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First trimester August to October.



  • @Rachel.a21 I wish that was the case! I wouldn’t want it then!! Maybe it’s just because I know I can’t have it that I want it!  Having said that, I was out for dinner with DH tonight and he had a glass of red wine. I took a sip and didn’t enjoy the taste! Maybe it would be the same with white wine and fizz! 
  • My friend liked the 0% kopperberg when she was 2nd trimester, but it's just sugar to me. Thankfully I dont miss alcohol at all. I have had the m&s 0% prosecco which is nice but doesnt taste a lot like the real thing.
  • I also go no alcohol, but again, personal. I can barely eat normally much less think of a drink lol.  I would worry about it my whole pregnancy if anything were to happen. Easier on my mind to just not. 
    @Sunshine8888 if your midwife thinks it’s ok, and you really want to, then I say go ahead. 
  • Hi all, I've been following from afar for a while. Finally feel I can relax a bit more now I've had 12 week scan. Due 2nd May according to that.
  • @Sunshine8888 - I'm finding supermalt a good substitute for beer!
  • @Kleor what a great picture!! How are you feeling?
  • Hi @Kleor, congrats on your scan! Welcome to the second trimester! Should we change the group name from November? ☺️
  • Thanks for the welcome @Sunshine8888 and @Rockinmom2 - I think I've had a pretty easy first trimester tbh. A little nausea and tiredness but nothing overwhelming. Obsessed with my stomach which I think is getting bigger and then seems to get smaller again (I guess that's gas more than anything else). A little worried that I haven't put on any weight at all since before I was pregnant but I guess that will come in the next months... Next scan is 6th December and feels like a long time away to know that things are going ok - just have to try and be calm and assume that no news is good news. It's been reassuring to follow you guys at the same stages. Bring on second trimester November - January :)
    I'm 34 and this is my first by the way.
  • 3 days until my scan and nerves kicking in! Anyone getting any weird pains recently??
  • I get strange pains sometimes I just have to sit down to wait for it to go off... my scan is tomorrow and I’m so nervous guys 
  • @Lilsivin I often get period type pains, especially after any exercise (so I've stopped exercising for now... till I'm a bit further along) what kinds of strange pains are you getting.
  • Strange stabbing pains and sharp pains almost as if someone has a voodoo doll and is trying to curse me 
  • @Lilsivin how are you feeling today? I forget, how far are you? 

    I get ALL kinds of weird pains. Period like pains if I do too much during the day, they’re dull and a hey. round ligament pains that feel more like stabbing or sharp pulling if I move too fast or sneeze. And then gas pains. Those might be the worst. 
  • I get all those pains too!
  • I really can’t wait to feel baby. How do I know everything is ok in there? Bump is definitely growing so hope that’s a good sign 🤞🏻
  • @Lillian2410 good luck with your scan today :) 

  • Hi ladies everything was really good baby is due 13th of May and I’m 11+5 I’m so happy 😀 
  • @Lillian2410 what a lovely scan pic

    how is everyone on this cold and sleepy Monday?  My energy levels are so low at the moment I was in bed for 8.30 last night, I was hoping after my b12 injection on Friday I would feel a boost as normal but obviously the little one is not allowing that.  Also had my flu injection on Friday so experience the normal crappy feeling from that.

    Nausea is back with a vengeance, I don't want to eat anything but if I don't eat it gets worse, even when I am eating I feel queasy and my portion sizes are tiny now.  DH is trying to make sure I eat but its not easy to plan meals when something sounds nice but then an hour later sounds disgusting. I've actually lost 4lbs (1.8kgs) since finding out I was pregnant (I am obese so I am hoping that losing weight won't be an issue but i'm not actively trying to lose haven't even made it to the gym in 7 weeks.

    Today it seems the hormones are kicking it up a notch again and i'm now breaking out in spots all over my chin, I've not had this since I was a teen except for 1 spot at totm. 

    I have my 1st midwife appointment on Wednesday so need to start thinking about what questions I might have.  DH might not make it, he is self employed and drives for a living and doesn't know where he will be or if he will make it back for the appointment so I am a bit nervous to go on my own too.
  • Congrats @Lillian2410 that’s fab! 

    I’ve broken the news to my boss today. Hoping I can tell my colleagues soon. 

    Bump is really growing now 🙈
  • @Lillian2410 😍😍😍😍 great pic congratulations!

    @Chellefish I’ve lost 2lb too , but my sickness is starting to calm down now! I have a friend who is 16 weeks and has lost 2 & 1/2 STONES (roughly 35lbs) since being pregnant due to severe sickness and the baby is fine and doctors are not worried so don’t worry :) I’m having a nightmare with my midwives , my bloods have been lost 3 times and I’m still waiting for a scan date lol 😆  
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