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  • Hi my period is due in 2days but I done a test 6 days ago it was negative I left my house came bk a while later an was positive I have since done the same tests in the past 6days an had some very faint lines an some negative an some lines again appearing after the stated time I am constantly tired an feel sick an weeing a lot an have had slight belly pain but no other symptoms what do u think of this?? Am I pregnant or not as I'm gettin some negative tests ????
  • Hi Amy I would try testing on the day of your period if it does not show xx
  • Am I pregnant with my faint line pregnancy test?
  • I was wondering if a really faint line means your pregnant ? I mean exstreamley faint x
  • I've done 2 tests and both have faint lines went to my chemist and he says that it is a positive result I'm also a week late 

  • We are trying for baby about 4 years.and know I am four days late and i checked yesterday and a very very faint line appears after i pragnant or not.what does a very faint line mean?any response will be appreciated
  • We are trying for baby about 4years and know i am four days late.i checked yesterday and a very very faint line appears after 30m.what does that faint line mean?am i pragnant or not?very curious about that.any help or response will be appreciated.
  • Congrates dodo3 xx
  • Anum if u r 4 days late and getting 2 lines on a pregnancy test I'd say yes u are, have u got a picture u could upload xx
  • hi a took a test yesterday cause a was getting really sore boobs and headaches and that but it came up a really faint line that a could hardly see but it was there then today a took one with morning pee but it was negative x what does that mean? xx am really scared cause a had miscarriage the end of October this year x
  • Hi all,I had a period on the 23rd of nov,only lasting 4 days when usually i do a good week,I had unprotected sex on the 27th and the 27th only as my partner works away! On the 9th of dec I had a positive pregnancy test,only tested because I was feeling like utter crap image then I tested again on the 15th and it was negative!? What the hell is going on?? I'm still feeling rubbish but with stomach cramps and really really sore boobs image
  • I took a pregnancy test and the line was so light its kinda too early though its been two weeks can i be pregnant???
  • could be they say a line is a line try again in a few days time see if the line is darker 

  • Ive taken a test this morning im a few days late on my period and my test has a faint line well enough to see it also i keep feeling sick n pains but also have pains like period pains any help out there please
  • Hi Donna

    If there is a faint line that you can see and your late i would say your pregnant, can you upload a pic? xx

  • Hi all,

    I took a test on saturday it was negative, yesterday i took one and it's very faint line (needs to be a cross to be pos) but then today i did a CB digital one and it says not pregnant.

    Can you please have a look at the pic and tell me if you see a line too? Also is there any way the line could be a mistake and it's not really a positive? Just wondering why today i got a negative all of a sudden and so where do i go from here?

  • Hi all im a newbe to these sites..i have been of the pill 6 weeks my last period was 7th march on amd off till the 10th usually only have a one day period due to my pill microgynon, havent had anything since then but last 2 days ive has clear discharge with streaks/ specs of blood in it.. i have had unprotected sex with my husband since 8th march.. 4 days ago i did a test that came up with a very very faint positive line.. now every test ive done since have all been negative.. is it possible to get pregnant from my last period as i came off the pill at the same time and had no period since.. am really confused.. thanks for reading..
  • Hi im new to this im just looking for a bit of advise. I have been having period cramps for 1 month now. I did a test 2weeks ago and got a faint line. I have tested alot since and still the same (faint lines) im so confussed my period is due 2 day from now. Can anyone help?
  • I took a First Response test this morning and I am about three months late. I was afraid to take a test bc I've had miscarriages in the past and was also scared it might come back negative. I went on it when I woke up and it had a really faint line and a dark line the the first line faded away and it said negative. I have all the signs and have had kids before so I know I am. But I want proof before I go see a Dr due to me losing one last year when I went to see one. Please give me some advise and let me know what you think about this. Should I test again and how long should I wait and I don't know when my last period was or when it should start bc they were always irregular. Thanks and I hope some one can help me with this.
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