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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Awww I hope she’ll do bloods for you if that will help. It’s rubbish that we can’t just be excited Isn’t it. I think a scan before your holiday is a good thing- it’ll settle your nerves a bit. 

    I keep looking at a scan in 2 ways for me, if it’s gone wrong, I can sort it quicker and get back to ttc or obviously I get to see my baby.

    The problem is, I’m not sure how many times I can keep doing this. It’s really hard!


  • My OH is excited to see little bean on the scan, I’m more nervous that’s something will happen before I even get to that day that’s my problem.. 

    Bless you It’s awful isn’t it that we can’t just be happy, I never thought I’d feel like this but since the miscarriages it’s a kick in the teeth that anything can happen. 

    I was 18 when I fell pregnant with my son and other than a bit of spotting I didn’t even think about miscarriage with him, I’m 24 now And petrified I’ll never be able to have a successful  pregnancy! 

    Let me know when you’ve booked in for a scan!

    ill come back to you when I’ve seen the nurse xx 

  • I feel the same, I was 17 with my first and now I'm 23 feeling the same. I'm just terrified!!

    I've made a post on this site but I was wondering maybe any of you guys would know what to do?

     me and my partner have been trying for a while now, around 6months ago we had a miscarriage. I had a period on the 7 of Dec came off on the 14th...period before that one started 30 Oct ended 6 of Nov... Took a test on the 21st of dec as I had horrible cramps and two people questioned if I could be pregnant as it turns out I was clear blue said 2-3weeks!!! I had another few days of pain and then a tiny bit of blood and then I've been fine since, I'm currently ill from the flu we get in early days, I've had symptoms to confirm I am pregnant but I thought I'd test a week later so it can be 3+ but it tested as 1-2 weeks it wasnt morning pee like the first . Well today I woke up feeling a little better done another test and it says not pregnant???? I'm confused and I feel so heart broken already but trying to stay positive for my husband.. Has this happened to anyone before? I was so scared this was going to happen.

    I know I shouldn't have been taking another test but I'm just so scared! And now I'm pooping my pants 

  • Starryeyes, I’m sorry for your previous loss- it’s awful. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell for this one, I don’t want to upset you more but the lines should be getting darker etc. I think the only way to tell is to go to the docs and have your bloods done or a scan at your Epu. I’m really sorry you’re going through

  • I’m really sorry starryeyes at your going through this! 

    my last two pregnancies got lighter within days very faint positives so I kind of knew but it may not be the case for you the best thing to do is go to a&e or ask for bloods or a scan done.

    hope you are ok and everything is ok! 

    Emj3 nurse did nothing she said I’ve got my bloods booked for Monday she said no blood is a positive sign and the cramp aches could be normal So that’s where I’m at, i caved and took another test and it’s still a really strong positive.I think what I’m going to do is just remain positive about everything And try to relax unless I do start bleeding then I’ll deal with it as and when it/if it happens xxx 

  • Definitely claudsanch, positivity is a good idea. midwife didn’t seem concerned So you shouldn’t be!xxx

  • Oh no,i really hoping it was a crap test, ordered two more will test in morning😩 thank you ladies!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your losses also it really does a number on you😢

    But I'm soooo happy to read that you both are expecting!!!! !  🎊😍 Congratulations and I wish you all 4😘 all the best💕

  • Thank you starryeyes! 

    Good luck and let us know how you get on! Xx

  • Ladies I've been a massive dick!!

    Last night my oh went out, I checked his FB & thought he was cheating so I txt him telling him I was In labour so I could catch him out & have a go at him. He got home & looked so hurt & disappointed in me. Normally he would argue with me usually when he's lying but tonight he didn't. He actually looked so innocent. Is this normal pregnancy behavior? X

  • what made you think he was cheating on you Steffy? blame the hormones! Be honest and tell him you’re feeling paranoid etc and hopefully he’ll settle

  • I would blame the hormones, try and explain to him how your feeling and im sure he will understand! 

    Emj3 How are you feeling today? Have you booked your scan yet? 

    I caved and Took another test this morning as I had a clear blue digital.. so it says 3+ now and 3 days ago it said 2-3 weeks so my levels must be doubling! I feel a lot more relaxed today back to work monday finally! Xx

  • Sweetie he needs to know going out all the time when you are ready to drop is too much for you and that he can't expect to do this after baby is here so prehaps he needs to settle down and start thinking of you instead of himself. Tell him the partners of the ladies on these groups are not out all the time, chose to spend Nye with their partners instead of going out drinking etc and that you need him to prioritise you xxx

  • That’s really good claudsanch as it’s defo progressing Well. I just feel like it’s dragging. I’m 7 weeks today so only known for 3 weeks and it feels like 3 months! Haha!! I’m trying to be positive but I just keep worrying that something‘s going to go wrong.

    steffy, I hope you’re ok.

    Honey, how are you feeling?


  • Hi ladies I have been reading this thread from page 1 over the last ouple if days. I am 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant after 3 misscairrages since  August 2016 was my first misscairrage at 6 weeks and was awful  my second misscairrage was the 31st July 2017 was missed miscarriage a d 3rd was May 8th 2018 but was extremely early. I have had an early scan for this pregnancy on the 3rd of December and they think I was a 5weeks as I had some spotting and I was very worried my next scan is on the 11th of January at 9:20am. I actually can't wait I am so excited but also a  bit nervous becuase have scans also brings back sad memories to. I also have a 3 year old daughter a 5 year old son who was 5 weeks early due to prom at 30 weeks and a 12 year old daughter. The 3 misscairrages were with my previous partner and I am with a  new boyfriend who I have been with for 8 months but he's my best friend of 10years this pregnancy was not planned but is very much wanted by both of us.

    Anyway ladies congratulations on new babies being born and wish you all the luck in world for all of you pregnant and getting  bfp for those who are trying x

  • Hi Lou 


    I’m so sorry for your 3 losses :( it’s awful That it happens to so many of us! 

    i also have my scan next Friday I’ll be 6+ weeks and it’s at 9am it would be great to find out how you get on next week! I have found this board very comforting and I don’t feel so alone in the way I feel either! Xx

  • Emj3 I'm.good Hun, less anxious today but can not believe it's just 6 weeks until we meet I was monitored yesterday due to reduced movements and he wasn't moving much on monitor so have an extra scan tomorrow to check on him. 

    I know the early stages seems like forever but soon you will be were I am and scared of how quickly it's all going lol.

    Welcome new ladies, sorry for your loses, this is a wonderful group and alot if of us become good friends. Xxx

  • 6 weeks to go is amazing Honey. Very exciting. Is he moving much today? I suppose there’s less room for him now though. Im glad you’re feeling less anxious- it’s so up and down isn’t it.xxxx

  • Hi 

    HoneyBeeMummy not long to go now and you will be holding your bundle of joy good luck for your scan tomorrow x

    Cluadsanch good luck with your scan it will be lovely to hear your news when you have your scan an course I will let you how my scan goes as well.

    Is it normal to be worried about everything like weird pains ect. I just feel that everytime my body gives me a weird pain or something I end up sitting down and doing nothing just incase you know. The worst part about it is I have put on about 8lbs already an only in the first trimester just feel a lot scared and find myself over thinking things. 

  • I’m also worried about every twinge and pain and panic instantly, but I’m guessing it’s just our bodies getting prepared to grow our babies! xx

  • I’m the same too. It’s not a nice feeling being worried all the

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