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  • Hopefully due in September what do you think faint lines or evap lines image

  • Hi I’m due in September early days but fingers crossed this time x

  • Congratulation. What do you think of my tests faint positives or evap lines. im too impatient haha x 

  • Tbh I don’t rate them tests!! I’m not sure tbh Hun. I had positive digital but result like yours with same urine so I think there shit. Do a first response? X

  • will do thank you x

  • Hello ladies,

    So my boyfriend and I had unoro sex about 5 days ago, which was also around my ovulation window, he pulled out each time but what i‘ve been reading is that it doesn’t necessarily matter because of pre-cum. Since then i’ve been having cramping in my lower abdomen (for 2 days), lower back pain, dizziness, I’ve been getting irritated at the smallest things, I wake up multiple times in a deep sleep, a couple of my dreams i felt like i was living in the moment, and i haven’t really had an appetite. My af isn’t suppose to come for another week and i usually get small cramps a day or 2 before she comes. I know it’s REALLY early but how i’ve been feeling i’ve never felt before. Someone please ease my mind ! 

  • Hi Seanie87, good luck testing again today - we hope your get your BFP. 

    Welcome Thirdtimelucky2019, huge congratulations, it is wonderful to have you here. 

    Hi stephensshelle, we're sorry we can't answer your question, but can we suggest you click the Pink Start a Thread button and create a new thread with your question in? 

  • Well I bought a first response test. I’m pregnant 🎉😁image

  • Not a very good pic still fainter than control line but it’s there x

  • Hey ladies. Took my first tests yesterday and again this morning and got my BFP’s ❤️ 

    Due date according to furst day of last period is 1st September 2019. 


  • Congratulations mine says the 4th September x

  • Congratulations Seanie87 😘

  • Oh congratulations Seanie87!
    Lea2018, we've spotted you on the forum so we are so happy to see you in this this birth club - huge congratulations! 

  • Thanks you Danielle 😘

  • Congratulations to everyone due this September! I’m hoping to be too! 

    I usually have a short cycle (25/26 days) and currently on CD 18. I want to do an early test on Christmas Day and hopefully have an extra Christmas present for my partner!

    I experienced mild back pain and cramps yesterday. I’ve also lost my appetite. Is CD 20 too early to test? 

    Thanks 😊

  • Morning ladies and congrats on those BFP's!! Been a bit of a stalker on these forums but never posted 😂 but finally got my first BFP yesterday and another today, all goes well I'm due late August early September! X 

  • Good luck testing JH134x! Do let us know how you get on. 
    Welcome to the forum Hol2307, we're so glad you decided to jump in and congratulations! 

  • Hi all!

    congrats to those wIth a BFP!

    i tested 24th - v faint, and 25th am no line but 25th pm stronger line (pics attached) but done a CB digital today and it says not pregnant... any advice?imageimage

  • I would say your pregnant. it just depends on how diluted your urine is. first morning wee or 4 hours should be best to see results x

  • Thanks seanie87 - please God I’ll get another line tomoro 🙏

    should I try another digital tomoro morning? X

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