Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Hi ladies! 

    Glad you are all doing well, I’m good 24+3 today and feeling baby a lot more now which is nice! 
    Time is going fast for me but I am very busy at work so that’s probably the reason, half term holiday can’t come soon enough next week. Then the countdown begins for me when I go back for 7 weeks then 6 weeks off summer holidays and maternity leave starts 2nd sept 2 days before I’m due lol. 
    My son starts year 1 the day I’m due so hoping to go over a little so I can at least take him! 
    Sorry rambling on.. 
    so pleased for all you ladies as always :) xx 
  • Hi how's everyone getting along?
    I had a scan today to check on amniotic band it's now further up on the left side I am 31 +2 days the amniotic band is not causing a problem now. The only problem is my little miss has a very large tummy circumference over 95th centile 303.8mm and head circumference is 303.2mm also little miss Annabell is transverse . So I have to see a consultant registra on Thursday at 9:15am. I have been doing some reading and they may want to induce me and possible c section but the induced bit I don't mind but c section never had one and my boyfriend does not live with me. It's actually easier me being induced as I can properly plan child care and everything for date which will really help but will see what news comes on Thursday. Also baby is currently weighing in at 4 lb 12ozs
    Now have any of you had this b4 and just so you know I don't have gestational diabetes as already had the test. 
  • Well they are sending me for another scan in 2 weeks and then see consultant or registrar afterwards so fingers crossed they either make a decision or pretty much I will give them my opinion basically I am trying to avoid a c-section which if I went full term so 40 weeks I think that's what would happen. 
    Hope you are all having a good time.
  • Bit of background - I sadly started to have a miscarriage on 21st may at 5weeks pregnant, on the 23rd may, blood tests showed my hcg levels had dramatically dropped.  I bled until 1st June and been having negative tests since around 3rd June. All my symptoms magically disappeared around the 23rd may, apart from the cramping obviously. I have been using OPK's since 2nd June, I get the odd strong line, but nothing near positive, I must state though I never really get a blazing positive, apart from when I was pregnant.

    So fast forward to the last couple of days, I have noticed the odd symptom that seems to have reoccurred.  These are -

    Extreme tiredness


    Heavy feeling in lower abdomen

    Fluttery/twingy in lower abdomen

    Slight lightheaded/dizziness

    Today has been the most intense they have been since the miscarriage and I just wondered if anyone had experienced something similar?  I doubt its another pregnancy as its only been just over 3 weeks since the confirmed loss, surely your body doesn't recover that quick (we did do the dance on the 2nd June)?  As I have irregular cycles my apps say af is due around 26th June.

    I am very confused why these symptoms have returned now and is it something I need to be concerned about? I tested this morning and clear negative, are these just phantom symptoms because I am just so desperate to be pregnant again :(

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I would wait till af is due on the 26th June not worry about it for now and then if af does not turn up do another test but just take it easy and look after yourself between now and then with the other symptoms you just need to not worry about it if you can and just see what happens what will be will be but I have everything crossed for you as you said you did the dance on the 2nd of June so it would be to soon to get a positive test yet so just hold fire and wait. Good luck x
  • How is everyone else coming along I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant and had another scan this week babies tummy is slightly bigger than head on the 95th centile and they are saying baby weighs 6lb 1 oz!!!! 🤭😲😲😲😲 So I saw the registra again after the scan and said I think I will need to be induced baby has big tummy so bit scared but I have have another gestional diabetes check and then another scan and then another consultant appointment on the 24th June I will be 35 weeks then and there's a chance baby could be 8lbs as I put on nearly 2lbs in the last 2 weeks since last scan at 31 weeks the scan said baby was 4lb 12 ozs which was big for 31 weeks and her tummy was bigger than her head then. I am hoping they will induce me around 36 to 37 weeks which is the beginning of July. Which is only 3 to 4 weeks time, I feel quite anxious about it all to be honest. I just hope that miss Annabell is well when she is born and has no complications. I am really not as prepared as I would like to be either still need to get travel system which comes with car seat as well so hopefully will be able to raise some money in the next couple of weeks b4 baby Annabell is here. Anyway hope everyone is getting on okay and chat soon x
  • Ooh @Lou38 fingers crossed they induce you little chunky baby is never a bad thing! My son was 8lbs 9 when he was born and he was 9 days late! 

    Im doing well 28+3 now baby is moving lots which is lovely! Xx
  • I am a bit scared my heaviest baby was my first Emma who is 13 on the 10th of July. Corey was 6lb 1oz at 35+6 my waters went at 31 weeks he's now 6 was delivered with forceps and had cord round his neck twice spent the first 24hours on oxygen an was also jaundice and Madison my littlest whose now 4 years old was born at 40+2 days and 7lb 1oz.
    I am very scared of having to have a c-section  an really want to have a natural birth but I am just scared and anxious about all of it to be honest. If you have any advice I would appreciate it 
  • Hi ladies, I’m 30+2 weeks and it’s starting to feel very real.
    @Lou38,  I know a c-section is scary, I ended up with one, with my little boy after a natural delivery with my daughter but it’s really not as bad as you think. My consultant and midwife made me feel so much better when they said- forget how your baby comes in to the world, whichever way is safest for baby and you, that is all that matters. And it’s true! 
    @Claudsanch, there isn’t a nice feeling than the kicks and turns of a baby is there!

  • Hey ladies hope you're all well, Oscars now 19+3 weeks and so cute! I'm also still expressing my breastmilk for him. He ways almost 16lb now which is amazing I'm so proud of him. Xxx

  • Awww he’s doing so well @Steffyjane! I cannot believe he’s 19 weeks already! That seems to have flown. How’s things with you?xxx
  • He’s sooooo cute!!! Haha he wishes he could eat that mars bar!!!xxx
  • Aww steffy he’s so big already that time really has flown by! 
    @EmJ3 there really isn’t a better feeling, and it’s starting to feel very real now! How has your anxiety been? Xx 
  • @lou38 thank you for your reply. I guess I am just getting myself worked up that symptoms have returned and I am pretty sure they are are just phantom because i want to be pregnant again. 

    I see some of you have gone on to healthy pregnancies, congrats it's such positive news 😊
  • @Claudsanch- my anxiety's been a bit better since about 24/25 weeks but I think my Doppler really helps with this and the fact I can feel her so much. I still struggle the night before appointments or scans and on the day but I’m just trying to manage it as best as possible. I just really want her here now, safe and sound! How are you?xxx
  • Hi everyone
    I am 37+2 now...but having nightmare with reduced movements.. scan shows everything is fine so they don't know why is that. I am seeing consultant next week so hoping she will sort something anxiety is sky high because of this,and I am moody mess
  • @Steffyjane lovely photo can't believe he's 19 weeks already. 
  • Sigsaur if you still aren't happy with babies movements call up again best to be safe than sorry. Im sure it's nothing to worry about but I know how you feel I was in every week from 28 weeks with reduced movements x
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