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  • Hi Ladies how is everyone doing? 
    @winter2020 how you doing love? 
    Layth is slowly improving, thank you for asking. He was starting to feed well again and life got easier for 2 days then he had his first vaccines on Thursday and has been crying for hours at a time, am hoping it passes soon!!
    Awww she is absolutely beautiful.
    That cake looks fab!! 
    @LouTTC83 how are you getting on? 
    @RememberToBreathe how are you and Ralph? 
    Aww no such a shame colic is such a strange thing, and am not sure anyone knows what really causes it? 
    I hope it passes soon.
    Laughing regarding your leakage problems.
    When Layth started feeding properly I got an abundance of milk again so last 2 days since his jabs putting him off his food am leaking like mad!! 
  • @MissM2203 😘 the leakage is real, if my right boob isn't shooting him in the face like a sprinkler it's like a constant dripping tap and I'm going through breast pads like no tomorrow otherwise I have a permanent wet patch on my bra and whatever I'm wearing 😂 thank god I don't leave the house much at the moment, hoping to get these crazy boobs under control!
    Sorry Layth has been so unsettled after his jabs, Dylan is due for his in the next few weeks and I'm worried its going to send him cray cray 😂 he doesn't need anymore reasons to cry at night! 
  • @Emmy012 I have started using the silicone cups when I get up in the night to feed, I caught over 100ml in drips last night, it's unreal 🤣
    @MissM2203 glad Layth is a bit better. Rory has injections Thursday too. Poor little man was just whimpering whilst feeding off me, bless him x
  • @Emmy012
    🤣 I know Lockdown finally has a positive side to it! 
    It's funny afterwards but not initially when breast milk is spraying in our poor babies eyes and face!! 
    Really hope the injections don't make him worse. 
    I had never heard Layth make the horrendous sound that was coming out of him on Thursday, it was heartbreaking and he was in pain.
    Calpol worked but getting him to take it was a nightmare.
    Meant to say Dylan's weight is well impressive, you have some super duper milk there Mama! 
    Layth was 13lb 12oz last week.
    Aww it's horrible isn't it. 
    You feel bad putting them through it but know it has to be done. 
    Did Rory get a temp afterwards? 
    What are the silicone cups? I feel it's such a waste the amount of milk that's dripping from the other side while am feeding 
  • @YummymummyofWR @LouTTC happy belated birthday to Arthur and Emily!

    @MissM2203 I'm doing okay lovely. It's so good to hear from you. I'm absolutely thrilled Layth has been improving, I was praying that he'd started to get better.

    @Emmy012 so sorry to hear you're dealing with colic. We tried the infacol but it just made Fíonn so sick every time so we went back to colief. When is Dylan due his jabs? We have Fíonn`s jabs on the 15th, dreading them.

    This week is gonna be a hard week for me, it's 4 years since my dad died on the 5th. Completely heartbroken that he will never get to meet his first grandchild. But my grandparents and great grandmother on his side have met Fíonn after strict precautions as there's a lot of high risk people in our family. It was lovely seeing Fíonn with his great great grandmother!
  • Aww am sorry to hear that sweetheart. 
    Am so glad Fionn has gotten to meet his great grandma and am sure she was delighted to have been able to finally meet him too.
    I too lost my Dad before I had children and that's what always gets to me the most is the fact they never met him, he would have been a fab Grandpa! 
    I was only 19 when he passed so it's a very long time ago now but the anniversary of his death is always a hard one! 
    Big hugs to you and lots of strength your way to get through the day 💙
  • Sorry to hear about your dad @winter2020

    I lost my dad almost 9 years ago so he never got to meet my little ones. I sadly lost my mam two years ago on mother's Day when my daughter was only 11 weeks old. Happy she got to meet her but she was so poorly and I was looking after my mam and little one and felt very inadequate. Xx
  • @winter2020 I'm sure your dad would be super proud of you and your little family, I know losing a loved one is never easy 😔
    I haven't booked his jabs yet, I've got the letter and will make an appointment Monday, I know it will hurt me more than him but I'll still feel like an evil mamma for putting him through it. 

    @MissM2203 my friend bought me a haakaa pump which just suctions on and takes the pressure out before I feed in that side. The amount of times I've drenched us both, it's shot into his eyes and up his nose is ridiculous, he's slowly getting better with it though and it managing the letdown a bit better I've just got to make sure my boob isn't too full. Similar to @LouTTC83 it can be 3oz just to let my right boob down enough for him to feed comfortably and there's still plenty left after a feed. My supply is ridiculous.
    @MissM2203 yes the gp was impressed with his weight for an EBF baby, he didn't lose much to begin with and was nearly back to his birth weight within two days. Its like some full fat cream ive got going on in them! He's getting these lovely rolls and has a double chin now 😂 OH was shocked and asked me wtf I'd been feeding him. He's like clockwork though, every 2 hours give or take 10 minutes. It's tiring! 

    I'm still counting down until he's more settled at night and we can start getting him back into his cot... That's the dream! 

  • @MissM2203, I missed your question, sorry. Rory didnt get a temperature but was told to give him calpol straight away and give him it every 4 hours for three doses. This seemed to help.
    The silicone is hakkaa but doesn't pump, it just has a little hole that you put over your nipple and this creates a suction and all drips are caught :) xx
  • @LouTTC83
    Oh gosh am so sorry to hear you have lost both your parents, that's so sad. 
    Sounds like you went through a very very difficult time. 
    The Hakkaa sounds like a great idea and saves wasting milk. 
    Are either you or @Emmy012 managing to get Rory or Dylan to take a bottle of ebm yet? 
    I got told same things re calpol but he's so difficult to take things and most of it gets spat out. 
    His temp did spike but only a little so whatever calpol he did get must have worked. 
    His nappies were really dry for about 24hrs tho xx
  • @MissM2203 we tried it and he will take a bottle but his nights have been so unsettled and with my oversupply issue a HV who specialises in BF advised to just avoid pumping for the moment until they settle down. I was feeding him in the morning from one and expressing the rest off and would still be able to easily get 8oz after he had fed within about 20 minutes. I'm a milk machine so it seems.
    He got very windy whilst taking the bottle too so we've got some different ones to try when we try again as if love more than 2 hours sleep at a time. 😴
  • Hey Mama's! 
    Goodness me it's been a hectic week. The homeschooling is beyond unreasonable it's taking up the entire day and am getting cabin fever.
    Also baby boy has decided to cluster feed and I have what I can only describe as "Niplash" because he's never off the boob and they are feeling a tad sensitive! 

    Have you all got a lot of snow where you are? 
  • Hello @MissM2203. I don't know where the weeks go! 

    Rory did take a bottle of milk, expressed in the first few weeks, he drank it really quickly but was ok. I haven't tried since, just stuck to breastfeeding. I have heard mixed things about switching between both. Rory quite happily took calpol and seems to nearly suck my finger off with the vitamin D drops 🤣 he weighed 9lb 15oz at his 8 week injections, he is looking like a chubster 💓

    I know what you mean about cabin fever. I put Emily back in nursery this week. She only goes one day a week because we don't get funding and she really enjoys it. She seems to be going through the terrible twos at mo. It makes us both very emotional :( 

    We don't have snow today.. I think we are meant to get a lot next week :) 

  • Out for a walk 💕
  • @LouTTC83
    I salute you, your looking fab, today I haven't even managed to get dressed!!!
    Rory is doing really great and after your BF issues at the start you have done remarkably well.
    Layth will not take a bottle or calpol or anything that's not my boob!! 🤣
    He doesn't like being put down either and DH is away again so it's a real issue I can't get stuff done xx
  • @MissM2203 I try to get out for my sanity 😆

    Its so hard when they won't go down. Have you tried a sling or a carrier? I have stopped trying to get things done now. 
    You are a superstar managing when other half is away. I wouldn't manage nights without hubby xx
  • I have a serenity boba wrap and a Stokke carrier, he does go in them and cab be fine but he is a very light sleeper and the slightest noises waken him. 
    Also with the huge amount of school and nursery homework am having to do it's ruining having any outdoor time because it's taking so long with all the interruptions! 
    My 4yo is pushing the boundaries shes become a bit jealous of Layth and she's missing having the same structured days we used to but thankfully she is going back to nursery 4 half days next week xx
  • Hi all so sorry to hear about all your losses 😞 No snow here unfortunately. 

    @MissM2203 I'm glad to hear that Layth seems to be doing so much better! Don't know how you manage by yourself, I'd be lost without oh.

    @LouTTC83 omg Rory is a fab weight!! You look fabulous too! 

    Finally started trying to get myself back to normal during the hours that oh has bubs ☺️ only on day four so we'll see how long that lasts
  • Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been really struggling. Ralph’s reflux got really bad and he literally wouldn’t sleep over night. He’d do maybe 2 hours from 11 and then I’d be in a cycle of 30-40 minutes then choking then sick then calming. I just felt so bad for him and he stopped being my smiley man! He had his jabs on Wednesday and slept most of that day and yesterday except, of course, Wednesday night! Last night his tummy was so bad and we had two really full nasty nappies but he fell asleep on me at 10.30, went in his crib at 10.55 and only woke just now at 3.25!!! Five hours! I’m so proud of him. Probably a fluke but we now know he can go those slightly longer stretches. Perhaps the gaviscon is working?! 

    @MissM2203 you’re a superstar, I simply don’t know how you do it. Your children are so lucky to have you abs they’re going to benefit so much from your resilience in such tough times x

    @Emmy012 I feel you on the boob issue. I think I’ve added to Ralph’s reflux issues because of my let down and incredible supply. The other day by the time I’d got him properly on the left (which took maybe five minutes) I’d completely filled my let down silicone pump. Wasted though as he hates the bottle. Not sure what to do about that!

    @LouTTC83 gorgeous photo! Well done for getting out with two! 

    @winter2020 how are you doing? Xx
  • Hi ladies, hope you're all doing ok? Gorgeous photo @LouTTC83

    @MissM2203 I'm having issues with a clingy baby at the minute, nights are still rubbish and he will only sleep for a couple of hours max, still very windy and fussy!

    I had Dylans check up last week and neither the gp or HV has mentioned Vitamin D for him, I'm worried now as I haven't been giving him anything other than boob!

    @RememberToBreathe I'm sorry you're struggling with reflux with Ralph, all 4 of my sisters babies had it and it was difficult. She eventually went on to use neocate formula with them as it was the only thing that helped with it.
    I have to use my silicone pump around 4 times a day just to release the build up in my boobs or I'm in agony, it's worse if I've been asleep and he's gone a little longer between feeds. They keep settling then a day or two later engorged again. Frustrating to say the least as it really does make his wind worse as he just gulps like crazy. We're going to try a bottle again once my crazy boobs figure it out!

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