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  • @Emmy012 my HV said not to worry about vit D if breastfeeding as babe gets all the goodness from you. Though I am still waiting for HV to send me my healthy start vitamins! Might just pick something up at the supermarket tomorrow. Ralph didn’t sleep much the night after his jabs but he also barely fed and all day yesterday I was in agony because of engorgment. I’ve not really suffered from it even though I have a good supply so I feel your pain, can’t imagine dealing with that every couple of days you poor thing x
  • @RememberToBreathe Ahh OK, I was worried. I'll ask my HV as the NHS website says I should be giving it to him even though I am EBF! Strange no one has mentioned it to me!
    Yeah engorgement is no joke, I have to use my silicone pump often day and night just to get enough out for him to feed comfortably and release between feeds if I'm engorged. They are a lot better though thanks to block feeding so hopefully it continues, I've noticed I'm not having to let as much out as I was at the beginning to release the pressure and swelling. 
    I really hope you can get on top of his reflux the poor babe x
  • I find the advice difficult. I was told if you were breastfeeding give vitamin D as breastmilk doesn't contain it, and baby doesn't need it if formula fed as it's in the formula. I had to ask to get this info though. 
    I never gave it to my daughter when I was breastfeeding her :) xx
  • @RememberToBreathe aww I'm so sorry to hear that Ralph has reflux, it's bad enough as an adult I can't imagine what it must be like for a baby. I'm okay, it's my dad's anniversary today so I'm a bit down. It's been four years and I still miss him like mad. 

    @Emmy012 @LouTTC83 I was told to give fíonn vit D drops as formula doesn't contain the entire amount they need. Not sure about if you're breastfeeding though. 

    Sorry to hear about the ladies that are struggling with their supply/letdown. I hope it all eases soon xx
  • Hmmmmmm lots of mixed messages about vitamin D - super helpful!!!! But no one mentioned to me either until I asked HV?! 

    @winter2020 sending hugs. We lost DH’s mom in January 2012 and the anniversary always stings. DH was more upset than most years this year because she never got to see Ralph. It’s so tough, thinking of you x 
  • @RememberToBreathe
    lovely to hear from you, sorry that Ralph has reflux, it sounds quite awful for both of you.
    Layth has been on Omeprazole for 4 weeks now but taking it is the issue, not sure how much actually gets swallowed he is a nightmare.
    He has silent reflux so is never sick or possets.

    It is kind of cute how all they want is Mummy but sometimes I just want a
    Long shower or bath and to have time to straighten my hair instead of it looking like a burst sofa on top of my head!!
    He was not really tolerating DH when he was home he would just cry until I took him back 😕

    How are you getting on?

    I have never been told about Vit d drops either and never had them for my  girls and both of them were exclusively breastfed??
    I have Layths health check on 11th so I am going to ask about that.

    Have all you ladies had your 6 week postnatal checks done? 
    I haven't had mine and still no word when it's gonna happen? 
  • @MissM2203, I had my 'check' the same day Rory got injections but I am sure last time they checked me. The doctor just asked how I felt, Ifni was going to the toilet ok and that's it really... Anyone else actually been checked? I am sure I was with my daughter xx
  • @LouTTC83
    Gosh not much of a check then? 
    Last 2 babies I had BP checked asked about mental health, asked about water works and birth control etc...
    I have to make an appt for getting my iron levels rechecked and diabetes checked again in 2 weeks but that's just the nurse?

    Everything is so confusing and abnormal these days xx
  • Yeah it seemed a bit pointless really. I think I am meant to have a diabetes check as well but this has never been mentioned. I have been such a sugar monster too. 
    I really need to start looking after myself better xx
  • @LouTTC83
    Same for me, am dairy free just now because they think Layth has an intolerance so can't eat what I normally would but have discovered biscuits and shortbread that are fully dairy free and am scoffing them like there's no tomorrow ooops xx
  • @MissM2203 @LouTTC83 I had my six week check nearly two weeks ago, had everything checked
  • Tell me more about these biscuits @MissM2203! I’m going dairy free on Monday to see if it feels him at all. He’s really gravelly with his breathing at tones and so I want to see what he’s like without dairy. Not eating meat it dairy will be tough though!! I had my check on Wednesday when Ralph had his and jabs. Had BP done and had a good chat but if I’d wanted a check of stitches etc he’d have done it x
  • @RememberToBreathe
    Am used to it now, have been on it over a month but it took a while, so many things have hidden dairy.
    You get used to reading every label before you eat unless it's fruit and veg!! 
    Layth has been congested since about 4 days old and he has a gravelly sound.
    Trouble is he had bronchiolitis and enterovirus also and that takes 8 weeks or so to clear so I won't know whether this diet is working until that's cleared up. 
    His poo's are always full of mucous but they are normal coloured and not frothy and green like it suggests for an allergy.
    He also doesn't have a skin rash or dry skin which is also a symptom so if he does have an intolerance/allergy it must be mild.
    Does Ralph get worse during the night with his congestion and gravel sound? 
    Does he struggle to get his breath at times? 

  • @MissM2203 I read every single thing that went in my online basket this week! 

    He doesn’t have mucusy poo but he gets really congested and gravelly and it’s definitely worse at night. He also very much struggles to get his breath too, it’s horrid 
  • @RememberToBreathe
    It's horrible isn't it? 
    I have both windows open a little, radiator turned down to lowest setting and a humidifier that I put olbas oil in yet he's still struggling.
    It's absolutely petrifying when he can't get his breath and am sorry that Ralph really does seem to be going through the same thing. 

    So the biscuits you get from Tesco are...
    Tesco bourbons
    Tesco Oaties
    Tesco digestives 
    They have a free from section and they have Angel cakes and Chocolate cakes that are yummy! 
    Duncan's of Deeside (happens to be near where am from) they so amazing oatcakes and my absolute favourite is there shortbread and addicted.
  • @MissM2203 @LouTTC83 I had my check with Dylan, she checked my stitches had healed, mental health, water works etc and prescribed me the pill again. Her words were "oh they've done a very neat job" 😂😩

    I went armed with questions but just forgot as I was distracted with Dylans checks and making sure I didn't forget his things!
    I started the mini pill last week and I've had my first bleed with it which is making me feel miserable, last time it stopped bleeding completely so I'm hoping that happens again. Sick of bleeding!!

    My HV is due to call me this week to check in so I'm going to ask about vitamin D and get some for him. 

  • @MissM2203 Rory is still quite snuffly, has been since he was born, he sounds like a little piglet when he is in his cot. I am not sure if he sounds a bit better now or I am just used to it now 🤷

    @RememberToBreathe I hope Ralph improves with his breathing soon. 

    @Emmy012 I do feel like more should have been looked at, I remember now the doctor asked how my stitches felt but didn't look at them. 

    In other news my two year old has turned into a nightmare, hope it's a phase that passed, she is driving me insane xx
  • @LouTTC83 did they not offer to have a look at them for you? I was really worried about mine as they were so tender for so long, I think it was 6 weeks before I started to feel "normal" down there.
    I hope your two year old quickly snaps out of it so you get some down time, honestly don't know how you do it!

    @MissM2203 @RememberToBreathe I hope your little guys settle soon and get some relief. I'm still doing the night shift with Dylan at the moment as he still won't settle in his cot in our bedroom. The closest we have to him sleeping at night is a few hours here and there so I'm trying to nap on the sofa between feeds and the endless night time burping we have to do. Poor lad is still so uncomfortable at night sometimes. 
  • Thanks for the tips @MissM2203! Ralph’s breathing has been a little better today thanks @LouTTC83 - I think the saline spray has actually helped. 

    @Emmy012 hope you’re in bed getting some proper sleep now. Where does Dylan sleep when you’re downstairs? We are really struggling with Ralph for sleeping at the moment. He naps brilliantly on me but we can’t then get him to stay asleep in his Moses basket which is what we have downstairs. Upstairs we have a crib with a cosy dream insert in as we think he found it too big and scary. We usually get one stint of 3-4 hours with him in that (one night he did 5!!!) but after that it’s anyone’s guess. On a Saturday DH stays up with him downstairs so Ralph can sleep on his chest and I can get some proper sleep but tonight he only managed four hours before he needed a feed and although I got him down by 3.30, I’ve had to pick him up twice since then due to grunting / choking and am now holding him upright after a feed. I’ll take him back to bed shortly and let him sleep on me. 

    I started the gaviscon but he throws it up almost as soon as it’s gone down so it clearly doesn’t agree with him. He also didn’t poo for over 24 hours and today every time he has pooped or passed wind we have had so much crying. Unfortunately that has seemed to coincide with every time DH has held him and so he’s been upset that Ralph doesn’t like him which I get but when I’ve been dealing with a screaming baby, I need DH to get over it and not wallow. I had a proper cry earlier about it all. And my day started so well too as I managed to get out for my first run since last April! Only 1.5 miles but I was super proud of myself ☺️
  • @RememberToBreathe well done on the run!
    I'm just heading to bed now as my night shift is over, we split it so OH sleeps from 9.30 pm until 5am and I sleep from around 5.30 am until 1pm or as long as I need to with feeds in between.
    He usually sleeps in his pram cot which we detach and use on the sofa, it's basically the same as a moses basket for him with the hood down. He will go In that for anywhere up to 3 hours at a time but if he's been windy and fussy he will only settle on us to sleep. In our room we have a next to me cot which he doesn't like to settle in for long, it's a work in progress!
    Splitting our sleep this way is the only way OH can get some decent sleep to help me so that i can get some decent sleep. He's less fussy on a morning and will do his longest sleep stretch after 5am which means I can usually catch up a bit then. OH just brings him upstairs and wakes me gently for a feed with him then he takes him back downstairs for a wind, I also sleep with ear plugs in so if he does start screaming the house down I don't often wake up as I couldn't rest at all if I heard a peep from him downstairs. 
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