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  • Ok quite obsessed with progression lines. But i must say the clear and simple thin strips dont hardly show nothing but the stick thin tests in the picture above come out quite well. Whats crazy is that the big chuncky sticks are clear and simple ones and come out fine. 
  • @NaomiP88 yes pain is considered normal at this time I guess!! 
    My Edd is July 5th! I am 20dpo 

    As for staying positive I catch myself  thinking negatively and try to change it! I also dont let my emotions get out of hand as I know it's not going to help! Also I like to have a few things during the day I can look forward to, whether it's a cup of tea when I get home or a nice dinner! 
  • @FreakOut, yes it’s crazy how much plans change once babies come into our lives lol!! I would never change any of it for the world though. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16 and told it was so bad I’d probably never have kids so all my babies are like my own little miracles!! Even when my two are driving me insane and messing around at bedtime (like now lol!!) I wouldn’t change them for anything xx
  • @Nevesmummy awww so this baby is like a miracle baby. Babys are gifts and i love spending every second with my childrenx watching them grow up etc 
  • Hello, just had my BFP today after trying for a year and a half for baby number two. I have a 2 year old son, @jojo1982 were you in the april 2017 club? I feel like I recognise your name? I'm over the moon but feeling very nervous! Looking forward to getting to know you all and really really hope we all have sticky beans! Xxx
  • Yes I was! I recognise you too. So nice to be here with you again. Although I suppose we both wish it had happened a bit sooner!

    When do you think you'll tell your little boy? 
  • Yes, I've found it hard but I do feel like the gap is nice at this stage, thomas will be off to nursery soon after the baby comes so it'll be nice to have some baby time! I'm so happy to see you too, congratulations! I feel really unsure about when to tell T. I plan on waiting till my 12 week scan to tell my family, and I dont want T to hear people talking about it and not really understand what's going on. But at the same time, I feel like 12 weeks is maybe too early to tell him? I really worry how it would affect him if something was to go wrong after he was already expecting a baby to arrive! And also, it's a long time for him to wait. Do you have any thoughts of when you'll tell your daughter? Xx
  • I think it'll be a nice age gap too. And financially with Bethan getting 30 hours free childcare from September it'll make things a lot easier for us.

    I have no idea! Hence why I want to pick other peoples brains lol! We got pregnant in June and were planning on telling her at the 12 week scan but never made it that far. But it did make me think that although things get a lot safer from 12 weeks, it's still not guaranteed to all go smoothly and like you I don't know how I would be able to hell her she's not getting a brother/sister after all. But I think we will tell family after our first scan (which I think will be in maybe 2-3 weeks) so I'll have to make sure they are careful what they say around her. 
  • It’s so hard finding the right time to tell the children. My eldest is 10 so I’m pretty sure she knows something is going on, my youngest is only 3 so he doesn’t understand yet. 
    When I was expecting my second we told our daughter at out 12 week scan, she cried her eyes out and asked if she was dreaming! Was such a magical moment lol!! She came with us for a 4d scan at 24 weeks which was just amazing xx
  • Hi everyone congrats to all on your great news. I'm due 10th July. Been getting bfps since Wednesday but some brown/light red spotting too. It's hard not to get paranoid. I've had A chemical and a miscarriage before so find myself worrying if the lines are getting darker and the spotting is turning to af. Xx
  • my progression lines up to today 
  • Freak out they are defo getting darker congrats!!  I find the wee test strips to be useless. I was getting clear stong positives on the sticks and not even a glimmer on the strips xx
  • Hi Ladies! I originally joined the June 2020 birth club but the apps are predicting either 29th June until 2nd July, soooo I think its more likely I'm due July! Currently 5w5days and found out really early on (around 4 weeks exactly) July seems a very long time away.
  • Hi @LucieLu, I found out on Monday at 4weeks and 5 days. In due 1st July. Congratulations, July will soon fly round. 

    @FreakOut yes they are getting darker 😍 xx
  • @Nevesmummy Oh wow sounds like we are nearly exactly the same stage. 
  • With having a late ovulation i know i wont know my proper due date untill my scan 😂
  • Welcome @NaomiP88 and massive congratulations. Lovely to have you here. 
    Welcome too @MCT86 wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. 
    Lovely to have you on this thread too @LucieLu :blush:
    We remember you @Mrs B 2010 it's so great to see you back! Congratulations. 
    OOO filling up nicely over here! 
  • @Mrs B 2010  congratulations!  I'm also waiting for either 8week scan or 10week scan to tell family, this will be our first and also will be my parents first grandchild!

    @MCT86 welcome and congrats!! 
    It is definitely harder after loss, I dont feel pregnant this time around cause I'm not getting my Hope's up yet! best thing we can do is hope for the best and keep checking in with our drs! 

    @FreakOut those lines are for sure getting darker! Yay! 

    @LucieLu hello! Congratulations!! 
    I am due July 5th so far! Nice to see you here, I am 4w6d as of today
  • Congratulations everyone! @FreakOut the lines are definitely getting darker, how exciting for you! I think waiting for the scan to announce the pregnancy is a nice idea if you can 😊 I'm away on a hen weekend next weekend so no idea how I'm going to hide that I'm not drinking??? 
    Thanks @DanielleMFM it's so nice to be back! Really hope things go ok and I can stick around 🤞
  • That's a tough one Mrs B. On nights out I find it fairly easy to hide but weekends are so much harder! We are off to stay with my brother in law in 2 weeks for his 40th birthday. He will certainly pick up on me not drinking I know and as we will be staying with him for quite a few days it'll be hard to hide.

    I'm considering buying some alcohol free wine and transferring it into an empty bottle of normal wine (with a screw cap) but I'm not sure if it'll leak in the suitcase if it's already been opened 🤔

    And of course most of us won't be 12 weeks by Christmas so we have to content with all the questions that come with not drinking over the festive period as well! 
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