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Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in January 2016 Birth Club Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Hello everyone 

    well I didn't sleep too well and gave got up this morning sore down my right hand side so I obviously fell more on that side.  The PAU said they would phone this morning if I needed another anti-D shot and I haven't had a phone call so anti-body levels must be ok I'm pleased because the anti-D shot yesterday hurt like hell!!! 

    ive nit got much on today,got to pick a couple of presents up from Argos then go to supermarket for a couple of bits which usually means a trolley full of stuff but I'm going to try to be good. I've had a sick note to last me till maternity leave starts because although I'm now 34+5 and I was going to wait as long as possible to start maternity they don't want me going into labour myself because of him being breech and having a fall yesterday and they are saying 2 weeks at most till he is delivered so that's me done for now X 

  • Take care and rest up Caroline image

  • I didn't sleep well last night at all either...was waking up every hour so I'm bloody knackered. 

    I'm glad you don't need another shot of anti d Caroline, my first injection was in my bum and I had a bruise for days....my second was so much better when it was in my arm though. 

    it seems like half this group is actually due in December now. I bet you're so excited to finally meet him :) just take it easy missus. 

    We bought our very first Christmas tree together yesterday, he put it up whilst I was doing the ironing...was very strange, kinda made me feel like we were already a little family 

  • Hope your ok Caroline I get my latest results tomorrow and as usual worry about it the day before levels of anti c went from 0.2 to 1.6 in 4 weeks then in two jumped to 3.8 hoping last weeks results are in the limit for babies being anaemic and needing transfusions is 7.5 so it's just a waiting game but the results take ages to arrive it's one of those blood tests so we are always dealing with out of date info and that worries me.  The anti S level is rising but that isn't a serious antibody so not as much concern it's anti c that does the damage so basically the clock is ticking now but plus side daddy is home to stay tonight and we will hit that amazing 34 week mark this Sunday and not a second too soon means they can be born safely. 

    My girls will need to come to the scan tomorrow too as the app is too close to school closing so they will see their baby brother and sister for the first time. We will leave them in the waiting room while we see the doctor I think tho.  

    I officially started maternity ages ago with moving and finally sorted my ni number out and just had my first payment of maternity backdated to start of claim but it's official I can now work here not that it was ever going to be an issue but they do make it hard work they even kept my old number just imported it into hmrc.  

    Well my dogs are feeling neglected so I'm off to pets at home to get them some treats as I feel bad for them stuck in their kennel.

    finished the babies coming home cardigans too just got Matthews mittens and hat to finish now


  • Hi girls. 

    I'm also not sleeping to well, but my dreams are quite hectic and I feel like I've been on a roller coaster all night by the time i wake up. I also wake up to go to the loo and then lie awake thinking about all the things I've got to do! Oh well, perfectly natural I suppose!

    sorry to hear about your fall Caroline, I hope you feel less sore soon.  

    Kayagh, I was also sorry to hear that your other  half has been so inconsiderate  it's always so much harder when you've been so eager for him to get back, waiting to share some of what youve been going through all alone, only for him to get drunk and call you at that time of night.  Honestly men just dont have a clue sometimes! 

    Janbaby, welcome. I've been feeling babs so much more over the last 3 weeks.  There's not much room left in there and less amniotic fluid, so I suppose you feel every movement now and amplified because it's touching all side of the womb.  Sometimes I have no clue which way it's lying because it feels hard everywhere!

    Im working up to my due date (8th Jan), is that such a good idea, I don't know right now as Im feeling pretty tired! More cat naps required! Im going up north this weekend to deliver gifts and see family.  It feels weird that we will need to take the bablies car seat with us just I case babs decodes to come early! I really hope not, it's not in the plan!!!

    hope all of you other girlies are doing ok too  


  • Oh forgot to ask, am I supposed to have had a second anti d vaccine? 

  • kayagh, lovely cardies, I love handmade things! X

  • Sorry, I'm really hogging this thread today, but I keep forgetting things that I meant to write! Just wanted to say that I haven't reviewed the palmers oil yet, and lots of you seem to have had it now. just thought I'd say! 

  • tankgirl go with your body I planned to work til 1 week before with my first all went well til I was signed off with high bp at 36 weeks after one week I went back on the Monday got to 930 had a meltdown went to he and self certified for that week and started maternity the week after with my second I finished at 29 weeks with severe anaemia so just go with how you feel it is nice to get a wee rest before they are born.

    oh was very sheepish last night I told him how let down I felt so he had dinner and retired politely to avoid temptation he said he didn't eat a lot at dinner coz he has lost weight at sea this time and want to lose another 10kg but the flip side he drank wine now there's no alcohol allowed to be consumed on ships these days and no one gets off when in port so after 3 sober months not enough to eat he got wasted to quick no excuse but he felt pretty rotten last night when he realised how it had made me feel I told him he is just lucky nothing happened coz he would never have forgiven himself I don't think I could have either I've been let down before my ex husband went to work while I was in labour I had to get a lift from a friend took the hospital to phone him before he came in literally walked around the bed as she was born so it's a touchy subject with me.  But he home tonight wanted to make choc strawberries but can't get strawberries anywhere so got posh chocs and grapes And fizzy juice plus his Xmas cards one from babies too. 

    Nearly another week down. 

  • Oh my kayagh how talented are you I would love to be able to knit or just be crafty but I'm not at all.  

    Move wrapped more presents this afternoon but am running out of hiding places (I wish Santa would come and take them away and bring them back Christmas morning) I've tried to catch one of my neighbours to ask if I can take over one of their spare rooms but I've not caught hold of any of them yet.  

    My eldest returned home yesterday but I've said we will have to wait a few days till we go out for lunch.  I'm waiting on blood test results to see if iron tablets have increased my levels because I'm sooooooo tired again but that might just be pregnancy.  My obs dr made me laugh yesterday she was talking me through options for delivery and how it might affect future pregnancies!! I said I'm 40 in February and although this little man is a wonderful surprise and much wanted if I do have a section you can take everything out after baby is out  because I will never be pregnant again so we then discussed birth control options as I'm unable to use hormonal birth control.  She was then lively and got down on her hands and knees with a cloth and wiped my clothes and boots for me as they were covered in mud and said there you are now you don't look like you have called in a load of mud you just look like you don't wash your clothes lol X (made me giggle as she was spot on. people were probably looking at me walking back to the car feeling sorry for the baby I look like I'm going to drop any day and thinking poor little thing it's mam looks like she could do with a good wash) but I don't care I was just relieved I was getting to go home and everything was fine.

    jojo after your 28 week shot of anti-D you are usually given one at birth to protect future pregnancies and only get extra usually if you have a fall or knock your bump etc.  

    Im going to have a sneeky catnap now or try to.

    made for mums I don't think it'll be too long till we fill up this new strand as we do like a chat.  It's is a great group on here I'm so pleased to have come across it.  


  • I wish I could knit as well!! Luckily OH's mum can knot as can his gran so we're getting tons of lovely homemade baby clothes :)

    aww bless her Caroline! she seems absolutely lovely :) some people are just really nice and caring. 

    I had anti D injections at 20 weeks (cause of that bloomin dog. I'm still bitter about it) and 28 weeks...then I guess it's just the birth one to go. I'm not bothered by injections thankfully, they just seem to hurt like hell for days afterwards!

    we're definitely getting more chatty! I think it's the holiday spirit and the fact we're so close!! Only 10 days till I finish work! The first Monday off is designated sleep day. I cannot wait! 

  • Kayagh- aww cute cardi's. How's the oh behaving? How did your app go? 

    Caroline - how are you feeling? Have you managed to hide all the pressies at a neighbours? 

    tankgirl - I'm pleased I'm not the only one with my head spinning with things when I wake up! Not long left now image

    jojo - my nan has knitted so many cardi, jumpers, sleeping bags, etc... cant wait to use them. time seems to be flying I've only got 5 days left at work! image And I get married in 12 days! image And christmas is in 22 days! And this little monkey could arrive anytime in the next 6 weeks! image It's so exciting and scary!!

  • I know that as soon as our birth announcement thread is up its gonna become so much more real!!

    not long till you become mrsbear for real!! I bet you're so so excited :) 

  • Well I've been taking it easy today, I feel like I've run a marathon and lost the use of my right leg ha ha, it's funny how when you fall nothing hurts but over the next fees days it's gets increasingly sore! 

    My mum normally knits like a machine when a baby is on the way but I don't think she has picked up needles at all this time, she must be feeling old and can't be bothered.  

    My oh and daughter announced that baby is going to be called Harrison I don't know where that name come from but to be honest I don't mind it and as time goes by the need for a name is increasing in urgency so he may well be Harrison.  

    Mrs Bear it's very exciting that your wedding is fast approaching I'm looking forward to seeing some photos.  I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming and I think there will be a few of us with birth announcements before the Christmas celebrations arrive, I ordered tickets for my daughters school performance on the 14th December so I'll find out next week at the hospital if I am going to be around to go and see it. And the pantomine which we have had booked since January on the 21st December might be minus me but if baby is here by then Lauren can take a friend with her instead of me and I'm sure she'll love it.  

    Jojo not long till you can put your feet up on maternity leave so hang on in there.  

  • I know it's come around so quickly since we were all announcing our pregnancies and now we're nearly at the end of our journeys! 

    i am excited jojo just hoping Jenson doesnt arrive 4weeks early like his daddy did as that will be the day of the wedding image

    I'm glad your resting up Caroline. Harrison was one of our choices for our second of its another boy but we decided on Austin instead. Hopefully you'll make it too the show. 

  • Had a fab app today at the hospital back on the 16th to make final arrangements and one last scan to confirm positions  but will deliver at 37 weeks which is only 3 weeks away.  Baby a is still head down slightly engaged baby b is transverse we are going for a normal birth had the procedure explained we will move to theatre at 10cm have epidural in at 4-5 babies blood type will be tested at birth as will any antibodies and we will proceed accordingly. My antibody levels have dropped to 2.4 which is fab news. And little girl weighs 4.10 boy 4.12 with a chubby tummy.  So excited now feeling the strain but that's nearly 10lb in baby so we just wait now delivery anytime now will be fine as they are good weights just need to finish Xmas shopping now.  Average for twins is 35-36 so time to finish packing my bag and everyone on standby but so very excited just one more midwife and one more consultant and we are done.  Oh reckons 16.12 and 6lb each. 

  • That's fab news kayagh image you can be stress free and chill now image

  • And the funny bit daddy has to gown up hahaha will be a crazy transition from labour to pushing but worth it they confirmed skin to skin can take place as normal I'm so emotional now and super excited 

  • Oh kayagh that is excellent news our friend had their twins on Tuesday two girls but they have been born at 32 weeks and weighed just over 2lb each both mother and babies are good but obvously earlier than then everyone wanted, I haven't got all the details yet but so pleased everyone is ok, so it looks like all my friends will have delivered before Christmas that's 3 delivered so far, Natalie is due on the 18th and it looks like I might be before that so that's a lot of december babies in my part of north east England X. 

  • Aww def get pics of him gowned up. Ha! image I'm so pleased it's all going well. 

    Im sure there's another baby boom this year, there was one 4 years ago. Will be hell when we all trying to get them in school image

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