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Hi, I am starting potty training with my son Stephen who is 2 yrs and 5 months old. We have chosen some Chuggington pants for him to wear and we will start him in the pants next Thursday (however I have also decided that the three days he is at nursery this week he will wear pull ups and ask them to encourage him to go when his already potty trained friends go).


  • Hello!! We're going big boy pant shopping this afternoon, for my son 23months fondly known as Boo! I'm mildly frightened by the prospect of him becoming a big boy, whilst being excited at the same time! Nitha where did you get the chuggington pants from? I've only seen Thomas ones and Boo prefers chuggington!! x
  • Hi, I shall be staring to potty train Imogen (26months) on Monday. I have the week booked off from work and am getting the back log of washing done now to prepare for accidents.  We've also been out shopping today and Imogen has chossen some Peppa Pig pants (which promptly went on her head!!) and some carpet mousse, just in case.  Good luck all x
  • Hi Everyone. I am Kirsty and my little girl Maisie was 2 last week.

    I've had a potty round the flat for about a year and she has used it sporadically. She's at nursery full time and the staff have encouraged her to use the little toilets there for awhile now whilst still wearing nappies.

    We have been completely nappy free since saturday (execpt at night times and daytime naps) ! No accidents as yet!!!! 

  • Hi Everyon I'm Erin and my little girl Keavney is 27 mths.

     We are going away at the end of July to visit my family in Ireland and my goal is to have Keavney fully trained by then.  We went shopping for her big girl pants yesterday and she choose some Peppa Pig ones for herself.  I am also a childminder and look after a 21 mth old little boy and will be attempting to potty train him as well although he won't be with me until tuesday so Keavney will have  a day of a head start on him.

    Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan xx

  • Hi i'm Kim and have just started to potty train Jesse my 2 and a half year old, showing all signs she is ready and very keen to get using the potty/toilet  and see how we progress, she has chosen goodness knows how many packs of knickers with characters on and loves wearing them we are sticking to knickers as i feel pull-ups give mixed messages from previous parents comments, but we will see howe we get on.
  • The Chuggington pants are in the Next directory. My little boy also prefers chuggers to Thomas image
  • Thanks Nitha image
  • Hi Everyone!

    I am really excited about starting this challenge with my and son Chester who is 20 months (and all of the mummy's and lo's on here) I was going to start monday but we are going to be out some of the day so I am now going to start on tues. 

    We have got the potty at the ready and I will be going out to buy pants at the weekend!

  • Hi Everybody

    My name is Eloise and I have just started to potty train my little girl Ella who is two.

    We have got plenty of knickers with Peppa Pig and Upsy Daisy on which she loves! We also have two pottys, one downstairs and one upstairs so we are covered wherever she goes! She is wearing knickers in the daytime whilst at home but I haven't yet dared go out without her having a nappy on.

    Looking forward to hearing about other mums experiences and getting some top tips.
  • Hiya, I'm Lottie and hoping (?!) to potty train Matilda who is 23 months old. We have had the potty out for a few weeks to get used to it and she sits on it for a couple of seconds at a time, but much prefers using it as a hat. We have the pants and are ready to go. I have potty trained her 2 brothers but am interested to see how different it is potty training a girl - particularly a strong willed and headstrong one!!
  • Hi I am Bernie and have twins Isabelle and Sebastian who are 22 months old. I started potty training Isabelle (Sebastian was not interested in putting on big boy pants and ditching the nappies even though they have robots on them!) 10 days ago. We started with two normal potties dotted around the house and 2 frog potties one their nursery and one in the living room.
    Isabelle was so excited to wear big girl pants and I bought her and Sebastian a 'Shes a little princess' I want my potty book each and we read this whilst sitting on the potty. There were a couple of accidents at first then a little trickle into the potty with lots of praise. I really included Sebastian into it so he didn't feel left out. We stayed at home for 3 days and accidents went down from 5/6 per day to 2/3 then the first poo came which was (luckily) in an empty paddling pool. This I could tell embarassed Isabelle immensely and she then made a point of getting out of the pool herself without prompting to ask to go on the potty (located next to the paddling pool). This then led to them both stripping off and Sebastian had a go and did a wee in the potty which he thought was funny. My husband told him not to forget to shake at the end. Not a good idea!! he now does a little shake dance, Sebastian that is not my husband!
    Anyway, as we have had a few accidents when out I tried pull ups then found Feel n' learn pampers and they are brilliant. If Isabelle even trickles she says' Mummy wet, wet" . So to conclude, Isabelle is down to one accident a day. Has done a poo in the potty and carpet! knows when she needs to go on the potty and will get a kandoo wipe out and wipe herself and will tell me, or just go if I am not in the room. Even sebastian before his nappy is put on before bed has had a wee in the potty for 3 nights running, and tried pants for half an hour this morning till he had an accident and then back to nappies. I put them both in nappies at night. I am really proud of Isabelle. So here's to what the next week brings!
  • Hi all!

    Sinead is just over two and a half.  We have had a potty around for a while, and she is clean now, but she never seemed interested in getting dry. She would resist being sat on it so we left it until she was readier and the weather was warmer for going commando.  We started with no nappies, at home and at Nursery, on Tuesday and, so far, have only had "didn't quite make it" damps.  Unfortunately we get up early each weekday and get a bus to Nursery, a journey which takes about an hour.  I am not yet confident enough to risk no nappy on public transport.  We shall see how we go though.

  • Hi,

    I'm Paula and i'm going to start potty training my little girl Kayleigh (20 Months) in the next few weeks, we might be a bit slower as i'm due to have a c-section on Tuesday which has altered our plans a little.

    Kayleigh has sat on the potty and is used to it but never actually wee'd/poo'd in it yet. She's just this week started telling me she needs a poo but by the time we strip her down she's already gone. So once i've recovered we're going to try straight into knickers and see how we go.

    Good luck all image


       hi my names claire.

       i have a son whos 4yrs old,starts school full;time this sept|

       hoping to start potty training in the summer holidays.

      i have tried potty training since last july,but i found out that i was not getting

       anywhere.hoping this time e WE WILL MAKE PROGRESS|

  • Hi everyone I'm starting to potty train my second child but finding it difficult to concentrate my time on it because I have a four year old and a baby too. He knows what the potty is for but we haven't managed to get anything in it yet!
  • Hi All

    Sinead is doing well and I am proud of her.  A couple of accidents yesterday but mostly damp cos she didn't get there in time.  I don't know if reminding her is the way to go, or to just let her decide when she wants to go? What do you think?

  • If you think she's not been for a while,remind her.They're not always going to remember in time if they're busy playing.

    My two year old has been dry for a few weeks but she still occasionally forgets and it's all too late,so I do remind her if I think she's been a while since she last went.Also at the end of the day when she's tired,I'll often keep an eye then.I'd much rather be praising her for getting there than cleaning up an accident.

    If you need to go out there are reusable pull ups and Boots sell training pants that will catch a little accident but they don't have the nappy feel that ordinary pull ups would.As long as you make sure she does a wee before you leave and doesn't have a drink too soon before,an hour's not that long.Until you feel more confident,it being a place you don't really want to whip the potty out,just put on a pair of pull ups or whatever you use at night for the journey,you more than likely find them unused when you get there.If your bus gets held up for any reason and you get held up,at least you don't have that worry.

  • Update - Isabelle had her first completely dry day after 11 days! I was so happy with her. All her wee's were on the potty and she just has a pull up on for her nap and a nappy at night. I am finding that she tends to hold on when we are out until we get home, if we are just out for a couple of hours. The only way we have got there though is to keep reminding her and also to make sure that anyone (a granny, friend etc) who might be looking after them, albeit just whilst you are out of the room reminds her too.

    Sebastian has not done a wee on the potty for a couple of days and is still not interested. I think I will just leaving him he is ready.

    I recommend any long trips out or bus journeys to wear a feel n' learn pull up just in case and LOTS AND LOTS of praise EVERY single time they go to the potty even they don't do a wee or poo.
  • Well I was going to wait until tues to start but as we have a clear weekend until monday I decided to try yesterday.

     Yesterday was a disaster!! we went through 3 pairs of pants and even with out pants I didnt get Chester on the potty in time! 

     When chester went to bed I had time to relflect on the events and realised that I might had paniced him a bit when I was panicy about getting him to the potty!!

     So this morning we started a fresh, at first I explained that he must use his potty when needing a wee or poo. I didnt put any pants on him because I wanted him to get used to using the potty first (this may come back to haunt me a a later date lol). After a while I could see that he needed a poo but didnt really want to sit on his potty so I explained to him that if he say on his potty and did a poo I would give him a sweetie (smartie) so he went and sat on his potty and after several smarties he done a little poo! We praised him, clapped cuddled and showed him what he had done. I then took him and the potty to the toilet and tiped his potty contents in, I let Chester flush the chain and he thought that was great! 

    A little bit later I could see he needed a wee so I distracted him on to his potty and read him his books. This wasnt as sucsessful as the first time and it took about 45mins of me following him around with the potty and several times reading the books before he done a wee! When he did I praised him and then took him to toilet again to pour away and flush which he loved and then back in the kitchen for a sweetie.

    It was then time for nap so I had to put a nappy on him, I hope that when he wakes up he will be just as good, I will see how we go over the next couple of days and then may introduce the pants as he does love them because they have got cars on! he even tried to put them on himself this morning!!


  • Bernadett, where are you getting the feel and learn pants from? I went out looking for them yesterday but couldnt find them anywhere!


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