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  • Onlyme- yes try the baking soda test. Mine was fizzy like a pint of stella lol 

    dont even go there with the names. Laurel is so cute and go with what you want. I had girls name beau for my entire pregnancy with my daughter then when she was born she didn’t suit the name so I had ‘ Jessie beau’. I actually liked Jesse for boy then now I don’t lol 

    will this be your first? 

    Raylea- my midwife appointment is 15th oct I’ll be 7-8 weeks so yes pretty normal. This is my second time and I’m already dreading the birth :( 

    I feel so sick gone off all meat and the ice craving is back again. My last pregnancy I craved chocolate, cheese, ice that was pretty much my diet. 

    in my last pregnancy I was really anemic, had e-coli, and mega heartburn and indigestion .. oh the joys... I only enjoyed the middle part hehe. This will be my very last pregnancy thats for sure.

    anyone started taking folic acid? 

  • Thomson - what u overthinking everything? I’m in the same boot even though this is my second I can’t sleep, im scared, I’m worried, haven’t told anymore yet, I’m thinking can i do this again, life changes again... 

    all I can say, is that, pregnancy is an amazing journey and a rollercoaster full of emotions but once you meet your baby you will not feel love like it. for a minute a baby does turn your life upside down but not for long, you find a routine and then u won’t picture life without them.

    im overthinking too though and just worried. I’m even thinking about birth again because mine was so traumatic x 

  • literally everything, we’ve not told anyone yet so I feel like I’m left alone with my own thoughts a little. 

    Iv been having on and off stomach ache for a couple of days now which is one thing, however i have read as long as I aren’t bleeding im fine. 

    I am off to see a midwife next week I just want the all okay that we are both good. It’s daunting, Im just worrying about ever little thing! I don’t really want to talk about it just incase anything Happens! 

    Thanks for the reply and congrats🎉

  • Aww I'm glad someone liked the name lol. Currently calling it the Peppercorn as some website says that what size it is lol 

    Sorry to hear your 1st birth was traumatic.  But you give good advice about not overthinkingimage

    Iv been taking folic acid for a few months,  moved on to the pregnancy ones now.

    My big fears or worries are mc or something being wrong with the baby.  Every twinge or ache and I'm worried! 

    How's everyone's partners feeling at the mo? Mine is getting excited now... got a book that looks good from the library for expectant dad's.. its quite funny but also factual and explains what I'm going through too!

  • I totally understand is this your first? Even though this is my second I’m worrying all over again and even talking myself out of it. It’s meant to be a happy time but I’ve been emotional and overthinking. I’ve not told anymore neither because I think you need time in your head to process it all and get used to the idea: your not along and you can share your fwelimgs on here Were not here to judge.

    pains are very normal I was bleeding two days ago but been for a scan today ans again it’s left my head all over the place. 

    i just need time time to process this x 

  • Yes it’s my first. im getting use to everything changing and working out my plan. i appericate that a lot, it’s nice to know what people have gone/going through makes me feel less alone!

    thanks xx 

  • Feel like I've got the ache I get on my period image dull ache across lower tummy. It's scaring me a bit.  Keep checking down below! As feel a bit damp but it's cm or discharge

  • This is my forth pregnancy 

    my first Labour was very bad 10 days over with induction that ended in a 3rd degree tear it took so long for me to consider a second child.  Recovery wasn’t too bad but I did effect our bond in the early days.

    2nd Labour was to be induced at 39 weeks due to previous big baby and tear but he came 3 weeks early waters broke at 2am and labour was 1 hour 20 minutes. I was perfect I was up walking 5 minutes later having tea and toast.  He also turned 1 today.

    my third sadly ended in miscarriage in March and this is my rainbow baby hoping all goes well.

  • Yeah I’m exactly the same! It’s scary, the more I keep reading the more I keep scaring myself!

    im sorry to hear that, I hope your okay now. 

  • Yes I wish i hadn't just asked Google what a mc feels like at 5 weeks image

  • Onlyme83. Your telling me, I’m the worst person for googling when i Aren’t feeling myself ahah!!

  • Onlyme sorry u been through that but stay positive .. positive vibes only 

    OMG trying to get my 19 month old to sleep is hell! She throws everything out cot and this goes on for an hour. I am exhausted how will I cope with a newborn too :( I am worried 

    my labour was 19 hours long I ended up rushed. To theatre for forceps as she wasn’t coming out. It took them over an hour to fit the epidural I was in agony. In the end I had needles in my feet as couldn’t find any veins. I’m worried it will happened again. I almost had c section and they were going to knock me out completely. U forget it all though once u meet ur baby ... u can mever predict birth it is what it is x 

  • Help I don’t like any girls names... hope I have a boy I really do... is everyone finding out? I want a surprise but don’t think I can hold off that long... I found out 6 weeks before i gave birth and regret that... 

  • My and my partner have always loved this one Girl name. But we would struggle For a boy because both of our families have loads of boys in them 

  • I hope everyone is doing well today!!

    My H and I want to know the sex as soon as possible we’re both hoping for a boy but will love a girl just the same and as long as its a happy and healthy baby that’s all that matters to isnohh yeah and the birthing process praying for everything to go well I’m so worked up and scared to death with that part I watched my sister deliver my niece and her labor lasted 26 hours !! I was mortified! 

    A few names we are in love with 

    boy and girl name : Peyton 

    boy names : Wyatt, Tye, Kye, caiden, callum , Emmett

    girl names : adalynd, adelynn, Mackenzie 

  • Manda- love how you’ve picked unusual names love that. 

    I think boys names are the hardest ive always said that. How far gone are you what’s your DD? 

    My calculations read 30th may but I think I’ll come into June hence why I joined this group LOL. When I went for a scan yesterday I could only see the sack with no heartbeat etc so im thinking it’s more June.

    the only reason I want to find out is that I can just concentrate on one genders. Name and also if it’s a boy I could start to sell all my baby girl stuff. I have from next, h and m, Ted Baker, river island, honestly it’s never ending. My baby girl is spoilt everyone in the family buys for her she is the only bubba. 

    Id love love love a boy we’re all girls our family just think it will be nice :) 

  • imageQuite shocked this is saying this already period was due to come Saturday so it should say 1-2 with my youngest I only got 1-2 a week after period was due so this one is showing that I am ahead 

  • KDaisy3687, 

    Firstly Congratulations. 

    I would suggest taking it again a few days after your missed period as I took mine a week after i was due and it said 2-3 but working it outline with the due date calculator (pampers app) its telling me I am 6 weeks pregnant. So not sure what to believe. 

    So it might give you a different reading when you take it after missing your period.. but could be wrong as its my first time.

  • Onlyme haha! I thought of Poppy too as my app is saying size of a poppyseed.  Today i fell completely fine?  just a little bloated and sore boobs other than that no symptoms!  this worries me as much as when i do have symptoms!  I would be due on today so im paranoid when i go to the toilet now!  How are all of you feeling today?  

    Kdaisy - Congratulations :)  maybe you have a high level of HCG in your system already (like me - hence could be twins or can be high for a girl ive read too!)

  • Welcome to MadeForMums Emthomson and huge congratulations! Try not to stress too much or worry, or vent it all out here, you're in good company ☺️

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