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Always look on the bright side of life :D



  • Hope you're feeling ok after starting your chemo today Em, well as good as you could feel. Knowing you, you will have high spirits! But it's ok if you don't. Just wanted to send you our love.

  • Hey girls image

    Well my oncology appointment went as well as could be expected. As its a designated cancer hospital I get less of the looks of sympathy and I dont know what to says and more friendly chatter. Dylan was a charmer he had all the nurses and support staff in the outpatient department cooing over him and they even went to find their friends to come and coo over him too :lol:

    Im having 2 weeks of radiotherapy to my neck to try and reduce the tumour and some low dose steroids also to help. My planning appointment is on thursday am, they make me a mask to keep my head still and so they dont have to tattoo where beams are going, I hate it, it pins you to the bed last time I lay there (they leave radio on) and chasing cars by snow patrol was massive and on all the time and I used to lay there with my eyes closed imaging hubby was lying next to me as per the words "if I just lay here would you lie with me and just forget the world" still love that song for the reason it got me through it!

    The next stage depends on the neurosurgoen, if he is willing to then operate I will have an op and then chemo, if he isnt i'll just have chemo.

    Feel much much better, feel like im fighting it now!

    Prognosis wasnt discussed today as he knows I know that there is either no chance or were in miracle territory. Now I have had my little miracle, he makes me laugh everyday. But that doesn't mean I wont fight for another and hey if I dont get it then nevermind but theres no harm in trying :\)

    Again thank yu ladies for your support image

    x x x x
  • Sounds like you are formulating a plan with them so you know what lies ahead. That must make it a little easier to deal with - like you say you feel like you're fighting it already. That's great hon.
    And there is no rule in life that says you can't be greedy and have 2 miracles!! image

    Will you/they decide when to start the 2 weeks of radiotherapy at your planning appt on thurs?

    How do you feel about going ahead with the op if the neurosurgoen suggests it?

    I love the song chasing cars too. Very moving.

  • Glad your feeling better. sounds like a hard road ahead, but atleast you know roughly what it holds for you.

    Love hearing about your little man, he sounds like such a gorgeous ray of light!

    Em x
  • Sim I want the bugger out so they can cut me up all they want :lol: only thing that will bother me is the time in hospital after as I will miss Dylan :cry:

    I have a dummy run on Monday for radio appointment will probably be made then. I wont get to choose when it starts but I can request times of appointment so I can work it round Dylan. I really want to take him swimming and have just emailed someone re starting lessons but it maybe that hubby will have to take him as its probably not advisable when your immune system is being battered. Will be gutting but I desperately dont want him missing out. As Em said he is a ray of sunshine and deserves the world image Plus I can do other things with him such as baby massage etc.

    Feel much more positive now we have a plan, the treatments not fun but its not as scary as doing nothing

    x x x
  • You sound like you are about to kick that cancer's butt!! As Sim says there is nothing to say you can't have two miracles. Hope it all goes well. Your positivity is an inspiration to us all xx
  • Ditto Sim and Legalbeagle - who's to say you can't have 2 miracles?

    I am in constant awe of your positive attitude and your strength

    Your gorgeous Dylan is a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mummy

    Big hugs

  • Positive outlook - I love it!

    You're amazing, Em. I can't add anymore, but I know you're undertaking this massive thing with all the support of your family , which can only make you even stronger.

    Love you, girlie!

    x x x
  • I haven't logged on much recently and have only just read this, but I think like everyone else I am praying for you and your family. I have written you on my prayer list in my diary so you are officially there!! I will also ask some of my mummy friends at church to pray with me.

    Loads of love to you.
  • You just grab every minute with that beautiful boy of yours. At least you'll be giving him every opportunity even if you're not there in person with him for swimming etc. You're always in my thoughts at the moment x
  • I am glad to hear such a positive outlook Em, its wonderful to hear that you are fighting, you truly are a complete gem xxxxx
  • Still thinking about you Em and loving that positive attitude.

    I know a woman who was in a similar position a few years back...and she is fit and well now and not looking back. That WILL be you image

    More big hugs coming your way.

    Nici and Sophie xxx
  • Dear Em,

    So sorry but I've not been on here much recently & had no idea you were facing this. I really do hope everything works out for you & want you to know you are in my thoughts.

    You are one strong,amazing lady who will fight this head on.

    Love Deb x
  • Hey Em.. how are you? Not seen you on here for a few days. Hope youre ok
  • Hi Em
    Sorry I've not written anything yet, but just to let you know I'm thinking about you and hope you're ok. You are being so brave, and I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through.

  • Hey :\)

    Im ok, had a rough few days emotionally and this is a happy place filled with out lo's achievements sleepless nights and how big their getting image

    Didnt want to bring people down and explain how I felt signing a consent form for palliative radiotherapy (I start on 1st feb) and having that mask made again. Im slowly getting there, life is returning to as normal as it can be with the number of hospital appointments I have, Dylan continues to bring a smile to everyone he meets and makes me nearly burst with love and pride everyday image

    Were taking him to the seaside tomorrow with some friends, im so excited I love the sea and so does my dog who runs in and out of the tide like a loon :lol: then its funday the day after as my hubby has christened it with 2 scans in one day (I hate scans!!!!) but it will be ok i'll get double cuddles from my hubby :lol:

    I hope your all well ladies, Im not going anywhere just yet and now I dont feel so blue i'll post more often again :\)

    Em x x x x
  • hon you can come on here and post anytime, no matter whether you are feeling up or down. we are all here for you.
    im off on hols in a few hours (need to finish expressing so i can get some zzzzz's!!) and will be back early on 1 feb. i will catch up with you then as i doubt i will get online in the next week. i hope youre ok for your scans. i'll be thinkin of you hon.

    big hugs xxx
  • Hi Em,

    I'm so sorry for G/C'ing and I hope you don't mind? I was just reading your post in Baby about a memory box and then looked at your other posts cos I didn't know what you were going through.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that you are one truly inspirational mumma!! I know all the girls on here have told you that time and time again but I just wanted to add my support too.

    I have been sat here blubbing after reading your story and your updates and I hope to God that if anything like this happened to me I would have your strength and determination.

    Good Luck hun, I know you say that you need a miracle but you just never know huh? Keep smiling and if you do ever have a down moment you know you can come on here and off-load or alternatively just look at that little bundle of joy that you created against all the odds!

    Thinking of you and your family xxx
  • Hi Dylansmummy, i'm G/C too after reading your memory box post too. I've just read through this post and am overwhelmed at how brave you are being!

    I've laughed and cried at your posts and i just can't sum up how i feel. Life is beautiful yet cruel. You've had a gorgeous baby with the love off your life and now your faced with having say goodbye. I really admire you spirit and i wish i could give you a big massive hug-not only because of the sorrow but also in the hope that some of you might rub off onto me, if that makes sense. I could only hope that i would be even half as brave as you are being. I really admire you.

    I think the memory box is an excellent idea and i have no doubt in my mind that Dylan will know exactly how amazing his mummy is through your husband and the rest of the family.

    Sending you lots of love and i'll be thinking of you and your family. xxx
  • Everyones welcome to gatecrash, the November mummies are lovely image thank you for all your comments and support it means a lot.

    Sim im so jealous I want to be in barbados image hope your having a lovely time, im ok, keep leaking but im laughing too :\)

    Much love ladies will type more in a bit but have to get up now im in pain

    x x x
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