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Due in July 2017 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2017 Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hope all the scans go well today and everyone is feeling ok x

  • Really starting to feel nervous about mine tomorrow. I've just booked to have my bloods re-done. The lab refused my last lot but didn't give me a reason why. X

  • Hello all, how is everyone?  I'm 12+5 today and heard my babys heartbeat on my doppler for the first time yesterday. So lovely. They only show us on scans here. Not listen in til 16 weeks. Hope all your scans have gone well. 

  • I meant 13+5! Silly me! Lost count already 😂😂

  • Wow we're on our second thread already lol 😁 how did everyones scans go today? 

    Hope your bloods go well for you bincey and Victoria I listened to mine the other day it's so lovely isn't it 

    I feel so emotional today and I swear I look massive already someone I work with is due in April and shes so tiny compared to me 

  • Hi there had my bloods taken this morning they took 4 tubes !  Wonder what that was for!? 

    Scan is 10 days tomorrow.  I can't wait.  

    Not heard the heartbeat yet as midwife does that at 16 weeks so my OH bought me a doppler that we're just waiting for to arrive in the post as I want to know what you can all hear  !!  

    I think I'm 11+2 as not sure when I conceived due to the mc in October. 

    Legs still restless and had a headache from hell today.  Anyone else suffering ?

    Best wishes all x

  • Had my scan yesterday and all was well, saw and heard the little heart beat. They put the due date back to 19th July, so I'm 12 w + 2 now. The midwife said something about there being a chance my placenta would be small so therefore the baby may not grow properly at the end... i think that's what she meant, it was too much for me to remember. So I think that might be why they think baby is smaller already but other than that I think everything was normal, thankfully. 

    Hope everyone is feeling okay today and good luck with more bloods and scans :) 

  • HI DIzzy what might it mean about the placenta being small x

  • Hi all I'm very new to this, my first pregnancy due 12th of July I was wondering has anyone get consultant app ?  And do you know what I should expect ? Thanks :)

  • Hi all, 

    To the lady suffering headaches I am too. Terrible. I did on my last pregnancy too. I had them the whole time. Not nice.  

    To the other lady asking about consultant led care. I am also this and my first appt was just aranging to see an anethnatist incase required and discussing birthing options and possibility if needing induction. Didn't see him after the 16 week appt until 32 weeks. Hope everyone is well today.  Xx

  • Thanks for that all the information I can get seems to be from ladies who have a high BMI but mine is due to a heart condition and cysts so very different :) also agree with the headaches ! 

  • How we all feeling today ladies?  Congratulations to those who have had their scans can't believe this is my last day at work before my scan so excited to see little bean and know everything is okay. 

    Is anyone craving anything atm mine is salad I cnt get enough of plum tomatoes 

  • Hi All!


    I had my scan last Friday and it was so nice to know everything is okay with my little one. Im 14 weeks 1 day pregnant today!.

    Not long to go for your scan Mummytoollybear!, And im craving Burger Kings 'chicken royale' all the time atm!. its all I can think about most days hahaha.

  • I am craving greggs cheese and onion slices, bacon sandwiches and banana weetabix 😂😂 I am on consultant led care because of previous complications in my last pregnancy. I believe you can opt to be midwife or consultant led or both and they call that joint care in your notes. I'm sorry to the ladies suffering headaches, not nice at all. I'm in a flap today because I think my milk is drying up due to the pregnancy and my lg isn't 1 yet 🙈😭 argh! 

  • Oh dear jems didn't know pregnancy could do that? Ooh chicken royals sound lovely right now I just cnt bring myself to eat anything atm. Cnt wait to see what they date me at the scan 

  • Had my scan today was so emotional, bit everything is fab 😀😀


  • Lovely scan picture bincey xxx 

  • I'm not sure what she meant about the placenta really but it's to do with the Papp-a number when they test your blood alongside the scan 

  • Thank you Louise xx

  • Hi brought a Doppler the other day just been able to find heart beat I'm 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant it's a relief to here it and know it's happy couldn't wait till the 18th January 

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