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  • I keep thinking about it this time especially with covid was only my first when I had group b strep I had problems other then that I've had good labours will be something I'll look in to this time I think :) 
  • @Sj83 you can get antibiotics  administered at home for group b strep 😊 I had it but opted out of the antibiotics 
  • Ahh really good to know :) 
  • I had my first two in the hospital, but we’re going to use a midwife and hopefully have this baby at home.  We’re pretty excited about that.
  • I’m kinda excited that Covid is turning moms onto home births, who otherwise never would have considered it. I appreciate hospitals, but they are so unnecessarily invasive IMO 
  • @KristinO1987 yea that’s pretty cool to know.  We had already decided after we had our second one, who’s 11 now, that if we had another one, we weren’t having it in the hospital bc it’s just too restrictive. Ours wasn’t a terrible experience, but it was just so uncomfortable, restrictive, impersonal and a never ending revolving door(and I’m an RN).  So the hospital route was out for us.
  • Has anyone experienced their morning sickness getting better rather early? I was very sick for about 2 weeks but all of a sudden has died down seems rather odd 🙃 
  • With my 3rd I was induced which ended up taking ages I was in hospital for 3 days and with the other 2 kids and home it was horrible thinking I was away from them I havnt had any morning sickness yet but some times wake during the night feeling sick 
  • @Dayna1234 that sounds like a great thing! My nausea has been reducing over the last couple days 🤞 hope I’m getting better! Yesterday I felt normal almost the whole day and then nausea before bed. Today I’m feeling a bit worse, but not horrible 😁

    @Sj83 yea it was nice being home and not away from my daughter. My mom stayed to watch her while I was in labor and then I was downstairs with the family that afternoon. He came 9 days past the due date. My in laws actually just flew in the day he was born!
  • @KristinO1987 that sounds so awesome and like the type of experience I want to have.  That’s why we’re going the home birth route.

    @Sj83 sorry I’m no help with the nausea issue.  I’ve never experienced it with any of my pregnancies.  Glad to hear it’s getting better.
  • It's very interesting hearing about your home births! And glad that it is an option you are able to consider :)

    I'll be having our third in a hospital (like my previous 2), but both my labour/births have been positive experiences for me. My first I actually did majority of my labour at home and only got to the hospital when I was 9cm and ready to push. Our son arrived 1h40m later and we went home later that night (he was born at 5:40am). My second I was 10 days over and had to be induced, but contractions started 5 minutes after they broke my waters and our daughter arrived 3h45m later! The midwives managed to wrangle the best private room for us (seriously, it was like a freaking hotel room 🤣) so my husband and I stayed 2 nights just for the mini holiday lol.

    I don't have a birth plan, but if possible I would like to avoid being induced - even though all they did was manually break my waters, contractions came on so quickly and within an hour they were already 90 seconds long / 1 minute apart and it was too much, too soon. I don't know if they would have done that anyway if my waters broke naturally (as I wasn't given any other medication to bring on labour) but it didn't give me a chance to build up to the pain like my first labour did. 

    My only non-negotiable is the hospital room fridge needs to be stocked with soft cheeses, deli meats, quince paste, energy drinks and a beer for afterwards 😆
  • @lozzz I was 10 days over when I was induced aswell we had a amazing private room aswell my induction just took so long I had pessary put in and nothing happened they then had to put in a second pessary 24 hours later which eventually started my labour had my boy a hour later 
  • Merry (late) Christmas ladies! Hope you're all well!! Im 5+2 today, i spoke to my gynae last week and she said to wait a few weeks before my first visit. I've got no symptoms yet... I had a bit of a sore back and nausea last week but nothing since. My father in-law said im showing already which kinda bumbed me out haha. I had my first almost 2 years ago.. im probably just still carrying his baby fat! Does anyone else feel like they are already bloated??
  • @Sj83 ooomph yes that would be incredibly frustrating! I had 3 stretch and sweeps in the lead up to my induction and would prefer to avoid those next time, as well! Ouchie 😫 hopefully this time around we all have simple, easy going labours and births 🤣🤞

    @EmPa 100% bloating! I'm already into maternity pants because anything pressing into my stomach causes discomfort. Probably also because I've been eating like crap, too. The only thing that seems to ease the nausea is eating, so I've been going to town with carbs. I cant wait to be feeling better so I can eat more of a variety of foods and get out and about more! I'm 8w4d and literally counting down to the 12 week mark (when my nausea tends to subside) 
  • @KristinO1987
    I hope yours goes away soon too 🤞🏻

    @lozzz your mini fridge sounds like a party, I may have to request the same 😂. 
  • A mini fridge does sound amazing when I had my daugher I asked for a mc flurry to be bought up to me lol I did miss eating brie at xmas I'm 5 weeks 1 day and bloated but I put on a lot of weight in thr first lockdown so that dont help either 😪where are you all from I'm uk Hertfordshire 
  • I'm in Melbourne, Australia 🙂
  • I'm in the UK - Norfolk 😁
  • @Lozz Australia  beautiful part of the world  @Dayna1234 love norfolk that's where we go on holidays gutted we had to cancel two haven holidays this year 😪
  • Im in italy but from Australia! 
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