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  • Aww sleepycat that's what i feel like too, keep checking.  Last night I was worried bevause hadn't felt as sick,  nips didn't feel as sensitive and had dull ache like period pain. Still got it but just hoping it's what everyone says- just your body adjusting! 

     I've been really sweaty in the night but apparently that's normal too

  • All I feel sick as a dog been eating toast and plain hula hoops.. not good but the thought of meat or oil is making me want to puke.

    anyone else feeling dog rough? 

  • Good morning ladies!!

    I just got my bfp this morning! I missed AF yesterday and knew something was up! I don't really have any symptoms yet.

    I haven't told dh yet. I am waiting for Saturday morning at breakfast and a thicker line on my test as it was still faint this morning!!

    I am looking forward sharing the next nine months with you!

  • Carla ems, I'm queasy and fancying things like salted crisps, bread, pizza. Can't eat my cereal at work so having these really dry oat bars.  Feel better after eating something but cleaning product smells and raw meat is knocking me sick!

  • Welcome billythekitty :)) very happy to have you with us :))) many congratulations!  we can go through this thread together too! x

  • Hello Billy the kitty and welcome! What a nice idea, to wait  and tell OH like that,  I couldn't wait to tell him but had to do by WhatsApp as he was on shifts lol

    How are you feeling? Is this your 1st?

  • Congratulations everyone on your baby news!! 

    Ive been eating bread, cheese and crisps. I feel so sick today. I’ve got a meal out tonight and the thought of it is making me want to throw up. LOL 

    baby is sleeping and I’m off to my mums for birthday cake (her birthday) 

    looking at baby names .. I don’t like any girls at he moment for a boy I like ‘ romele’ pronounced Rome Ell 

    im Going for something different this time.. 

    girls I like- seren, jhenae, Renee LOL weird aren’t I? 

    What names cant you stand everyone? 

    Carly x 

  • Thank you so much ladies! It still feels so surreal! And I am sure it will be very exciting once we start telling people! And especially when I tell dh!!!

    This will be my first!! Also the first baby on my side of the family. My sister in law is due today with her first baby, also first on my dh side of the family.

  • Billy exciting times for you bet you can’t wait. When do you work out your DD what date u have? 

    Mines 30th may but think it’s slinjtly later .. so early June x 

    this is my second and Jessie was the first baby on my family side everyone was mega excited and I felt very overwheled x 

  • I think i might fall into the may month but will stick with this group until i get a proper due date from my scan.. i'm currently about 6weeks so dont have much longer.. just got to wait for my first booking appointment. 

    I'm very nervous something will go wrong, but fingers crossed its all ok.. i dont have any symptoms to make me think that. I have cramps in the lower stomach, and all the others symptoms i have are common so i've read such as sore breasts, frequent urination, emotional at times, very tired 

  • Just realised my cousins on both sides,  4 girls,  have all got boys!

  • I checked my due date and I think it would be around June 12.. my dh birthday is on June 15.. so it'll be extra special! I haven't called the doctor yet either.. probably Monday!

  • I’m about 5-6 weeks pregnant . 

    My midwife is 15th October guess you’ll find out the exact due date on dating scan at 12 weeks. 

    Wonder what we’re all having .. 

  • I'm now starting to feel queasy.. I knew it was all part of this but I forgot how yuck it is! Trying to find things that satisfy my need to eat something but no idea what to eat! Sent hubby out today to buy lots of lemon smelling/ tasting things! Last time I just wanted to sniff lemon anti bac wipes but I think this is a bad idea !😂

  • Hi ladies...hoping I'll be able to actively join this thread....did a FR early detection with my second urine this morning and got a line, slightly faint still. Done 2 more normal tests since this morning (obviously not my strongest urine) and have faint lines. Im day 30 in my cycle and believe I ovulated day 16/17. Only on month 2 of trying and off the pill so not 100% sure the length of my cycles. Posted the pics below ...this is our first time trying so not sure how good the FRER are?🤞🤞


  • Such an exciting time!! I only just found out this morning, and I couldn't help but order some baby clothing online to celebrate!! haha!!

  • Amazing!!! Congratulations! Would you say my tests above seem positive? Like I said I'm not 100% sure when I'm due on, it's either 2 days ago or tomorrow but I only came off the pill 2 months ago so hard to properly track my cycle! So pleased for you though ♥️♥️

  • Lindosdani - they look positive! I have by trying 3months since coming off the pill! I am surprise because I thought it would take longer! :) I tested this morning and the line was faint considering I am on 16dpo today. I recommend testing again until you see a nice thick line! :)

  • Lindosdani Congratulations!!! Yes they are all 3 very positive! :) welcome xx

  • Wow!!! Sleepy cat and billythekitty...still not ready to properly believe but about to go and by more tests. I feel the same Billy! I only got married 1 week ago today so this is an absolute gift! Assuming I'll be about 2 weeks with ovulating on the 20th sept? My app says 4 weeks as the first day of my last period was 4th Sept, so not really sure how it works lol 😂

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