to examine me. I was 3cm and changing very quickly, when the doctors told me I was 3cm I said oh we are going to have a Star Wars baby 😂 she said it was the funniest thing she had heard in a long time 😆. 
    We discussed my options - while in great pain and no pain relief ! We decided after much deliberation to go for a section, I ask questions I don’t think I ever would if covid wasn’t around like do you have available anesthetist? Will we have to be tested? There are emergency beds if anything goes wrong? The doctors where amazing and very reassuring. I was told to call my
    husband as we was going for the section there and then and he was to come straight to theatre. 

    We arrived at the same time to the theatre doors, he was never suppose to be there during the section as he is very fainty but this was the only way he was going to meet baby, again another thing because of covid.

    Georgie was born at 4.26 on the 4th of May weighing a massive 8bls 5 at 38+5! Everything went lovely- except my husband had to keep going out the room as he was feeling very faint! 

    We spent a small time in the recovery room, unfortualty we was not offered skin to skin although they said they do do this, and off to the ward we went where hubby had to leave us ! it was very very sad having to say bye as we didn’t know how long we would have to stay in for. Me and Georgie was doing really well and it was nice to have the time to learn to breast feed properly. We ended up staying in for a three nights even though we was both fit to go home due to complications with my son they needed to perfrom an echo on Georgie before we left the hospital, ordinarily this would be done in the community but due to
    Covid they are no longer offering this service so the neonatal team had to perform it before we left and we had to wait a few days for someone to perform it. All was well and we was allowed home on 7th of May with hubby collecting us at the door of the ward. 

    It was a very strange time to have a baby but we was always safe and we couldn’t change it so had to live with it although extremely though on the men I think ! 

  • My due date was May 13th but I was scheduled to be induced on May 7th. In the early morning of May 3rd, I kept waking up and feeling pressure very low down on one side. I figured this was just from baby moving down. When I woke up that morning, I was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and my water broke. I had to get ahold of my husband at work so he could head to the hospital and called my mom to come take me. My waters were leaking everywhere all over my pants, just like with my son. When we got to the hospital, we had to wait outside of the door for a nurse to screen us. Then, they immediately gave my husband and I masks to wear. When we got to the room, I was 5cm dilated. We had to keep our masks on any time a nurse came into the room. After 2 hours, I started feeling a weird pressure in my bottom. I hadn’t been checked since I came in at 9, so I asked the nurse to check me at 11:25am. My doctor came in to check and she said it’s time to push! The pressure I had been feeling was her head coming down the birth canal. I pushed 2 full times and half of another and she was here! Born at 11:41am. My husband got to stay with me and he was allowed to enter and exit the hospital, but he had a special bracelet on to show he was my one visitor and he had to be screened each time he came in and out. We also had to keep our masks on the whole stay whenever someone came in the room. Definitely a different experience holding my daughter for the first time with a mask on!

  • Hi guys just waiting on taxi, he did move more once at hospital typical lol but still not as much as normal, they say he is a big baby and I'm measuring 42 weeks so they gave me a sweep and want me back everyday to go on the machine and have another sweep every other day to see if can bring him on naturally if does not work then induction still stands on the 18th xxx
  • My birth story: I was due on the 25th May, at 36+5 my waters broke at home. Because I was pre term I was asked to go into hospital alone to be assessed, when I arrived the staff checked my temp and i was taken to a room on the labour ward. The doctor reviewed me and decided that i needed to stay in to be monitored as baby was early. I was put onto IV antibiotics as my waters had gone. I was kept on labour ward overnight and then the following day the doctor discussed with me induction of labour, we agreed to try the propess but when the midwife examined me my cervix was already soft and dilating so I was given the option of allowing it to progress naturally. I spent the day walking about and bouncing on the birthing ball to get things moving. The next option was to have a drip to induce labour of contractions hadn’t started by 24hrs after my waters. Luckily contractions did start that afternoon and my partner was allowed to come to the hospital (they were saying at 4cm) i laboured quickly in my last pregnancy so he was allowed at 3cm. I had paracetamol and gas and air to manage pain. I was offered and took a new method where saline is injected into the back (stings a lot) but it relieves back pain during labour, i was getting pains in my back and thighs mainly. I went from 3-8cm very quickly as expected (partner arrived at 16:45 and baby was born at 18:56) my partner was allowed to stay until I was moved down onto the ward at 23:30. I was swabbed for Covid on my first night in hospital. I ended up spending 6 days in total but the care we both received was fantastic. Because there weren’t any visitors allowed on the post natal ward, the mums were chatting and sharing problems. It was a nice atmosphere and the staff did all they could to make it as easy as possible for the mums. I didn’t worry at all about covid while I was in hospital, the processes were good, there was a lot of checking and there seemed to be plans in place if they had any cases on maternity ( they hadn’t). My post natal care has also been good; midwives have been out on home visits and even booked an extra one because my little boy was under monitoring for jaundice. Although it has been a strange time to give birth I don’t feel that any part of it has been a negative and the care I have received hasn't suffered because of it. 
  • @Frankie86 I'm glad you've had a positive experience thank you for sharing your story 🤗❤ xxx
  • @Frankie86 how’s your little ones jaundice now? My little girl is being monitored for jaundice too 

    how is everyone finding having a newborn? 
  • Can I pop in here with you guys even though I had my babe 4/24? Most of you are who I was with during pregnancy 
  • @Rockinmom2 of course! lovely to have you here! May baby in spirit ;)

    Naia is 8 days old now... how is everyone getting on?
  • Hello everybody 👋 thought I would come on over here to share our labour story! 💙 
    Jacob was born on 19.05.20 at 40+3. 
    I went for a sweep Monday morning & was told I was 2-3cm dilated and she could stretch my cervix to 4-5cm. Waters were ready to go and he was as low as possible could be really, after a good sweep I went home. 
    In the car on the way home I couldn't really concentrate on driving as something felt weird. I got home and bounced bounced bounced on my ball. I was getting random pains on off on off throughout the morning and at 2pm I left my husband downstairs with the kids and I went and hid myself in the bedroom with chocolate candles and my ball, listening to music and just trying to get my body to relax. 4pm was still the same, pains coming and going but nothing regular that a hot water bottle wouldn't fix. I was aware that sweeps can cause cramps for upto 24 hours so had put it down to that. My husband told me to ring my mum to come and take the kids because this was similar to my second labour which was very unpredictable but I didnt want to make fuss so I let my mum know to be prepared but not to come just yet. 
    I had tea, watched TV and went to bed. Everytime I drifted off another pain would come, nothing bad but enough for me to think 'maybe I am in labour 😂'. 

    At midnight I went for a wee and as I got back to the bedroom I had a very very strong contraction and instantly thought 'oh crap'. 30 minutes later the same thing happened so I rang my mum and told her to come, but once again i didn't want to be over dramatic so said oh it's nothing to worry about 😂 
    By the time she arrived at 1am I was on all fours in the living room contracting everytime I tried to move. My husband started throwing things in the car and we rang the maternity ward. They told us to come right in but the drive was half an hour long. 20 past one and I still hadn't stopped contracting long enough to get into the car. So we decided I wasn't going anywhere and my husband phoned for an ambulance. 
    My original birth plan was a home birth but due to covid was cancelled as the ambulance service could not be garenteed in an emergency. So ringing the ambulance we knew this could be pointless. The woman on the phone talked my husband through everything and delivered our son himself at 1.45am. he was very blue and floppy and wasn't crying. We tried rubbing and wiping him down and we're starting to panic. My mum stepped in and managed to get him to take a cry after a good firm rub down. The paramedics arrived at 1.52am and checked him over and he began getting pinker and more normal in colour. The paramedics phoned the midwives as we hadn't had chance with the speed of things and they arrived around 2.15am. in that time I delivered the placenta and we began to relax knowing everything was ok. 
    Baby weighed a whopping 9lb 8oz and I managed to get away with no stitches. Midwives left around 4am & we got ourselves into bed for some much needed sleep 💙 

  • Absolutely gorgeous and wow well done what a story 💙😍 congratulations to you all 😁 xxx
  • That’s such an amazing story how is everyone getting on? 

    Im struggling a little with breastfeeding I’m just very sore and she loves a good fall asleep on the boob which then makes me even more sore. 

  • @Lillian2410 I'd reccomend nipple cream before and after every feed. It really helps! 
    If she falls asleep on the boob, tuck your little finger in between your nipple and her lips and it should break the latch without any tugging :) 
    Jacob is 3 days old and my milk has started coming in. He's been feeding a lot last night and today so my nipples are pretty tender. Shouldn't last long and they will adjust to become pain free! 
    He's very content on the boob, I don't think he's cried since he's been born 😂
  • I agree with @StephieLou95 @Lillian2410 get the nipple cream on it works wonders! If you haven’t got any yet you can always express a little breast milk on to your nipple as that works too!! I did find that when Austin is cluster feeding at night because we are both tired he sometimes isn’t latched as well and at the time I’m too tired to care but the next day i regret it 🙈 I’m hoping to start expressing soon and getting a bit of a stock of milk so at some point my partner can do a few feeds. I’m also preparing for the lockdown being reviewed and the possibility of grandma being able to help out 😂 if only to give me an hour to myself 🙌🏻 X
  • @Rebecca1992 this is the baby thread 👍🏻 X
  • @Frankie86 I bought a haaka pump. I just place it on the other boob whilst feeding and it just catches the let down. Yesterday I was getting 20ml each time and today it's around 30ml each time! 
    It's been amazing I've just been storing it in the fridge through the day and at the end off the day writing the date on it and popping it in the freezer. 
    Jacob is 4 days old and we have 3 x 100ml bottles now in the freezer ready for when I need a break! So just 100ml a day but it adds up :)
  • that’s that’s good @StephieLou95 I’ve got a mam pump, that’s a good plan to do it at the same time. I was worrying about being constantly attached to a pump or a baby!! X
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