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  • 14+4 and feeling good. No symptoms except headache if I eat too much sugar. Went for dinner last night and had sticky toffee pudding for dessert so suffering this morning. My 16 week appointment is next Thursday so not long. It’s with consultant so not sure if I’ll get another scan or listen to heartbeat or just more questions.
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    So jealous of all you ladies that are 14+ 🤦🏻‍♀️ Just hit 12 weeks This week here and scan on Wednesday.
    Sooo nervous but really excited to see how much baby has grown 💕 
    Hope everyone is okay, my symptoms are still very much the same- nausea, sickness, sore boobs, achey pains in tummy.. I’m also definitely bigger around my middle now.
    Ladies who are 12+ did you stop taking prenatal vitamins or have you carried on? I know they say you can stop them but I’m still not eating super healthy again yet so think I may carry them on for a while so that I know baby is getting all the things it needs? x
  • @KL10 I’m still taking them (when I remember). I take multivitamins, omega oils and probiotics all the time anyway. Not long now until Wednesday- you’ll get there. I found time had flied since 12 week scan. X
  • @KL10 you are almost there. 12 weeks is a good milestone. For me , the sickness went off slowly, day by day, not overnight.
    As for prenatal vitamins, I still plan to take. My VitD was quite low in initial blood tests. And although iron (hb) was normal, I have a history of low ferrate absorption, so I will continue to take. 
  • Which Doppler did people go for?
  • @AyeeshaB yes its round ligament pain......i get them often.....n oh my last night i coughed hard and OUCH did it hurt :( 

    my symptoms r pretty mild now at 11+2.......nausea only about 2-3 days a week.....hungers been intense.....round ligament pain.... cravings for sweets......sometimes headaches........and i had to buy copper compression socks bc my already not so pleasant veins on my legs are becoming more not so pleasant.......just cant wait til these last bit of aversions go away so i can eat better for the baby :/

    side not......caved and had sex with hubby for the first time since conception and im hoping and praying i get no weird far i have no cramps but its probably not gonna b a regular thing bc of the fact that i was so worried about the aftermath and anxious that i didnt really enjoy it and it actually kinda hurt bc its been like 2 months :/
  • @Catlady220 hopefully you’ll be fine after sex I do think that was what was wrong with my sporting but will see Monday. 

    I’m really tired doesn’t help being on holiday I’m just napping all the time and my boobs are still veiny xx
  • @AyeeshaB i wouldnt worry about them being veiny :/ i heard it only gets worse.....mine r veiny too.....and yea he tried his best to b really gentle.....i just think actual intercourse will be on hold since he didnt like the spooning position and ive heard being on your back is no good :/ not sure if he could tell i didnt really enjoy :/
  • @AyeeshaB was ur spotting right after?
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  • @Catlady220 it was the day after 
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