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    Hello everybody! I came across to this forum just a week ago when I had my first PT very fainted line and I just did my digital PT this morning and I’m 1-2 weeks pregnant! Yesss! Good luck for us all..

  • Hey ladies! So exciting to see more people join. 

    I've been quietly trying not to stress about my sticky baby. 

    I'm 5weeks 5 days and I have an early scan on Wednesday at 6 weeks. ( im high risk*)

    I woke up this morning with strange pains in my butt, groin, hip, vagina and cramping on the opposite side of my embyo ( *I had an ectopic last year so havnt felt anything that side for ages) 

    Should I be worried? Anyone else have weird shifts in cramps? Butt cramps can be early sciatica pains which is possible because I'm a bigger girl and not that fit. 

    My bfp just for you all to see. That was my 4 week test. 
  • @KristinO1987 I also had insomnia for about 7 days from week 4 to 5. Then the exhaustion hit. Still having WEIRD AF dreams though. 
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby wow that is a dark bfp! Glad your insomnia went away, hoping mine does soon too.
    TMI I’ve had cramping since before my bfp. It mostly feels lower my lower back is burning and that I have to poop 🤣 sometimes I have feeling like pinches in my uterus also. Is yours very painful? Is this your first pregnancy?
  • @KristinO1987 yes so far my first pregnancy. Besides my ectopic and one early miscarriage. 

    The cramping seems to come and go. So naturally the panicked sets in. 

    Im feeling better now, like my uterus is expanding which I felt strongly in week 4. Then no cramping for about 7 days. I've had NO bleeding. No spotting this time around. I do go to the bathroom constantly and expect to see blood. So far it all seems good. 
     Is this your first?

    I think we might have been on a forum together last year before my ectopic. Or it was a different kristen. How's your ttc going? 

  • @TTCat33for1stbaby I know what you mean always expecting to see blood in the bathroom 😬 it’s always weird when I’m pregnant because it’s just been a while since I bled 🤷‍♀️ Sorry about your losses. I wasn’t ttc last year. I have two kids (5.5 and 3.5) just started ttc this one about 4 months ago. Conceived on my fifth cycle this time
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby I’m 33 too, although I’ll be 34 in 4months. Are you still 33?
  • Anyone started to experience morning sickness yet?! I had it REALLY BAD for my first two pregnancies but so far I've just been slightly nauseated. I've also had headaches and you know when you have a cold and your chest feels a bit congested? I've got that feeling as well, but no congestion. Very annoying 
  • @lozzz I’ve had nausea since about 3w 😱 it’s actually slightly better than it was. It used to be almost all day after I’d eat anything, now it is mostly just in the morning. It’s not too bad though, hoping it doesn’t get worse. I never had nausea this early. I was very ill with both my other pregnancies, but only actually threw up a few times 
  • Hey @KristinO1987 yeah I've turned 34 in September. 

    @lozzz the night sickness hit me hard yesterday. I get up in the middle of the night feeling horrible. I'm also feeling flu-ish. Which is not something you can openly talk about during a pandemic. Its apparently a very normal symptom. 

  • Because I was previously considered high risk... we had to go for qn early scan. And my doc is very happy. 

    We have a good sticky bean at 6 weeks exactly. Due date 3rd August. 

    Heartbeat look good. 

  • @TTCat33for1stbaby nice ultrasound! I’ll be getting one around 7 weeks so I still have a couple weeks to wait. Need to figure out how to coordinate it. Logistics are more complicated with a home birth since I have to do more of the testing coordination
  • @Aplus want to join us here? 😁
  • Heyy, I've come across this forum though a friend.

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby and extremely anxious about everything so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

    I'm due first week in August but I don't know the exact date yet 😁 
  • Hi @Dayna1234 congrats! I’m 5w1d now. I have anxiety from time to time and it’s more when I’m on social media too much or not allowing my body/mind enough rest. I also pray a lot. Jesus has pulled me through a lot And I’m very thankful ❤️ What are you most anxious about?
  • @KristinO1987

    Congrats to you also!

    I'm most anxious about what symptoms are normal or not normal seeing as it's my first pregnancy and I feel like there's so much out there on the Internet that gets you worried.

    I do also pray a lot and try my hardest to stay positive 🙏
  • Aww bless you @Dayna1234 this is my third pregnancy and almost anything can be normal! 😆 try to stay away from doctor google as much as possible, easier said than done of course 😅 we are here for sharing all your symptoms and worries, we’re all in the same boat ❤️

    My daughter will be 6 and my son will be 4 when this baby comes. So I suppose I will have my tie breaker! We are done after this one, unless God has other plans 
  • Hi everyone! We got our BFP on Wednesday and we are absolutely delighted! We have been trying for almost 3 years and this was our second round of IVF!
    I am a bit nervous because I don’t have very many symptoms other that occasional cramps and I just can’t wait until my first scan in a few weeks to check everything is progressing well x
  • Congrats @LL14 🎉🎉 and welcome. It’s normal to not have any symptoms until a bit later. Do you have an EDD?

    I’m 5w2d now and my nausea has been getting worse by the day 🤢🤢 never had it this early before
  • Congrats new mummas-to-be 🥳

    Symptoms can be so diverse depending on the woman (and even the pregnancy!) so I wouldn't be worrying too much yet. 

    I'm 7 weeks today and the nausea kicked up a notch about 3 days ago. It's quite bad in the morning, then clears up around lunchtime and then comes back in the early evening. I've only thrown up once though, so that's a plus 🤣 I know weeks 7 - 9 are usually the roughest in terms of sickness though, so Christmas will be interesting!

    Anyone had any cravings/aversions yet? Just like my last pregnancy I've been craving carbs, banana smoothies and chicken, cheese + avocado sandwiches! I normally love mushrooms but go right off them when I'm pregnant. 
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