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  • I had to leave work as I couldn't sit any longer.

    My husband is away to pick up a prescription for stronger painkillers for me and I've got an emergency physio appointment on Thursday where they think I'll be on crutches.

    My MIL took my son to mass and he knocked over the font of holy water so you can guess that he's in a michevious mood today but he better go down to bed so I can go to bed too. 

  • Sorry to hear that Katt have you gone off sick then bbe. My feet are starting to swell already they ache so much today 

  • Hi All,

    Seems like we are coming up to our uncomfortable stages now, We all seem to have problems! haha. Hasn't March just flown by though? if all the other months go like this our babys will be here with us in no time.

    In terms of sleeping I still find myself waking up like half on my stomach half on my side not sure how I manage as bump is getting so big now but Im always feeling the baba move during the day so I know its not harming him. I cant control how I sleep during the night im a deep sleeper too!.

  • Feel really tired at the moment. Am sleeping ok so not sure why I'm suddenly feeling so much more tired. Is anyone else feeling the same? Maybe baby has a growth spurt around now. Am 25 weeks. 

  • Yeah louise I have days where I can't stay awake and I'm 25 weeks last week I went to bed st 7:30 twice ! 

    March has flown by I agreee :)

  • I'm 25 weeks and feel tiered most days think our babies must be growing

  • Hi everyone, how's it all going? 

    We just wanted to let you know about two new threads we're chatting about today.
    For those of you who already have children, did your baby ever have trouble pooing, and if so what did you do about it? That thread is here
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  • Anyone else feeling really tired atm?? Fatigue seems to have hit me again hard lol my craving of slush puppies is driving my other half mad lol 

  • I'm feeling so tried mummytoolly! Can't wait to be off work next week! Finding myself a lotore moodu as well which is annoying! Not had any cravings yet, not sure if that's a good thing or not. 

  • Just been sitting watching my tummy move as baby kicks 😍😍

  • Hi Ladies hope all your pregnancies are running smoothly! 

    I was wondering if I could ask for your unbiased advice I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place right now, basically my best friends partner had spoke to her saying he saw my other half in a woman's car kissing her before getting out and parting ways.. She obviously told me just after so I tried to stay calm and called him not acting like anything was wrong as I'd just finished work, alls I said was general chit chat questions like what are you up to I've just finished work blah blah, he said he was at the gym so I said oh did you get the bus and his reply was why! After a pause he said no his mate dropped him off so I said oh that's nice of them, what mate? And he said I'm going and put the phone down! Then I didn't hear from him for the next hour and he called me saying I'm interrogating and questioniong him which I said I wasnt! And this is before I'd even mentioned the woman! When I got home he immediately said I was accusing him??? Accusing him of what?! So I just blurted out who is she, his reaction was somewhat off but he denies any knowledge of a woman and says its a man that apparently gives him a lift every day after work and hes told me this, hes NEVER told me this? And he doesn't have this mans details to validate him either! But now hes basically turned it all around on me and I'm 'horrible' and I'm abusing him by confronting him! I'm just so confused I really don't know what to do or believe, surely you can't mistake a man for a woman? And why did he get so defensive before I'd even mentioned anything? Maybe I'd believe him but he hasn't been 100% loyal to me in the past. I just need some advice that isn't friends/ family 🙁 xx

  • Aww Madie I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

    Firstly, if he was kissing someone else you probably need to reason if it's a deal breaker or not. 

    Secondly, until you know what you want to do you need to keep family out of it. You may forgive things your family won't be able to. Are you able to confide in the friend that told you about it. It must have taken a lot of courage for your friend to speak to you. Is there a chance her partner is wrong and mistook him for someone else?

    Unfortunately I don't think there is an easy way around it.

    For me I'd be mad. Furious. I also don't want to raise two children on my own. I think I'd say "my friend's partner thought he saw you kissing someone else. I'm not accusing you and I'm not going to investigate further. If it us true you either walk away now if it's something you want to continue or you stop. If its not true, which I hope is right then nothing changes"

    Pregnancy is a frightening time and like I say I don't want to do it on my own...but I could. You could to if you had to.

    I'm sorry I'm not much help. We're here if we can help 

  • Madie1627 Doesnt sound like a great situation. I hope you two manage to sort this out. I hope he is honest, atleast that way you can decide what to do next and maybe discuss why he feels the need to kiss another woman when he already has someone at home.

    Sending you big hugs xxx

  • I'm just really struggling with what to believe, my friends partner has no reason to lie and it was completely out of the blue and there's also the fact hes completely denying it was a woman, I know it was him it was near where he goes to the gym a few streets away and there's no way he'd be mistaken and he even said yes it was him but It wasn't a woman 🤔 its just all strange how he got so defensive in the first place  before I'd even mentioned anything. I'm just so confused thanks for your help katt xx

  • Hello,
    We just wanted to let you know about a new thread we're discussing today. It's about mums of premature babies: should they get longer maternity leave? We would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you'd like to share them, it's right this way. 
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  • Oh Madie I feel for you Hun. in my opinion thats a sign of a guilty man. And As for making u feel bad well that's just not fair we are allowed to be abit irrational when pregnant. 

    i wouldn't recommend spying on him but it would be the only way to know for sure or to get someone else to do it.

    just take care of yourself and the baby which I know is more difficult than saying when you are so upset, I would be so hurt if it was me x

  • Does anyone else feel really big this is my first baby and I just think I look massive ! has anyone taken photos recently? Can we compare 


  • Madie I hope u sort it out soon. Don't quite know what to say. 

  • Lillian I feel massive too had midwife today and she said I was the right size for how far gone I am I'm 25 and 3 days sorry about the mess.


  • Can I ask a question

    What do u all think of my room my husbands mum keeps moving my nursing chair so it is next to the cot and I don't like it what do u think of it how I like itimageimage

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