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  • @MrsRodgers416 what’s days you’re 12 week scan? Mines on 24th x
  • Thanks girls ☺️ She took a few measurements the first one was really clear like @Summer1287 could see the head etc but the photo she gave me was that 😂 but it’s all good. She was so lovely and she made me feel really reassured. She said “nothing is certain in pregnancy we can’t promise anything but a heartbeat like that is a really good sign”
  • Back from my scan and all is looking good. 
    Had some pretty bad cramping earlier too like period pains . 
    So relieved all is fine with baby xx 
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  • So pleased to see all of the healthy scans today! Great news 😊 Can I ask ladies were the scans all internal? I have mine on Friday and they said if I didn’t want an internal I could have the trans abdominal scan but I was worried we wouldn’t see much as I’m between 7-8 weeks! So have opted for internal x
  • Wooow all three scans were great news, that's amazing! What a relief for you all.

    @Summer1287 my 12 week scan is the 24th too. 2 weeks and 2 days, I'm totally counting down now as that's also when I'll tell my family if all is looking good. 

    I have my first contact with anyone tomorrow, an over the phone midwife appointment :) 
  • Butsie185 said:

    For any of the UK mums who were looking at the Chicco its on offer in Lidl at the moment! 
    oo thanks ill have to look for these :):smile:

    I'm 10w2days and I am struggling with tiredness so much. I seem to be falling asleep about 2 30 ish for a good hour or two. I'm due to start back at work full time 8 30 till 5 30 in Aug atm I am doing 10 till 2. 

    I don't know what to do im going to struggle so much. I'm trying not to sleep in the afternoon but I am finding it so hard. x
  • @KL10 my scan was abdominal and could see all we needed 😊 xx 
  • So I am convinced that the only things helping my nausea are these PSI bands that OH bought me, Vitamin B6 and unisom. My doctor insisted on these things before trying any anti nausea meds. Supposedly women who have very low levels of B6 have more nausea. Worth a try for anyone still suffering. I take the bands off to shower or do the dishes but can tell when I need to put them back on. This is what they look like.

    Thanks dear for the suggestions . I was taking B6 already. Now just ordered the bands for me. Should arrive by Friday.

  • @KL10 I have had 2 scans still now, one at 5weeks +5 and other last week when I was 8weeks +2.Both were transabdominal and we could clearly see. In the last week's scan we also heard a good heartbeat. just as someone earlier also mentioned, dont go with empty bladder. 
  • @Sophie2791 that’s funny it’s on the same day! I can’t wait! Although I’m not telling anyone until I see them which will be a couple of weeks after the scan...think they’ll be surprised if I have a little bump! Haha xx
  • @Summer1287 and @Sophie2791 my 12 week scan is on the 24th as well!! 11.15am. It will be nice to finally talk to a health care professional about my pregnancy lol. I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure at work and it’s on the low side but that’s my only real concern. 
    move told my parents, sisters and a couple of close friends. I can hide nothing anyway, we are all very close and they can smell pregnancy on me 🤣. 
  • @MrsRodgers416 mines at 9.30 🤗 so excited! Just wish my hubby could come too! Xx
  • lovely to see all the scans <3 so happy everyones babies are healthy and growing <3 my scan is the 20th at 11am (eastern standard) so im very excited <3 ill be estimated 9+3 which might only b 8+3 due to long cycles ......did anyone else have a scan this early??? did u see the heart beat? what did the baby look like?
  • @Catlady220 I am having mine on the 17th and I will be 8 weeks, as we roughly at the same time I think we will be close together on dates! 

    I think some of the scans that have been posted already were around the 8 week mark anyway. 

    We should see a heartbeat, and a kidney bean shaped baby with potentially little arm and leg buds. 
  • @Catlady220 my little bean was measuring 8+3 could see the head and little arm and leg buds and string heartbeat. Think I said before but apparently (going by my friend who had ivf) there’s something really positive about seeing a heartbeat past 8 weeks so that’s a great time for your scan. Will you have another around 12 weeks or do you need to wait for the anomaly?

    Because I said I didn’t know my dates they gave me a slightly earlier nhs scan date so if my dates stay the same I could be just short of 12 weeks on my scan. Currently my due date is Valentine’s Day 😍
  • @Catlady220 how long was your cycle? 
  • Timefoebaby2020Timefoebaby2020 Regular
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    Last week, when I was 8w+2,we heard a good heartbeat.
    We also saw the brain (head) and some features. 
    Here is how it looked like. At this stage head looks bigger than the body. 
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