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Due in March 2019 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in March 2019 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hey ladies how are we all today ?

    jade how was your scan ?

    just enjoying  the weather today with family :)

    cant belive I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow 

  • Hey nay ☺️ having a bit of a rubbish day today. I caught my ohs cold and it has totally floored me. I feel awful and my sickness seems to have returned 😔 wish it was weather for enjoying here, it’s miserable today. It’s awesome that you’ve made the 12 week mark 😌

    Has anyone else been really itchy? I’ve had it for a few weeks now but it’s getting to the point now that I’ve bruised myself and made myself bleed with scratching. It’s so intense and it’s keeping me up at night. 

    Hope everyone’s doing okay xx


  • Hey ladies 

    had my scan earlier everything looks good baby is measuring on track, baby was waving it’s arms and kicking it’s legs loads! I’m sure I saw boy parts too but will have to wait and see what the blood results come back with 🙈

    I decided to go with the panorama test instead of the harmony since it tests for more abnormalities and with a higher success rate, will take a bit longer to get the results though she said 9-14 days so will let you know when they come back!!  

    How are you feeling today Nay, gosh time is flying can’t believe my 12 week scan is next week!!

    sorry your feeling poorly Jade it’s awful being pregnant and unwell but hopefully you’ll feel better soon


    jade 11+1

  • Beautiful scan pic Jadeelx! 

    Nay I'm also 12 weeks tomorrow and then I'll hace my scan on Wednesday... I can't wait 😊 

  • Jade oh no hope you feel better soon it's horrible getting ill while pregnant theres a lot going around too my little boy has hadn't a nasty cough come on today so hoping it's not the start of a sick household  and I've been itchy but mines due to my pyrosis so not pregnacy related for me I wonder do you  with allergys at all ?  have heard something about being itchy while pregnant but I'm sure that was later pregnancy 

    jadeeof lovely scan it's good your dates are on track too. oh exciting that you'll find out what youll be having within the next couple of weeks 💜

    ah i dident realise we had same due dates Maria I wonder if we still will after we have both had our dating scans. I bet you cant wait now with only tomorrow left to go 


  • Everning ladies , congrats on the scan jade glad everything is running smoothly and on track for baba! 

    Hope you feel better jadeel sorry to hear your feeling crap! 

    Does anyone feel bigger yet? For example I lost 7lb due to sickness and put a few back on but still smaller than I was to start with but I swear I look bigger like my arms and face ect , I'm not actually bothered by the way I look just think it's bizarre how we can lose on scales yet look bigger and I don't think it's in my head! 

    As for the itching I've had it but just the bottom of my stomache? Are some of you getting it all over? Xx 

    Hope everyone is enjoying their evening? I've just had pizza and salad cream hope it doesn't repeat on me at 4am! 🤢😂

  • Jadeelx, congratulations! what a great scan:)

    Jadellym - i am in the same boar. Started with my nipples itching terribly but no my legs and back are also killing me. I have scratches all over my body to the point I cant show my back or legs... lolz.

    Tried everything from vit e to body oil to moisturizers with cocoa and shea butter. It is still horrible. I have heard itching only gows as the months progress.

    Hoping for the best!

  • Hi ladies, 

    I hope you don't mind me joining this thread! I'm Miranda and i'm 11 weeks today with my first lil bambino image! I don't usually post on any sites as don't usually feel that comfortable posting online, but you ladies seem lovely and i'm feeling a bit brave today now i'm starting to come out of the first tri fog! lol.

    I have my dating scan next Thursday when i'm 12+2 weeks and i'm so excited & nervous! 


  • Hi pineapple10, we're so glad you decided to jump in - welcome and congratulations! 

  • Welcome pinapple10 congratulations on your first pregnantcy! Xx

  • HEy pineapple10 welcome to the group :) 

    how are we all doing today ?


  • Hi pineapple10 welcome to the group, your right everyone is lovely on here and it’s so easy to ask anything even if you do feel it’s daft! I also have my scan next Thursday and I’ll be 12 +5, this is my first pregnancy and we found out a few weeks ago it was twins! 

    Sorry I haven’t been in communication much ladies, I have still been reading all your comments and seen the gorgeous scans. We went to that wedding last weekend and it has absolutely shattered me! I feel like I can’t get my energy levels back up. My nausea died right off over thurs/fri even managed the hotel breakfast but now it’s absolutley come back and 100% work, don’t know if the tiredness is adding to it! I’ve been reading up and they say drinks with electrolytes in (lucozade) and full sugar drinks help with it, been I’m feeling uncertain about drinking lucozade and full sugar! Any thoughts? 

    Has anybody heard from Rhiannon? How is everyone else? 

    Hannah xx

  • Welcome pineapple10 and congratulations!

    Really hoping everything is ok with Rhiannon!

    I finally got my dating scan date today not until 24th September when I’ll be 13+6 by midwifes calculation but over 14 by mine so really hoping they are right and I don’t miss out on the screening! I’m considering having a private scan at 12 weeks it’s getting so hard to keep secret but due to previous miscarr just can’t bring myself to tel anyone except parents without having me scan!  

    hope you are all well!


  • Thank you everyone for your congrats and welcomes! Congratulations to you all also! image

    Oh wow Happy2try, thats amazing!! - a massive shock at the same time i can imagine! Are you going to find out if you're having boys, girls or one of each?

    My aunt had twins and so did my brother so there is a high chance in my family, but this is for sure a single preg as i've had an early scan due to some brown discharge and a small clot at 9+3, which was terrifying but luckily everything was ok with lil' bub and I had a bleed next to the sac which i'm hoping is has cleared by next week! This pregnancy thing is so worrying lol. 

    Oh no, i hope you start to get some energy back soon, I have a wedding this weekend (OH is the best man) and dreading it as I honestly can't stay awake past 9pm! I'm not sure if its symptoms or my routine now! 

    Su91, thats a bit of a pain about your scan, hopefully all will be ok. Can you have the screening separately to the dating scan or does it all have to be in the same day as I know different hospitals have different procedures?  

  • Happy2try - I read on another thread that the still lucozades are okay to drink, but not sure on the fizzy ones! 

  • Pineapple10 it all has to be done at the same time. I’m sure it’ll be fine it’s just frustrating that it’s later because I couldn’t get a midwife appointment until i was nearly 10 weeks even I rang for one before I was 6 weeks! 

    Glad your bleed was all ok, fingers crossed everything is sorted when you have your scan!  


  • Thanks pineapple10, we still are not sure about finding out the sex of the babies, I’m leaning more to no but my hubby says we need to be more practical and find out - i spend my days saying we can be practical and not find out! Do you think your going to find out? I wish you luck at the wedding, even more so that your more involved with your OH being best man! I try to be in bed for 8:30 now so that I get a couple of hours before nausea wakes me (which is around this time) 

    SU91 can you not give the number on your letter a ring and explain your concerns and see if they could move it forward? I’m sure all will be ok though. 

    Well back off to the nightly nausea hell! Hooe everyone else is ok xx

  • imageHad my scan today ladies😁 had an amazing midwife who let me listen to heart beat and took loads of pictures, and was just generally kind and amazing ! So happy

    hope everyone is well xx 

  • Aww that’s amazing 3magpiez 😍 you’re so lucky to have been given so many pictures. I’m glad all is well with baby ☺️ Has your due date changed or stayed the same? 

    Hope everyone Is well. My Doppler came today and I found baby’s heartbeat straight away and it Is the best sound in the world and has made it finally feel real ❤️ really looking forward to my scan now but hearing bubs heartbeat has put my mind at ease for now ☺️ Xx

    Jade 11+3 

  • Thanks jade😁 my due date is the 19th of March ! And yes i was so happy to have such a lovely midwife do the scan! your doppler sounds like an amazing investment, i would definatley become obsessed lol! Xx


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