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Welcome to due in July 2021 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

Start as many threads here in Due in July 2021 category, from due dates to baby names, whatever you want to chat about! 

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  • Hi Danielle thanks for inviting me to this thread my baby is due 4th July it will be great to see other mummies who is also due the same month & how there all feeling 
  • Welcome @Mumslife and huge congratulations! Thanks for kicking off this new birth club, we're sure there will be lots of others along soon, so hold tight ☺️
    Will this be your first baby? 
  • Hi @Mumslife and @DanielleMFM
    I have just found out today I am pregnant and because of my long cycles, NHS website has dated me at 3rd July! So looking forward to meeting everyone in the same boat as us xxx
  • Hey 👋 this is actually my 4th baby @DanielleMFM.. Aww huge congratulations @MrsCMH so your due on the 3rd I calculated the 4th so literally a day apart. Is this your first baby xx
  • MrsCMHMrsCMH Regular
    edited Oct 24, 2020 9:46AM
    @Mumslife congratulations to you too! How exciting that we are so close together. Yes this will be my first (I have 2 step daughters, 9 and 10). Aww how lovely, have you got boys and girls? Have you had any pregnancy symptoms so far? Xx
  • @MrsCMH Aww beautiful always exciting your first pregnancy congratulations to you all.. I have 1 girl (eldest) & two boys.. during implantation I feel unwell severe headaches & bad back ache was having few cramps & stuff but not felt any symptoms since I feel great upto now I hope it stays that way lol.. How have you felt xx
  • @Mumslife thank you, and to all of you! Pleased to hear you are well! I've had shooting pains in my boobs for over a week now but apart from that I've been pretty good! Long may it last aye! Xx
  • Gracesmum89Gracesmum89 Regular
    edited Oct 25, 2020 4:25PM
    Hiii everyone, congratulations to you all! So exciting!! I’m going to anxiously join.. I got my bfp today after a vvvfl a couple of days ago. Going off my last period I think I’m due 4th July which is also our wedding anniversary 🥰 xx 
  • Yay! Congratulations @Gracesmum89 what great timing with your anniversary! How are you feeling? Xx
  • MrsCMH said:
    Yay! Congratulations @Gracesmum89 what great timing with your anniversary! How are you feeling? Xx
    Thankyou! And congratulations to you too!!! I’m actually feeling ok! Had a bit of a lingering headache and some cramping. Hoping sickness stays away I was so poorly last time. How are you feeling? xx 
  • @Gracesmum89 thank you! I had a 2 day headache this weekend but I put that down to cutting out caffiene after finding out 😂. I have had a couple of waves of feeling a bit peaky... I refuse to say its morning sickness yet 😂. Got my fingers crossed for you that it stays away! Have you spoken with your GP surgery yet? I called yesterday and they had me self refer to the maternity services here where I am and I booked myself in for a flu vaccine. Xx
  • Ah so exciting!! With my last baby I was sick before I even found out! 🙈 yes I did a self referral to antenatal at our local hospital. They told me I have to attend 12 week scan alone. Husband can come to 20week scan but he has to leave straight after while I stay to see midwife.. such strange times! I have booked an early private reassurance scan for 8th nov so he can come to that. Xx
  • How is everyone? What symptoms do you all have? I got my 2-3week on clear blue digital today which is reassuring knowing levels must be rising x
  • That's great news @Gracesmum89
    I'm still plodding along with the sore boobs and feeling queasy/dizzy on and off! How about you? I wonder how many more mummies/mums to be will be joining this chat soon? Xxx
  • I’m good, Thankyou!! I’ve felt a bit dizzy and nauseas today! Ive also been stressing myself about having a private scan I’d booked it for 8th nov. But now I’m worrying that I won’t see anything 🙈 I’m sure lots will be joining us here soon 🥰🥰 xxx 
  • Hi ladies hope your all feeling ok I literally have no symptoms atm normally I get morning sickness before I even find out I’m pregnant so this pregnancy is a lot different. Started feeling abit tired than normal but other than that I’m feeling great atm. What symptoms yous feeling? Hope all is good x
  • @Mumslife I don’t feel like I have many symptoms either to be honest. Last time I was so sick from before missed period. This time I have been getting occasional nausea and some dizziness. Got my 3+ on clear blue today so I’m feeling less anxious about levels rising. Can’t wait for my scan on 16th 😬 pushed it back a week in the hope that I defo see heartbeat and little baby xxxx 
  • That was same as me I was so sick on my youngest before I found out not had any nausea just feeling abit tired but that could be Cos I’m up at 5ish with my son. Should count ourselves lucky really but still makes me anxious not feeling symptoms. Oh gave you booked in for a early scan? I’m at hospital on Saturday for bloods & after my first 12 week scan I’m then down with a consultant Cos I’m high risk had complications with all 3 of mine youngest came 10 weeks early had to have an emergency scan so that’s reassuring that il be monitored more. Hope all goes well for you Hun x
  • Think il purchase a clear blue sometime today or tomorrow just for peace of mind x
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