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  • Wow Carl’s that didn’t come out at all how I wanted it to we are wishing you luck and hoping everything turns out okay!! Keep is updated!

  • Carls thinking of you - I hope all goes well.

    Mandy im 13dpo today and my AF would be due tomorrow im exactly the same keep checking it hasnt arrived!  burst into tears on my way into work today having a hormonal morning.  Still light cramps and bloated and gassy!!! woke up feeling dizzy in the night a couple of times too.  I have my first appointment on Tuesday next week i assume as you said it will just be a PT and a quick chat.  I dont think they do much until after 6 weeks but I dont know either!

  • Thanks everyone. 

    ive Had no more show from yestersay Which is good news, so must be down to implanting. I had loads of pain on my right side last night.. feel sick as a dog again this morning.. the sickness won’t go away.. 

    anyone done the baking soda test ? I peed last night and it fizzed like crazy, apparently The old wives tale reads is a boy... I love all these little games I did them with my first. So the baking soda says boy for me and the Chinese table says boy too. 

    Last time all these quiz things read GIRL for me which then I had a girl. 

    Its just a bit of fun and would love a boy 

    Xx carly xx 

  • Carls thats good news!  and what is the baking soda test? i love all those kind of things haha!

  • You put Baking soda in a plastic cup and then pee in a different then mix the two together 

    if fizzy - boy

    if nothing - girl 

    try it just a bit of fun

  • Hi ladies 

    just found out this morning I’m 3+5 which means im due June 14 

    I had a miscarriage back in March so this was a happy surprise even on my baby boys first birthday. 

    I did a test because I have ibs and it is usually bad at this stage in my cycle and with no symptoms it was unusual.

    i have already been in contact with my gp as I’m currently receiving treatment for pernicious anemia 

  • Kdaisy, congratulations! We are so happy to see you in another birth club - wishing you a super sticky bean and happy and healthy 9 months ahead! 

  • I've just been to the Dr.  He's said that my missed miscarriage doesn't qualify me for a NHS early scan so we are going to pay for a private one. I'm so anxious that things will go wrong, anxious that work is too stressful and basically a massive bundle of anxiety! I need these next 4 or so weeks to go quickly.. then a good result on an early scan, then another 4 ish anxious weeks until the 12 week 

  • So I had an early pregnancy scan today, I’m only 5-6 weeks and because it’s just a sack at the moment (no heartbeat) they couldn’t tell me a due date. Main thing is the pregnancy is there and I could see it, the bleed must have been implantation. I am due for another scan on 18th just to double check and I’ll be further along then. 

    all I did was worry in my last pregnancy, so I’ll be the same all over again. 

    Anyone thought of any names or is it just too early yet? I have had a list going for some time now, if I hear a name I like I jot it down. 

    Hope everyone is ok? X 


  • Hi Carly thats great news!  what a relief!  and yes i began a list of names this morning while i was messaging OH at work haha!

    Flippydando I understand your worries - it is stressful everyday hoping nothing goes wrong.  Was googling DS this morning :( we do need to stop worrying and try to be positive and enjoy the process, i say that but i feel very dizzy and moody today!

  • What names have you got seedycat? 

    Im hoping for boy and want something unusual. My daughter is 19 months and mixed race so tthink I’m going for something different this time. I had no names last time x 

    i feel so sick just keep eating crisps and bread not healthy at all x 

  • Hi everyone . Been having some symptoms the last couple of days -sore nipples swollen tummy and feels like butterflies -my appetite and fluids have changed and going to the toilet more lol so took a test this morning but not convinced yet if positive and pmc is not due till the 6th x imageimage

  • Hi stomper 

    it looks almost positive to me. Test again in a few days also :) 

    congratulations XX 


  • Hi Stomper thats defo a positive congratulations! agree with carly test again with FMU and it will get darker :)

    Carly well im finding the boys names much harder to find one I like!  Alfie, Harry, Oscar for a girl I love the name Autumn (especially as if its a she would have been conceived in Autumn - bit or  a marmite love it or hate it name!)  Im very scared its way too soon to be thinking of names but cant help myself x

  • Welcome Stomper123, so glad you found the thread, and huge congratulations! 

  • I found out I was pregnant this past Saturday, and just went to a doctor to confirm it yesterday. They say I'm about 4 and a half weeks pregnant and I go back in 2 weeks for an ultrasound, would that be too early to hear a heartbeat? I've heard you normally go at about 8 weeks pregnant? I'm young and I'm new to all this so I have no idea

  • I've got my appointment with the midwife at about 8 weeks,  24th October

    Omg this shit is real! image

    On another note I didn't get to Cabell my Gin club in time so that arrived today lol.... shoved in cupboard bit dobt care.  It can wait.  The other goodies they send look nice though including a bottle of ginger ale which might help with this queasiness!

  • Sorry about typos, find it hard on phone! Meant "cancel"

  • Sleepycat and Carl's, I really like Laurel for a girl, probably get lolly for short , but others pull a face or say "like from Emmerdale"..... !

    I do struggle with girl names as don't like very cutesey ones that I can't imagine calling an adult at the office ! Poppy is a sweet name for a baby but ..... 

    Then again I'm called Lynsey and can't imagine calling a tiny baby a grown up name like that lol.

    For a boy I like Jamie or Ashley for now.  

    Might do the baking soda test lol

  • Hey. 

    this is my first time pregnant and Im expecting on the 6th June. Can anyone give me words of reassurce as I seem to Be Over thinking everything  


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