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Due in July 2017 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2017 Part 2 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Wow part 3...

    Hope all you ladies are ok today, has my scan this morning and although I was a nervous wreck all night everything went really well 😀 So so relieved and now hoping I can start to enjoy being pregnant 😬😬😬 I brought the mamaroo yesterday, it was a little bit of an impulse buy but I like it a lot lol!!! That's what i told hubby.....

  • Aww cute bump madie :) 

    Bincey I want one of those just need to convince my oh to spend so much he's a typical man when it comes to parting with his cash and can be very tight lol they look so cool tho. 

    I think I'm gonna try struggle on til the first week of June then start my annual leave and maternity leave after I know what youre saying kat with my lb I tried to plod on til 38 weeks and it just made me poorly sometimes you have to listen to your body we know when weve had enough

  • Glad your scan went well bincey! was that your 20 week? 

    I work in a school and currently planning to work right up but under the agreement if I need to stop I can.  

    Im really struggling with gas at the moment but not really actually needing the toilet and this evening ive got a really bad stomach ache which has started to move to my back which isnt good :( making me feel a bit meh! 

  • You can get the fibre sachets on minor ailments as you might be constipated. I take them once or twice a week just to help things.

    My 20 week scan feels ages ago cause I'm due 1st July. 

    My pelvis is just getting worse. A 15 min walk to tesco and back with my son is too much.

    My son hasn't been very well the past few days and I've had him in beside me at night so hoping he settles properly so I can get comfy. I think it must be his teeth as he's got the back ones coming in. I don't look forward to that aspect if parenting. Luckily both me and husband are off this week.

    I've really gone off food. I can't seem to find anything that I really want to eat. 

  • Glad your scan went well bincey. Have you got a pic xx 

  • Glad scan went well bincey

  • Dizzy I find that I keep getting trapped wind inside my bump and it's painful it usually happens in the early hours of the morning when I'm at work. 

    Katt have you tried a amber braclet/ anklet? I got one for olly and they're amazing it made so more difference to him 

    Glad your scan went went bincey :) 

    Urgh off to work for my 2nd night shift still one left :( 

  • imageimage

    Thank you ladies - it was 20 week scan.

    I am so in love with the picture of him waving 😀 

  • :) bless him he's a cutie chick my face is killing me ladies I've woken up with toothache that's going up and down the whole left side of my face and it wont go away :( my teeth always seem to go manky when I'm pregnant 

  • Gorgeous pics bincey xx 

    Hope your mouth is feeling better soon mummytoolley xx

  • i def feel your pain, I had it so bad with my last pregnancy. I was constantly taking pain killers. Hope it gets better soon xx

  • I keep getting toothache too but I think I must clench my jaw in my sleep. Too many stressful thoughts. Will need to get to the dentist.

    I don't know how you manage nightshirts. I would get the sack for sleeping.

    Scans freak me out a bit. You cam barely believe the technology that can let you see all the bones in his arm. The whole growing a baby just amazes me sometimes. Still can't quite believe we can make people lol.

  • Katt u get used to it although have to admit that sometimes I find myself dozing at around 3. Try looking into amber anklet bbe they're so good with teething and cheap as well olly didn't take his off until January coz he's got 90%of his teeth through now 

    I think baby must be still low down coz feeling kicks quite low in my pelvis 

  • How are we all today ladies 

  • Hey mummytoolly! I'm doing okay, keeping busy with work, ghough not sure the stress is doing me good. Thought I possibly felt movement earlier whilst standing up which was new but then not felt him much this evening so currently lying on my side again to make him move and to stop scaring me.  Hope you've all had a good day :)

  • Try drinking cold sweet things bbe I love slush puppies atm and that always gets him moving :) sorry to hear work is so pants I think we're all ready to finish now lol 

  • That might be a good plan, will try the sweet drinks! Im impressed you're doing night shifts, definitly couldn't do that at the moment. I'll be okay if I can just relax a bit more but doubt I'll be able to which is a shame :/ 

  • I'm struggling with wind and it's giving me backache too and I also have gone off everything to eat which i thought was odd until I read your post katt. I look like I've eaten everything in site though getting so big have defiantly underestimated just how big I'm going to get. I also am getting heartburn woke me up two night now but this isn't a surprised as I have had reflux problems before being pregnant.

    My furniture is coming tomorrow which I'm so excited for but work is really getting to me having to work the weekend just to keep up even though it isn't me behind ! The joys of team work. 

    Hope everyone else is doing well 

  • Yeh nothing takes my fancy although I had an ice blast at the cinema today and really enjoyed that. 

    I've started to get the heart burn too. I got peptac off the gp but it's horrid compared to gavisgon. 

    I've now got a cold and sneezing with pelvic troubles is just painful. 

    I'm 25 weeks on sat so when I go back to work on Monday I'm going to put my matb1 form in and request my hols etc so my last shift would be 10/05/17

    The following week me and my mum are planning on going to Stobo which is a spa resort in Scotland for two nights. I've never been away from my son but I'm looking forward to a bit of luxury pampering.

  • Haha katt I have a cold too 😂🙊 thats so strange ! 

    im sure you will have a lovely time nice and relaxing and replenished those energy levels. 

    Im not receiving the emails again which is so annoying! Have you all seen the news about the prep machines ?

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