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  • hello everyone I have done 5 tests all positive I feel like I can get excited now! :)  these are 2 from this morning still early days X 
  • Hi @Bethany12 we are thrilled to welcome you to this birth club and are wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Huge congratulations 🥰
  • Hiiiii ladiesssss!! I’m due around 4th March 🙏🏻 I tested positive on 10dpo and I’m currently 14dpo, af due today or tomorrow or rather not 😂😌 I had brown discharge/spotting since 11dpo and a tad bit of tissue like bits, not clots but that has now passed, mild cramping/twinges but that’s as far as my symptoms go so far x
  • Hi @Siiia and welcome to the thread - congratulations to you! Have you told anyone you're pregnant yet? 

  • Just done a clear blue as I was worried about it being faint omg!!!!! 
  • @Bethany12 yay! Congratulations 🎈 

    @DanielleMFM thank you! I’ve just told oh, my mum and sister and one of my friends x
  • @Siiia thank you! Big congratulations to you to I have taken a weeks indicator which is 1-2 weeks so I think I will stop testing now🙈 x
  • Haha same! I’ve decided to stop testing but will probably do the weeks cb digitalmaybe Saturday or Sunday to be sure that it’s increasing correctly. I haven’t tested for the past two days and it’s actually nice to be able to wake up without having to remember not to flush my wee 😂
  • Hi all 
    I tested on 20th and wasn't sure if I saw a supper faint line or not so tested on 21st and again a super faint line so I did a digital and got 1-2 weeks.  I'm unsure of my cycle exactly as they can be irregular (pcos).  I'm due somewhere between 28th Feb (Lmp date) upto the 6th March (when I thought I ovulated date).  I wasn't testing for ovulation nor tracking my temperature, I just go by cervical mucus and cramps.  
  • Ive order some more digital and i plan to do one on Sunday so jts exactly a week since the last.  Ive not tested at all since Sunday 
  • No more testing for me now am going to have some
    blood test Thursday at the early pregnancy unit to measure hcg x
  • @Meme210 congratulations! I’m going to do another digital at the weekend or maybe early next week to make sure it changes from 1-2 to hopefully 3+ or something 

    @Bethany12 are you in the UK? How did you get them to give you the blood tests? 
  • I will be happy with 2-3 and extremely shocked if I get 3+.  

    Does anyone else feel when they sit down like your sitting on something? If I sit more towards the front very upright.  I have to move more backwards because it feels like I'm sitting on something.  My bladder feels sensitive too
  • Yea sitting upright is slightly awkward now you mention it.. I feel like I have to sit laying back a bit, it’s weird 
  • I had a bleed last cycle so they want to measure it to make sure that levels are doing what they should be and yes from the UK I had some mild cramps yesterday but they have gone today so think it’s another good sign hope everyone feeling ok this morning x 
  • @Bethany12 ah I see! I’ve been wanting to request the blood hcg test and my gp told me to contact the EPU but advised against it as she thinks it’ll cause more anxiety and the desire for more frequent testing etc.. what do you think?
  • Yes you’re right it does make you abit more anxious they normally wouldn’t see me until my first scan But they just want to check hopefully all will be ok x
  • Hi hope everyone is ok :) 

    I had my hcg measured today it’s come back at 212 I Am around 3 weeks 5 days I will having another Saturday to make sure it’s rising x 
  • Hello! That good, hopefully they’ll keep rising xxx I really want blood tests 😭😭 as much as I love these forums, I feel like you read so many sad stories it makes you panic 
  • yes I know I’ve been reading other people’s hcg levels all day online it makes you worry more but every pregnancy is different :) how are you feeling @Siiia X
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