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  • Hi georgiamf, welcome to the forum and huge congratulations! Have you been trying for a baby for long? 

  • Hi DanielleMFM, 

    No I haven't that why I am in total shock as you hear it takes people ages it happened to me after my first try which is good news but I was also shocked when I found out. Now just hoping the 12weeks comes quickly so I can make sure everything is ok  

  • Hey all 

    did test yesterday and I’ve worked out im 30th May but I’m sure it’s june. Guess I’ll find out once I have my scan. When I worked out my last babies due date I was further gone so I am either in the May or June club LOL.

    how you all feeling? I feel like sh** got headaches, feeling sick 🤢 and pains.

    will you all find out the sex of baby? Xx 

    carly x

  • Hey! 

    Weve been trying for 8 months and this is our first. I’ve took 3 tests but I think I’m still in shock and not quite all sunk in yet! 

    ive been having cramps pains but not sore. No other symptoms yet. 

    Working out my due date is 9th June. We’ve told no one so it’s nice to be able to share on here. 

    Slightly worried the pink line needs to be darker, what do you think, I keep analysing them. It’s 11,12 and 13 days po?image

  • Hi LisaB888, welcome and huge congratulations - bet you want to shout it from the roof tops! We are so happy for you! 

  • Thanks DanielleMFM x

  • Congrats Carlsemmers! 

    Im not really feeling much different. Feeling cramps pains on and off but they aren’t sore. Not sure if that’s normal!🤔


  • Thanks Lisa and you.

    are you feeling sick? I’m sick as a dog don’t know what to do to kick this feeling? 

    Any suggestions? 

    When are you due? X 

  • I haven’t felt any nausea yet. My sister never with any of her pregnancies so I might be the same or it’s maybe too early. 

    I think I’m due 9th of June. 


  • Congrats ladies! 

    Is everyone feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety?! 

    My due date estimate is 2nd June though I'm unsure exactly when I ovulated. I'm classed as 5+1 today and already my parents know and  1 best friend each. 

    I've felt really queasy on and off. Today at work was bad and my trousers were v tight already.  

    Also got a cracking headache but that's possibly because I'm used to 2 or 3 big coffees a day and have gone right off it !! 

    I'm at the Drs in the morning.... want him to look at my meds and then I guess I need referring to a midwife? No idea! There's not great info on line here in Bolton

    Anyone else seen a Dr or got a mat appointment?

  • imageimagehi ladies! Many congratulations to all of you!I got these over past couple of days at 10dpo and the dark lines at12dpo (today!) Due 26th June.  Been TTC since may I'm nearly 37 it's my first one so I'm very in edge with every twinge.  Have had cramps ever since o. Very excited and looking forward to experiencing this with you lovely ladies xx

  • Totally empathise sleepover. I'm 35 and this is my 1st. I'm scared to go to the loo! Noticing every twinge. 

    Let's try and relax and enjoy our first bfp 😁😍

  • Meant sleepycat! Bloody auto correct lol

  • Hi Onlyme thank you! its nice to share with someone going through the same thing at the same time!  Yesterday i had some brown cm when i wiped (sorry tmi) totally panicked as id had the BFP the day before.  My AF was due this Thursday and i've been having cramps but not AF like cramps, back ache, sore boobs and as I usually start with brown cm i am on high alert!  My friends have said with lines as dark as those at 12dpo i shouldn't worry about mc just yet.   

    I'm being told to be positive and believe in myself so yes you are right lets all relax and enjoy our 1st pregnancy xx

  • onlyme sorry i meant due 16th June and yes i called the GP and they said fine to book in with midwife next week! maybe its down to my age i dont know. My jeans are undone too under my jumper haha! 

  • Hey all 

    I’m around 5 weeks pregnant and last night had a bright red bleed then it wore off then today very faint. 

    I’m am totally worried as last night thought ‘ bloody great surely this isn’t the start of what I thinK’ .

    ive worried myself sick all night so I’m having an early scan tomorrow just to check everything ok. 

    Little worrying x


  • Carls after my brown cm yesterday ive done so much googling and asking around and so many people say a little bleeding is completelty normal as things adjust themselves as baby makes room for its new home for 9 months.  Its very hard to not worry and i send you loads of sticky bean baby dust x

  • Thanks sleepycat I think it’s because it was bright red I was panicking. At least I can just put my mind at ease tomorrow though as I’m sick with worry. 

    its nice to hear that is is normal .. I just didn’t want to bleed anymore today x 

  • Oh Carl's I hope you are ok! Xxxx 

  • Carl’s were wishing you lol I know and everything is okay!

    i called today to get the ball rolling with scheduling my first appointment I honestly wasn’t sure how to go about it but to let the receptionist know I took a positive PT and wanted to get my first appointment schedule. I figured they wanted to do a full physical etc and then get started with the prenatal appointments for down the road. Usually it takes a few months to get in for a physical but the lady told me I wasn’t scheduled for a physical just a 15 min appointment on Thursday.  I would assume this is just to have them do their own pregnancy test?   Then will they want me to have an appointment for a full physical examination? 

    First baby so im def new at this! 

    Im 14 DPO today and today would be the day AF should have arrived am I the only one constantly checking (when wiping). If AF has come ? I feel like I’m going crazy it feels like AF should come all the same symptoms! 

    I haven’t been too nauseous or dizzy since last week which was a week for feeling def off I had headaches nausea dizziness and a awful metallic taste in my mouth I was almost certain I was going to get sick with that taste 🙃

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