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  • I just remembered our trip to Belize at the end of November.. We will have to cancel it because of Zika :( dh will be sad about that.. but maybe we could change our flight for a safe destination since we already have those dates booked off!

  • Wow Lindosdani!! What an exciting month for you with the wedding and the pregnancy! How amazing!! :) Did you tell dh yet?

  • I did, couldn't wait!! Oh, we changed our honeymoon from Kenya to Norway last month as we knew we were trying and didn't want to risk anything. How many dpo are you Billy? X

  • That's amazing! Norway would be beautiful too!! You two must be on cloud 9!!

    I am so excited to tell dh! I really want to wait for the right moment to tell him and make sure we get the day together to savour the news! That's why I'm thinking Saturday morning!

    I am 16dpo today.. missed AF yesterday.

    What about you Lindosdani?

  • This thread is getting busy already,  can't keep up lol 

    Lindosdani what lovely news for you and hubby! 

  • when would you say best is to tell people?i can’t keep it a secret and I’m only 4weeks 4 days 😬😬

  • Aw thank you only me ♥️ Emthomson I'm in the same boat...going to wait a few days to tell family and close friends then after the first scan for everyone else. 

  • I’m completely new to all of this, I’m worried of tellkng anyone just incase anything bad happens. im telling my parents this weekend and close family and friends probably after my first scan. 

  • Hubby and I talked about this. 

    We said it depends if we would turn to that person if the worst happened.  If we would,  then they can know now.  Hence my parents,  and a best friend each, but not his family yet as they're not supportive anyway and id feel under pressure

  • Emthomson..

    I told close family as soon as i found out. Just so i had there support and advice as they have all been through it. I am not telling anyone else until after 12weeks just in case anything goes wrong.. fingers crossed we are all fine 

  • That’s what I said, I didn’t want to tell anyone and get them all excited just incase. We’ve got little presents for my parents Too, I’m so excited but VERY nervous to talk to them about it

  • I'm sure they will be over the moon for you. A nice little grandchild for them.. my parents were happy and they already have 8 grandchildren 

  • I think the thing that terrifies me about this pregnancy is that my employer will go crazy about maternity leave.  I only went back to work in July.  

    They also put me on reduced hours during my qualifying period so I didn’t get my full maternity so this time they won’t be told until I send up my matb1 form.

  • I am the same with my employer.. i have only been a private nanny for 3months.. my pregnancy was very unexpected so cant do alot about it.. so i just dread telling them after 12weeks 

  • I don’t even want to get started on employers as Iv literally just started a new job on Monday, and Monday was the day I found out. 

  • image I make 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow and my cat is always laying on my stomach or by it. He's normally not very affectionate but has been a lot lately. Does he know??

  • I haven’t told anyone yet.. and I wonder what we’ll do about telling family and friends.. I am considering maybe driving home (10hrs drive) to tell it to my grandparents, sister and brother, aunts and cousins when I’ll be around 10 weeks.. I don’t see them often, so I think that would be special. My parents live in Europe.. so I might wait a little bit to tell them and think of a clever way to do it via FaceTime.. and we might tell dh parents and sister right away since we see them very often and it would be hard to keep it a secret! I am still waiting until Saturday to tell dh.. I got a clear blue date indicator to tell him! I just want to be 100% sure this is it! 

  • Hey ladies!! I saw my PCP today and had my pregnancy confirmed not that I really had a doubt but still I decided to make an appointment anyways!!  Estimate DD June 11, 4 weeks 2 days today! It’s still so early!! 

    My dog has been all over me as well so clingy and needed he freaks out when I’m out of his sight and has started to howl when I leave for work in the morning!! Crazy how the know these things!! I couldn’t even drive without him trying to climb up with me or sit in a single seat recliner 😂


  • Raylea and Manda yes they do know!  Animals are amazing little things my cat been lying on my tummy a lot and she hardly ever does that. So cute! 

    Billythekitty I bet your bursting to tell DH! Your mind must be working overtime :)

    Onlyme yes ive done the same thing ive old told people who i would be ok to talk to if the worst happened.  

    How are you all today?  Im still ok just very gassy and bloated haha and sore boobs but thats about it!  My clearblue indicator said 2-3 weeks today its nice to see the time change :)

  • Lol Manda my already very soft Lab is extra clingy too! My hubby noticed it.  I googled and it's that we smell different and it makes them a bit insecure or protective.

    Sleepycat I'm still a bag of nerves.  Work is so rubbish at the moment that I'm fretting about it a lot and it's annoying because I don't want stress! Can't tel whether my queasy is sickness or nerves or both. Still got dull  ache in tummy. Nipples are still bigger and a bit tender.  I'm still waking in the night over heated and itchy too. My tummy defo feels swollen, more at the top?

    I've found some really nice decaf coffee for anyone else who's stopped drinking caffeine, Taylor's of Harrogate decaffe coffee bags

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