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  • KristinO1987KristinO1987 Regular
    edited Dec 28, 2020 1:24PM
    @lozzz same with the nausea and carbs 😩😩 I’ll be 8w on Wednesday and can tell I’m getting better, but it’s slow going. I’m excited for second trimester 🎉

    I don’t think our hospital rooms have mini fridges! That would be nice. 

    The bloating is serious. Some days it’s less but I’ve been in maternity pants since 4w. I could still fit into my clothes, but any pressure on any part of my abdomen is uncomfortable 🥵 
  • I’m in the USA - Maryland 
  • @lozzz that sounds like a pretty cool experience.  I had neither of my babies that fast.  Hopefully this time will be quicker.

    I’m in the USA-Texas 
  • JobomaphoyJobomaphoy Regular
    edited Dec 28, 2020 6:24PM
    I'm from Liverpool UK but moved up to Preston for university and didn't go home - settled in Leyland which is somewhere between the two 🤪

    Hope you're all well ladiess! @EmPa I'm glad you said that about your gynae saying wait a few weeks. I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and was wondering when to start the ball rolling..
  • Happy Festive season ladies. Its been a weird one as we are in isolation due to my neice and cousin testing positive for covid19.

    Luckily we haven't been in contact. 

    Im suffering a bit of pregnancy depression. Honestly I'm hating this. 

    I just feel awful all the time. 

    I read eating carrots help. So sitting here crunching. 

    How's everyone else feeling. 
    @lozzz im also doing very little and just chilling on couch. DH has been great but I think even he is getting frustrated with this. 

  • Aww @TTCat33for1stbaby sorry your feeling so down is so hard our hormones are all over the place and our bodies are doing amazing things inside making our little  beans stronger each day rest as much as can and try and think of something to keep your mind busy all this covid doenst help and is so scary wish your family a speedy recovery ❤
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby

    Sorry about how your feeling, I feel the same sometimes, I feel like sitting on the Couch for the next 3 weeks 🙈

    How is everyone coping with working and hormones? I feel like I get upset and angry at the slightest things. 😔
  • It's funny, I was part of the due in January 2020 group on here and I went back to read some of our posts (mainly to see when I reported feeling better lol) and alllllll our first trimester posts were identical to these ones. Everyone feeling shit, sad and struggling to stay upbeat when all you felt was sick, exhausted and like it was never-ending. But I can confirm that it DOES get better! By the time 12/13 weeks rolled around, our posts became much more jolly and upbeat. So, whilst right now absolutely sucks, it WILL get better. Sadly I think the first trimester feels so long because we are constantly thinking about how crap we feel and it's hard to focus on anything else - the first 3 weeks after I got my BFP absolutely flew by, but these last 2 (since I started feeling sick) have draggggggggged. I am 9 weeks today but feel like I should be 11 at least 🤣

    I'm actually not working this time around as I am still on maternity leave from my last baby lol 😆 Last time I struggled though - I am a primary school teacher and it was really hard to stay upbeat and energised with my grade 1-2 students when I was so sick. I, too, lost a lot of patience!

    So yesterday my husband and I started feeling sick (cold sick) and have woken up this morning feeling absolutely rotten. Sore throat, chesty cough, blocked adding that on top of my regular preggo symptoms suuuuuuucks. Our 11mo is also sick 😩 Luckily our 3 year old was at daycare yesterday and had a sleepover with his grandparents last night, so hopefully he has managed to avoid it. 

    I got some vitamin b6 tablets yesterday as I heard that helps with morning sickness nausea - I did feel less nauseated in the afternoon after taking it, but in saying that I was also coming down with my cold so I still felt crap lol. Once this clears up I will report back with any effectiveness!
  • Lol @lozzz I did the same I looked back at my 2016 posts to see what we was all saying aswell lol hope your feeling a lot better soon wishing you all a happy new year got myself a bottle of nosecco tonight in case the teenager wanders why im not drinking lol at least we all have one good thing to look forward to next year ❤💙
  • Aww I’m sorry everyone is feeling so bad. I’m feeling almost ok lately! Even managed some prenatal yoga 😄 wow I’m out of shape from laying around the past month 😅 been taking b6/unisom for a while now and nausea was mostly gone by 8w 🎉🎉 now I’m just a little more tired and have slight food aversions/don’t like most food smells. But I have been able to eat more diverse food lately. You’re almost there ladies ❤️ Happy new year!
  • Happy new Year everyone!!! Bring on 2021!!
    I am almost 7 weeks, D day mid August. I recognize a few names here from the TTC groups and am back to connect through pregnancy, #1 for me.
    I have all the classic symptoms it seems, nausea, food aversions, bloating, and feeling oh so tired despite sleeping half the day. I'm desperately counting down the weeks to the recons trimester hoping it all clears up!! 
    Any tips  from seasoned Mum's are very welcome!!!
  • Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! I am 6 weeks tomorrow and feeling a little nausea first thing and around 830pm. Been really tired the last 8 days. Gone off bacon which I normally have quite a lot. Smells from the fridge makes me feel sick. Just drinking a lot of fresh orange juice and fruity things to eat. Took the test on NY eve and absolutely delighted! My DS is 7 years old. Cannot wait to tell him once we get our 12 week scan. It’s all he has ever wanted is to be a big brother. Got to call the doctors on Monday to book in first appointment and to get a date for my first scan. Think we are due 29th August. Xxx
  • Hi @Scotsmama I have the same due date congrats:) this is my 4th I've been doing ok but the last couple of days the nausea is hitting me and actually had a nap this afternoon 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Hey ladies! Im 6 weeks today! I feel like its flying! Nausea hit me these last few days.. the fridge also makes me feel like trash! Hope you're all well!
  • @KristinO1987 glad to hear you are starting to feel better.
    I am really struggling with the nausea which is lasting all day, losing weight every week as just unable to eat !
    You said you started taking unisom and B6, I've just been reading up on unisom and it looks like a sleeping pill, does it make you feel super drowsy or can you function pretty well on it? 
  • Morning ladies! Hope you're all well! Just curious, have any of you used the Chinese gender prediction calandar before?? I used it for my first and it was correct! It goes off your age at conception and month of conception. It says im having another boy!
  • Happy New Years, and welcome to the new mummas-to-be! 

    The Chinese prediction chart has had a 50/50 success rate for me. They were wrong with my son, but correct with my daughter. This time around it says I'm having a girl. So we'll see 🤣

  • Hi everyone it was right for my first wrong for my second and right for my 3rd this time saying girl but I think I'm having a boy by my cravings have you tried the ring test that was right for all 3 of mine and this time its saying boy my cravings are all savory pies and crisps and potatoes 😍😍
  • I've tested out a few old wives tales and half of them point to a boy the other half to a girl haha.

    Are many of you going to find out what your having? I'm torn between finding out and keeping it as a suprise as it's my first. 
  • Hi All - definitely finding out again. I have a DS 7 years old and keeping everything crossed for a girl. The Chinese chart was right with my son in 2013, and says a girl this time round. My cravings have been strawberry laces, fizzy laces, orange juice and pieces of mango and melon, toast and strawberry jam sofar. With my DS it was bacon and cheese at the start and anythjng salty. I have gone off the smell of meat right now. And I haven’t  touched chocolate since 30th December. Xxx 
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