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  • Thank you....yes cuddles all the time x She is very sleepy but not sure if that will continue lol!

  • I've been on the birthing ball so much to encourage his head to engage but it still hasn't happened

  • Hi Jenny15. At my 34 week appt my midwife wrote in my notes 3/5. I dont know if it is palable or engaged. I am just having diarrhea now for a week. Sorry for the tmi. I gave a call to the midwife triage and was informed that it is a early sign of labour and it is "clearing out". I am 37w3d so I just want to meet the baby now. Hope things start working fast now.

    I have my next appt on tuesday. Just go for lots of walk. 

    Good luck xxxx

  • I'm a bit late to the party but hearts&stars - congratulations to you - and how GORGEOUS is Orla!

    If you get a moment – and you'd like to tell us all about it – please do post your birth story over here on our special August 15 Birth Announcement thread. We'd all love to hear about it!

    I know from the Birth Clubs I was in when I was pregnant that a special, separate Birth Announcement thread is a brilliant way to keep everyone's birth story together all in one place (you can see an example here), without chat about other stuff in between the posts, and people can then read it when they're ready to.

    Also, it's fantastic to look back on months (or even years) later - a lovely record of your labour - and everyone else's. I found reading my birth story of my first birth really helpful when I was due to give birth to my second - I'd forgotten so much (good and bad!)

    Hope everyone else is hanging in there in this heat!

  • The pains have been getting worse all afternoon so I rang the hospital, she said its normal and just to take some paracetamol, I think it may be the start as I am 4 days over xx

  • Good luck jenny15. I really hope that things keep going for you and you have a quick labour. Keep us updated.

  • Today is due date no sign of my lil girl yet though got so much pressure but have done for over a week just want her here now !!

  • Oooooh . Good luck, everyone!

  • Hi. Can someone give me some advice. I am having alot of tummy ache. This pain is not going into my back and it isnt like coming in intervals. Whenever I get this pain I leak some discharge too. I called the midwife on saturday and she just said that it is a labour sign and nothing else. But I am worried. What should I do?

  • Gosh hope again - how are you doing?


    Can't give you any advice, I'm afraid, but am hoping you're not still in pain?

  • Hi helen. The pain is bearable. Just hoping things start moving soon. Really impatient to meet my lo.

  • I hope so for your sake, hope again. The last bit is so frustrating, isn't it? I remember feeling like the baby would NEVER come...

  • Any news ladies? We hope you're all ok - we're itching to hear your birth announcements!


    My little prince was born on the 10th weighing 7lb5oz so happy xx

  • Congratulations jenny15. So happy for you. He is adorable. I am still waiting for things to start.

  • Oh wow Jenny15! He's amazing! What's his name and do feel free to post about your birth over here if you fancy it: August 15 Birth Announcement thread

  • Aw, isn't it lovely, Jenny15. Well done - and congratulations to you both!

  • Jenny15 - Congratulations on your little prince he looks very handsome in his outfit x

  • His name is Riley James and he was 7lb5oz xx

  • Jenny15, Riley was top of my list for a boys name!

    Anyon else got any news for us???

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