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Due in July 2017 - Part 3



  • Must be the weather. Patrick has been the same! I actually gave him some calpol as I thought the amount of screaming and crying he's done he must have a sore head but he's down now. 

    I phoned a Chinese and managed to keep it down for about half a hour...enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Just running myself a luke warm bath to try refresh myself for bed.

    Husband is out celebrating the football so I think whenever he comes home I'll move back to the sofa to sleep. 

    I've got a wedding on Monday and cannot be bothered going. It's my friend from uni but not really in a sociable mood.

  • Katt make your oh kip on the sofa your pregnant. 

    Lillian he's not usually but today he has been it must be the weather atm

    I just got home from my bday meal it was nice to dress up and feel human again I'm glad to be home tho I've had crazy tightenings all night quite painful also feeling movement low down my vagina 

  • mummytoolly make sure you drink plenty of water it might be dehydration. I've had quite a few tightening too today but think I've had to much Coke and not enough water x 

  • So I've had 4 hours sleep and cannot get back to sleep been up since 4! Ahh ! 

  • I'm awake as well chick been tossing and turning since 3 feel shattered. It's our bodies preparing us for what's ahead 

  • Hello everyone!

    We've noticed that this thread is getting super-long - which also means it's getting harder and harder to load on some devices - and a lot fiddlier to keep up with.

    So, if it's OK with you all, we're going to create a new thread, called Due in July 2016 Part 4 - which should be super-speedy and easy to load - where you can carry on your conversation.

    We won't delete this thread; we'll just close it to new posts (so we don't have 2 convos going on at once!) and put up a link to the new thread so everyone knows where to head for.

    Trust that all sounds OK.

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