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  • @Emmy012 that is funny 🤣
    I have just ordered two hakkaa silicone cup thingies. Rory doesn't sleep on his wyon well at all so I have been advised lots of skin on skin. I seem to leak like mad when I do this. Hopefully this will catch some milk. Have you used them? X
  • @LouTTC83 I have one, they're brilliant. I have to use it In the night sometimes as I have a bit of an oversupply/strong let down issue so if he goes a bit longer between feeds I grt a bit too full so just pop it on and drain a bit so it's comfortable for us both a D he doesn't get a milk sprinkler to the face 😂 I laugh but it's been a real bloody issue! 
  • @Emmy012 Exact same here! I never knew milk could spray out like a fountain 🙈 I also use a Haakaa but don't always manage as sometimes baby is demanding milk right away and I don't have 5 minutes to pump some out. Then poor baby is caughing and choking from the strong let down.. Hope this will stil normalise and get better.
  • @SIAI I try and just let a little drain out before we feed, I seem to have the worst issue with my right breast rather than both now. Also leaning Back helps and when the letdown happens remove my nipple and just pinch the area to stop the sprinkler effect. He gets terrible wind too from gulping and choking if it's too much for him 😔
    It's worse on a night though and he's been suffering badly with colic this week, screaming all night for absolutely no reason which causes fussy feeding if he's not calm enough. My Poor OH has been up with him all night and we've tried everything from gripe water to colief to help settle him a bit. He will scream for 20 minutes then settle for an hour or so and repeat, sometimes 7 hours straight 😩 I hope it starts to ease off soon, it's heart breaking not been able to sooth him. 
  • @Emmy012 Oh dear, I hope baby cramps will be getting better. Our lady is suffering with that too, I sometimes put her to her cot happily asleep only to be woken up soon after by painful belly. So sad. 
    What helps us is bicycle with legs, have you tried? It just it wakes her completely up. 
    I am still struggling with the heavy milk let down too, another reason for baby's wind. I think I accidentally fed more on one breast for sometime and now the two are uneven and one is producing more milk than the other. 
  • Hi ladies how's everyone doing? On day 6 of my first cycle then bubs and have started back on birth control. Finally have bubs registered and we got his pps number today!

    @Emmy012 @SIAI there's nothing worse than a baby with cramps. It really is heartbreaking. I find the colief in most of Fíonns bottles help with the wind.

    @MissM2203 how's Layth? Any improvement?

    @LouTTC83 @NJR @Sophieann08 @MrsBeeL @em162 @Mitzy8 @Sarahc06 @RememberToBreathe @vey @Súkkulaði-1 @Toothfairy82 @YummymummyofWR @Ell02 @MrsTK @MrsB4812 how are you all getting on?
  • Hi ladies
    Im so sorry I’ve not been on here since Joshua was born! 
    We had a horrific first week in hospital, but he’s a huge boy growing strong. 
    He has a major umbilical hernia that we are waiting to see a consultant at alder hey about but other than that it’s going well! 
    It’s really a lot of work with 2 under 2 but I wouldn’t change it for anything! 

    How’s everyone else doing?! 
  • Hello everyone, my little one gets very gassy too, always burping and pumping. I can tell he is sometimes uncomfortable with it :( 

    We are ok, thanks @winter2020.

    Hi @MrsBeeL, lovely to hear from you again. Your children are gorgeous. Rory has a slight umbilical hernia but it does pop back in when pressed so i think it is ok. Emily just turned two on the 15th Jan and I know how you feel, I have only just mastered getting out of the house on my own with them the last two weeks. Not that we can go anywhere 😳

  • @LouTTC83 Rory is gorgeous. My Emily turns 2 in a month. I’m not ready! Joshua’s hernia is about 4.5cm so it’s huge. Have to check it every 4 hours round the clock because they’re worried about strangulation 
  • Hi all! I’m sorry I have been pretty useless updating although I do check in regularly to see how everyone is doing! Our little girl Rose arrived a day before her due date we are so smitten. She’s also been suffering with wind but things are improving now.

    gorgous photos!! I’m so sorry to hear about the hernias too, I thought Rose had a small one which thankfully corrected itself but it was stressful, can imagine it must be really hard needing to check it etc on top of everything else. You guys are amazing. 

    Hope everyone else is doing well! I also have two under two with my eldests birthday in just under two months. @LouTTC83 amazing you have got out the house with them both, I still haven’t, Rose is six weeks old, how have you managed it? My eldest would want
    to walk and I can’t manage him and the prom, I’m thinking I’ll need to wear Rose but it’s just been so cold. Two under two is exhausting but the chaos does make me laugh and it’s great phone. My little boy is amazing with his sister too although very over enthusiastic shall we say 🙈 gentle is still not getting through! Xxx
  • Great fun*
  • @MrsBeeL @Ell02 great to hear from you both! 

    @MrsBeeL I'm sorry to hear about Joshua's hernia 😞 hopefully that corrects itself soon. He's absolutely gorgeous and so is your Emily 😍

    @Ell02 oh rose is a lovely name!

    @LouTTC83 congrats on managing to get out with both kids alone! Your Emily is absolutely gorgeous.

    Well done to everyone with two under two's. I have absolutely no idea how you all do it 😅
  • @Ell02, I have a double buggy and bribe my two year old with a biscuit to get in it. Haha. I haven't mastered carriers yet but want to do that so I can take her out using her reins. 
    Hopefully when Rory is 6 months plus we can start using the running buggy for him and put the board thingie on these back for Emily x
  • Hello everyone. Sorry I totally went MIA. I seriously struggled being overdue mentally and physically and have been finding the past month an emotional rollercoaster!

    Congratulations to everyone on their babies 

    I had my little chunk Elsie on the 29th December at 3.14am weighing 8lb3oz. I was 13 days overdue and had a 28 hour labour. But it was natural no induction required. I got 2nd degree tearing which required me to have a catheter fitted as I almost tore to my urethra but luckily I seem to have made an excellent recovery and my post partum physical journey is good. Mentally I am struggling alot. The health visitor is ringing every week to check on me. 

    Elsie has for the most been a really good baby. So alert but also a generally good sleeper. Then colic hit.....and life has been a nightmare. She doesn't like to be swaddled and seems to hate her crib only happy in mum's arms. 

    She is a lovely little girl who can be so happy and I love that she wants to cuddle. But mummy is exhausted. 
  • @Toothfairy82 Elsie is just gorgeous, congratulations! I'm so sorry to hear you've been struggling 😞
  • @Toothfairy82 aww she's gorgeous! We've been struggling with colic the past couple of weeks. We're trying infacol before most feeds and it seems to be helping, colic is a tricky one as it can be a number of things contributing to crying for long periods of time. We had a bad week last week where Dylan cried most nights for 6/7 hours on and off. Absolutely nothing would sooth him and it was just heart breaking, I've spoken to numerous health visitors and my gp and they have reassured me it's part of his developmental phase and should end soon 🤞

    Besides that he's perfect, 7 weeks today and weighing nearly 12lbs! He has a small granuloma in his belly button that appeared last week but it seems to be healing now and he's really alert and enjoys laying on his play mat.

    Were still sleeping in shifts as his night time antics are very unpredictable but we're getting there... 

    Hope you're all managing OK, I have no idea how you ladies with two under two cope! Hero's! X
  • My first son, Arthur turned 2 yesterday so I officially don't have two under twos anymore. I hope it makes a difference because it's been an hectic 6 weeks with my newborn and toddler 

  • Meanwhile, this is the most yummy cake we've ever had! 

  • Happy Birthday Arthur :) 
    My little girl was also two on the 15th Jan so we don't have two under two anymore. It hasn't got easier yet 😳 x
  • @LouTTC83 thanks and happy birthday in arrears to Emily. I do hope it gets better soon especially with the lockdown and pandemic. Hope you are well and Rory (hope i got his name right 🤦‍♀️) too? 
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