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Due in January 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in January 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Last post from the old thread so its not missed. My rambles are uber important image

    CurlyE09 I am the same! No particular cravings but if i see someone eating something or an advert for something I want it now. I have found my diet has gone to pot since I fell pregnant. I needed a lot of carbs to begin with to help with the morning sickness and to give me some energy but now I feel I am just being lazy and eating what I want to. 

    I have put on 7kg in 21 weeks! I am not going to panic and start eating nothing as I know thats not good. I just find it crazy how quickly all the work in the gym can disappear. I have got a session with a personal trainer this week to help me get back to the gym as I havent been going due to fear I might do more damage than good. He is qualified in antenatal care as well so I know I will be getting the right sort of exercises. I a hoping this will help me find it easier to keep going once sprogladite is here :-)

    Has anyone got their MatB1 yet? I am picking mine up tonight and then I have to have a meeting with HR to go through the maternity leave and all that jazz. I am thinking of starting my Mat leave on 1st Jan as I am not due until 18th and December is a really quiet month for me at work so I can just relax and take it slowly (hopefully). When are you thinking of taking yours?

    Hope everyone is well x

  • My manager asked me for my MATB1 when I was only 15weeks! But my midwife still gave it to me to relieve any pressures from work- Im pretty sure it says on the form it is given around 21/25weeks? 

    I have to take my Mat leave 4weeks before my due date to be entitled to take the full 63weeks mat leave. So Im technically suppose to leave on the 22nd December but I might go a week before that. 

    Has anyone taken up Hypnobirthing before? Ive heard so many positive things about it. My friend did the course with the lady who helped Luisa zissman (from the Apprentice). she had her baby 2days ago and has just updated me it made her feel really incontrol and had him in the pool with just gas to get through the surges and was out and home within 13hours.. (amazing)

    It's made me so excited to book the course and have a different birthing experience to all the negative ones other people like to share! I'm a firm believer in the power of the mind anyway and what we project to our universe we receive.

    anyone got any tips for sickness bug? Midwife just said snack lots and drink lots but not helping really.  

  • I think I'll get my mat form at my next midwife appointment... I'll be 26 weeks then, but already told my manager that I'm leaving end Nov when I'm 36 weeks... Christmas off :-) 

    Thats a strange policy Jazzyj- what happens if you need to leave sooner? 

    My diet has gone a bit to pot too- oops!! Just trying to eat things which don't give me heartbur/make me feel il! 

  • I can leave earlier 4weeks but it just means I can't go say 2weeks before my due date. The closer I get the quicker I want to go off 😂🙈 already losing motivation at work and still have another 3months! 😩

  • Lil- I am with you on that! I've been pretty good getting healthy stuff throughout the day, but also don't say no to indulgences either! And I am also the same about being lazy. The first trimester, I was nauseous all the time and was afraid to move too hard or something, but lately I just haven't mustered up the energy to get in a workout routine. Once I start working out I feel great, it's just getting to that part, haha. 

    JazzyJ- someone else just mentioned a hynobirthing class to me as well and it sounds so interesting! I too am a firm believer in the power of the mind and positive thinking. I would definitely like to check that out. 

    How long do you all get for mat leave? Here in the states we only get 3 months, and some people only take 6 weeks! Although a new bill was recently passed that would allow us to take more time, but completely unpaid, it just ensures that our job is there for us when we get back. Seems so crazy that a mother has to be separated from her dependent child so quickly. Between the lack of sleep, needing to breastfeed, nurturing time with the's just nuts. 

  • JazzyJ - For sickness bug I had to have tiny sips of water every few minutes as anything more would make me sick again. After about 24 hours of no food I had tiny bites of toast every 30 mins or so to make sure I could keep it down. Lots of bedrest is the best option. Hope you get better soon. 

    Also I have lost motivation most days at work and would love to go on maternity now, it seems I have so much to do around the house to get ready for the baby and I dont have the time to do it as work is just getting in the way. 

    I haven't looked at birthing options yet! Terrified that I have to get this baby out somehow as it is I dont want to have to think about the how just yet. 

    Has anyone bought some fitness clothes? Mine are starting to get tight around the bump so have browsed for some maternity sportswear and either they dont exist or I am going to need to remortgage my house to get a top and leggings!

    CurlyE09 - In the UK I believe we can take anything up to 12 months. 2 weeks is compulsory, 6 weeks paid 90% of wages and then 33 weeks paid £140 a week and then anything after is unpaid but the job should be there upon your return. I am hoping to take the full paid amount and then hand in my notice, use up all my holiday so I get paid it all and then never return. image I can dream! 3 months does not sound like a lot at all! I know in Bulgaria they get 2 years paid maternity! Wouldnt that be bliss. 

  • Lilamz- check out hypnobirthing! I know this sounds crazy but after listening to my audio downloads of hypnobirthing and hearing such positive experiences (from a friend and other women's feedback) it sounds amazing and so many women say they look forward to the birthing part in future pregnancies. 

    Ive downloaded Kathyrn Clark- hypno birthing (part 1,2,3&4) and also ordered a book online 'Marie mongan- hypnobirthing'

    put it this way- what have you got to lose? And what have you got to gain? I very much live life incontrol and was initially frightened, now I'm so empowered by my audio stuff and reading up on bits and bobs. 

     regard to mat leave- im procrastinating badly! Were having some bits done on our house next month and then moving my step son into the other bedroom. So once that happens we can start decorating etc. Only moved in 18months ago but already we're changing ao much upstairs. 

    me and my husband have a week off next week so that gives us some time to get things done.

  • Hi ladies due 18th jan but so tired already with working in retail ( on my feet the whole shift) and have three kids already .So aiming to leave begining of decemb .But have saved 2 weeks holiday so looking at middle of November .Would finish tomrw if i could ha ha 🤣.Deft dont want to be in retail in december as its horrid x ☹x 

  • Hello ladies! 

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling sick jazzy! :( 

    I will break up from work on the 21st december, our holidays are really late this year so I'm hoping to last until then , Im due on the 2nd jan. I havent heard of that form before so I'll be sure to ask my midwife at my appointment next week :) 

    Im finding work so tiring at the moment, feel so lazy! 🙈

    I haven't even thought about the birth yet, Im trying not to 🙈 lol my plan is to just go in with an open mind and get my baby out safe ️Haha Im completely open to looking into things to help so I will have a look at the hypo birthing, I've heard of it before so I will look into it :) x

  • Hi girls! 

    JazzyJ it sounds like you're going through it a bit. ☹️👎🏻 I'd just try and keep eating even if you're being sick and have plenty of water. I spent the weekend feeling very under the weather but I got quite dizzy when I was trying not to eat so I just ended up eating despite not being well afterwards. 🤢

    I don't know what I do about mat leave? I work for myself. I've spoken to my other half about having time off when the baby arrives (it's another section for me so should be around 15th Jan) but I've no idea beyond that. I think the accountant will probably be able to point me in the right direction? I'm aiming to have a few months off then slowly slip back into it. I'm quite lucky that I can do it as and when so I'm in no rush. 

    Is anyone booking a 3D/4D scan? Can't make up my mind. I keep thinking that this is the last baby and we didn't do it with the other two so I'd quite like to break up the last trimester. We've booked a newborn family photo shoot for the week after he is born so we can get some of those squishy photos when they are asleep. 

    Last question, anyone got any recommendations on a sling? I want something lightweight but that will keep him nice and cosy in Winter. Had a look and I'm still undecided between a sling and a carrier. We had a Mamas and Papas carrier with Monty and it was so uncomfortable. I'm thinking I want something that feels more free this time. 

  • KatPaws - Search for a Sling Library there should be one in your area so you can try a load on and be taught how to fit them safely. I believe you can hire it out for a little while as well before you commit to buying the one that works for you.

    Also I have a 4D Scan booked for this Saturday. I shall post the pictures when I have them. It might be worth looking on Groupon/Wowcher to see if there are any local to you at a discounted price. :)

    You might be entitled to a Maternity Grant if you are self employed so its worth checking out the .gov website to see if there is anything there. 

    I'm going to have a nosy into Hypnobirthing. I had hypnotherapy a few years ago to help with a phobia. It definitely worked so will be interesting to find out a bit more about this. 

    Has anyone had any positive side effects yet? Might be a silly question not sure it is even a thing... but I have the additional hair and spots instead of a lovely glow but I have noticed the hair on my head doesn't get greasy as quickly. I used to have to wash it everyday otherwise it would look like I had a ton of Hairspray in it, even with the use of dry shampoo. However the last few weeks I have been able to go three days without washing it and even then it doesnt look too bad. 

  • Lilxamz yes I've noticed that my nails are much stronger! They seem to be growing faster too. 

    Had I ever gone through a labour, I would have chosen hypnobirthing. Everyone I know who has done it always say that it's a really positive experience. As it is I'm having section number 3 this time. I'm not bothered by it. It has been taken out of my hands every time so I've just had to go with it. x

  • I have my 20 week s an tomorrow...although I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow.

    Hoping to get some advice about the sickness, it's really crippling me. 

    Off to bed now, but hope you are all well x

  • Hi everyone. 

    We had a 4D scan at 18 weeks but it was too early and the little one just looked like an alien! It came free with a standard scan so we just went with it. 

    Id say the positive side effect I have is that I feel much more confident in my body and how I look. It sounds strange as I'm so much bigger than I was and I'm not a thin girl but before I got pregnant, after 3 years of trying I hated the fact that my body wasn't doing what it should have been. Now I love my bump and finding out about what she happening in there! I haven't noticed my hair getting greasy so might leave it and see what happens for an extra day! 

    Im going to look at hypnobirthing. Like you say, what is there to lose! 

    Does anyone have pain in their ribs?? Mine seems to be getting worse and is really affecting me sitting down. 

  • I will be interested to hear about hypnobirthing from someone who has actually used it...I've heard great things from expectant mums!

    We had our 20 week scan today, no photo, she was curled up with her chin stuck in, so they couldn't see her mouth or her kidneys, so we are being rescanned in two weeks. Everything else looks fine.

  • I don't think I've noticed any particular positive side effects, my eczema doesn't seem as bad so that might be one :) 

    Does anyone else have pains when they're little one moves? Not when they're kicking or anything just every so often feels like a stitch, could be at my sides or across my tummy, not sure if that's normal? So uncomfortable and painful sometimes. 


  • Hey everyone- we're going to have a 4D scan when I'm 32+weeks I'll be 32 weeks on my birthday so that might be a nice present. 

    This is my friends respons to her hynobirthing expereince she had on Monday ' The hypnobirthing definitely worked for me to stay relaxed and in control, I had him in the pool and only used gas and air during the surges. We were out of the hospital and home within 13 hours too which I wanted.'

    I've now booked my hypnobirthing course to start end of next month. The lady suggest after 25weeks is a good time to start. Mine is 4private sessions at home with me and my Husband- where he can also learn techniques to feel incontrol too- must be a weird experience for the other halfs. I'm really excited now as we will start our course and then 2weeks into it start our NCT course. It's about the only thing Ive organised properly! 

    I feel really empowered telling people now that's the route I'm going for during my birth. I think there are a lot of awful birth experience that scare the crap out of first time mums! If only more women I knew had don't hypnobirthing nest and told me some more controlled labours and experiences. its amazing to hear women say 'I love giving birth or it's the most amazing experience going into labour' because they've all tried and tested hypnobirthinG. 

    Definately have nothing to lose. 

    Has anyone felt any patterns of movement with their babies yet? Is this a sign of what's yet to come? My stepson (7years old) said I hope she's nocturnal lol I said no we don't want that really! He just wants to buy the bat woman onesie he has seen. Ive told him he can choose one gimmicky outfit for his entertainment 😂

  • Hello everybody. We have been moving house/getting married/honeymooning in Thailand so I haven't had chance to read posts or reply to any! We are home tomorrow so will have a good catch up on what I've missed. 

    Hope you are all well. 23weeks and I'm doing fab and hardly a bump! This is my best bump picture! image

  • Congrats Stephielou! Wow you're having a busy year! How was the wedding? 

    Im definitely getting most movement after lunch then after dinner when I relax on the sofa after work. It doesn't hurt at all but I am getting lots of little pain niggles around the bottom of my bump where things are being stretched. Plus my ribs and back are agony. 

  • Aw stephielou congratulations! What a busy time for you. Hope you've had an amazing honeymoon. Lovely bump pic! 

    I've done a week without feeling sick! It's great! Just got the early rumblings of SPD to contend with now. 👎🏻 

    I find Alan (bump) is really busy between 9 and 11. Not sure what he's doing in there but it feels like some kind of construction work! At times the kicks and sudden movements can be quite painful, particularly if he's kicking down. Really makes me jump at times. 

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