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  • That’s right I remover you saying @Charlot-2411 let’s add you to the list as well 😊

    @allnewtome due date 1/7/2020 girl 💜

    @Nevesmummy due date 04/07/20 gender will remain a surprise until birth💛

    @Familyof3-soontobe4 due date 6/7/2020 Girl 💜

    @MrsP13 due date 8/7/20 gender

    @Charlot-2411  due date 8/7/30 gender tbc

    @freakout due date 13/7/20 boy 💙

    @Mama2be9 due date 16/7/20 girl 💜

    @NicoleB10 due date 24/7/20 gender tbc. 

  • Mama2be9Mama2be9 Regular
    edited Jan 27, 2020 11:55PM
    @Charlot-2411 oh hun I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time! And I’m sorry to hear about your friend! That’s so scary and awful! I hope you feel at ease soon with your scan! I’m sure what happened to your friend was very rare. Think positive bc it’s so good for the baby. 

    My spiritual teacher says for a pregnant woman to think of herself as a butterfly in a garden.  Being aware of every thought as if you are shaping a form. Let it be so positive, so sweet, and so delightful! The baby forms from that. Living happy and trusting so the baby learns that... a butterfly floats gently around, landing on beautiful flowers 🌸 taking in rich nectar! Really such a beautiful thought. I love it so much and wanted to share with you and everyone here if it may shed some light into our journeys
    ✨💕🦋 🌹🦋🌸🦋💕🦋🌺💕✨
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  • FreakOut said:
    Chloe87 said:
    ANY NUBS???????? give me thoughs 
    I’m gonna say girl! Xx
    Baby looks like a girl :D. Looks like my scan i had in my last pregnancy when I was pregnant with my daughter :D

    Chloe87 said: yay 💕💕
    Ayana said:
    Chloe87 said:
    ANY NUBS???????? give me thoughs 
    Definitely girl because of the skull its round. Boys have sharper skull. Hope it's a girl. I still dont know what is mine LOL
    Hehe loving your answer x

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