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Due in June 2019

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you here.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also Due in June 2019, please do post a reply on this thread and tell us about yourself.

If you're due in a different month, check out our other birth clubs; you can find them here.



  • Hello. I found out I am pregnant 3 days ago now. From my dates I've worked out approximate due date of 5th June. Seems like forever away. I'm finding this an exciting but very worrying time. I experienced a mc earlier this year where I was told the baby stopped developing at 5 weeks. I am preying this one stays with us. I'm so looking forward to hopefully seeing their little heart beat (hoping for an early reassurance scan). 

  • Hi Everyone, 

    My name is Becca and i received my first clear blue digital result 1 to 2 weeks yesterday! It was 2 months ttc and its our first :) image

  • Hi Coffeejack3, we've spotted your name on the forum, so we are thrilled to see you in a birth club - huge congratulations and wishing you a super sticky bean. 

    Hi Arcadia/Becca, congratulations to you too - love seeing those digital tests! How did your partner take the news? 

  • @daniellemfm , thanks! I cant believe it. I am worried to make sure he/she sticks and im scared of miscarriage but my partner is so happy but nervous lol. We have only told both parents and thats it. They are over moon. 

    If i have received that result above, do you think it is 100%?

  • Thanks. So far we've not told anyone. We are hopefully going to surprise them once we have a first scan picture. If they don't guess before hand our parents know we are trying to conceive again. I feel like I'm being over analysed by them every time I see them, so now I do really have something to hide I'm gonna be even more nervous. 

    Arcadia I too took the digital test with the same result. It's defo right. I have about 10 regular tests to back it up now. I know it's a lot but I'm just so excited 

  • Arcadia have you worked out your approximate due date? 

  • @coffejack aww thats great news congratulations hunny. I might get abother digital to confirm haha im paranoid that i am not as the cheapies are not as sensitive. Im not due on my period until the 30th 1st october.

    If i am correct around 10th June. What about you? X

  • I will be due 5th June. So close together. Really looking forward to next year it's so exciting. When. Did you get that positive on the clear blue. If you wait 7 days after you should see the weeks Indicator increase. That's what I'm going to do next week 

  • Thats fantastic. We will be very close together :) that digital was yesterday morning. Just scared of losing it!

  • Hi and thankyou for the invite!

    I did anothet test this morning after my 1st everbfp yesterday.

    I'm 35 and have pcos. Been trying for several months now,  but tried to be casual about it.  Was on holiday in Portugal last week when I got what i now think may have been implantation bleed... Bit of blood in discharge when I wiped for a day or 2. Normally i get 2-3 days like that before af starts properly ... but no sign. 

    Yesterday noticed my temp was still up.  So just went and did a test ! 

    As i say today's confirms it.  But I know it is so very early days. My period was due anytime between last fri-tues. Bit irregular.

    I'm surprised how much I keep expecting this to go wrong cos of pcos and my age and currently being treated for high bp  , plus I'm overweight... just makes me think the worst. 

    I'm seeing a g.p Tuesday to look at my meds make sure there's no issues.  

    Receptionist said they don't normally book you in with g.p if done a hpg, but i explained why and got an appointment.  What i didn't ask is well what do you normally do lol. I guess I'll ask Tuesday.

    Has anyone else been googling early pg symptoms and going ahhhh....?

    So- I've been getting cramps in my legs and feet at night when I stretch / nipples sensitive,  I'm noticing today my already fat tummy is looking and feeling swollen! Can also feel twinges around my tummy. All these things are apparently signs. 

    I've only told my mum,  1 friend and of course dh. 

    I'm not sure how he feels tbh, he's on lates this week.  I think like me he's cautious about things going wrong.  

    I think I need to talk to my manager at work.  Work is stressful at the mo and with my bp I think i should make them aware even though it's early. 


  • Congratulations Onlyme83, lovely to have you here! 

  • Thankyou... oops that was a long message! Guess I need to witter lol

  • Just wondered if any of you ladies are experiencing any symptoms yet? I wouldn't say I have any so far I know it's still very early I'm between 4-5 weeks.

  • I think so.... sensitive boobs,  tummy feels swollen,  bit queasy....but also didn't realise til I read up on early signs that the leg cramps I've been getting,  and lower back ache,  and little twinges around tummy,  can all be signs too. Yesterday i think i went for about 7 or 8 wees at work too lol that's a lot more frequent than normal. 

    I'm also normally a coffee and diet coke drinker but since bfp I've gone to one cup in morning and no d.c 😮. That's me thinking the caffeine might be bad though. 

  • Hey everyone just had my first positive tests yesterday and today! 11 DPO my estimated due date would be June 11 2019! My husband and I are pretty excited but I’m also so very nervous with knowing the chances my body is going through and will be going through! Part of me feels like it’s not real yet I have AF symptoms but had many other unusual symptoms as well for me! I’m so excited to get to know all if you and it’s nice having others who will be going through the same things



  • Aw congrats! It's nerve wracking isn't it! So hard not to race ahead in my mind even though as I keep telling hub and my mum its very early days!

  • I am in a similar position to you coffeejack.. I had a missed miscarriage in December and found out the day before Xmas eve wheb we went for a private scan so we could surprise everyone at Xmas. My baby had stopped developing weeks earlier..and it took wel over another month to resolve .I'm now approx 4 weeks pregnant and totally anxious that this will go the same way.. everyone is saying to be positive .. I'm trying! I'm analysing everything and driving myself mad +

  • Congratulations Manda and Flippydando - we're so glad to have you here! Manda, I remember that total disbelief too when I was pregnant - didn't fully 'get it' until I had a bump! Flippy, it can be so hard to relax into pregnancy after miscarriage, but hang in there. 

  • I'm.trying ! I spoke to midwife and I have a Dr appt on wed .. the midwife advised me to ask Dr to arrange an early 8 week scan as a first bit of reassurance. If they won't do it then we have decided we will pay for a private one . I just need the time to whizz by 

  • Hey, I found out I was 3-4 weeks pregnant last Wednesday, this will be my first one. I was in total shock when I found out but its now sunk in and I am over the moon. I have to wait for an official due date but from working it out online I'm due 1st June 2019. 

    Congratulations to all you other new mummys to be

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