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First trimester August to October.

Everyone who got a positive from August to October, discussions about the first trimester. Bleeding, cramps, nausea, vomiting, boobs etc


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    So.. I'm waiting 17 days to go and get an ultrasound. This will put me at 8 weeks 2 days.

    I only got my BFP on 21dpo.
    Making me think I may have ovulated later or I have low hcg. 

    I had bleeding and pain on 23dpo and saw my doctor who did a vaginal scan. No sac visible on the scan, but he said it was too early. Corpus luteam was looking good and uterine lining was thick.

    Because of pain and bleeding he sent me for hcg blood tests with the first result being 1845miu/ml and two days later 2460miu/ml

    Making it only 33% increase at 5 weeks. 
    He said it looks normal. I'm on progesterone for 21 days.

    All pregnancy symptoms have dulled down now. I just dont feel pregnant. I took another test and the line is clear and dark. 
  • Thanks @TTCat33for1stbaby! I don’t feel very pregnant either. I haven’t had any scans or check ups.... they don’t seem very bothered with you in the uk before scan at 12 weeks! Have midwife app when I’m 8+ weeks but apparently not a lot happens there! I keep wondering if there is really a baby in there!  How are you having a scan at 8 weeks? 
  • My obgyn did the scan at 5 weeks because I was bleeding but he said come back after 3 weeks. It private health care and very expensive for him to  probe you with the vaginal scanning thing. 🤦‍♀️

    @Sunshine8888 how old are you? Is this your first? Sorry trying to backtrack everyone's stories. Still reading the August and September TTC pages. Soooo hoping for more ladies to get their BFP 

    How are your symptoms?? 

  • Yes I’m still keeping an eye on those threads too in the hope some more ladies will be joining us! 🤞🏻 

    Im 31 and this will be baby no 1 so totally new to all this! How about you?

    I also had a very small bleed the day after I got my BFP, just a small rusty coloured stain in underwear but it had me panicking. A couple of days later I had some brown discharge when I wiped and a couple of pink spots. But nothing since. I’m really hoping everything is ok! It’s hard for me to go the EPU as I work full time and it’s only open in the week in the morning! 

    Symptoms really aren’t that bad! Quite tired, some mild cramps, slightly sore boobs/nipples, very thirsty and having to wee a lot.  Backache is the worst for me atm!  Luckily no nausea or sickness so far. Really hoping to be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer.  Just constantly hungry!

    Based on LMP I am 6+5 today x
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    Hi guys!! Great idea for this group. 
    I’m 33 and this is baby #3 for me. I got my BFP at 16dpo (2 days late for my period). I’m 5w5d today.  I haven’t had a scan yet, which is killing me. I have one at 9 weeks. With both my others it was an initial 6 weeks scan to make sure it was all there, but my new OB likes to wait until after chances of miscarriage are lower. So I have to wait.
    My symptoms are mild at this point. Still some cramping, sore boobs, mild nausea and within the last few days I’m getting sooo tired.  Have you guys told anyone yet?  We’ve only told our best friends couple and my sister. I’d feel so much better hearing a heartbeat. 
  • @Rockinmom2 I feel the same! I’d like to know baby is in the right place and has a heartbeat. However I’ll have to wait until mid October unless I book a private early scan ☹️

    We have told our parents and also my best friend. Won’t be telling anyone else until the first trimester is over 
  • @Sunshine8888 we had my in laws over yesterday and my MIL was talking about some of hubbys cousins, one that is pregnant and her sister who is struggling with infertility and how hard it is for their mom to be excited for the new baby and heartbroken for her other daughter. Hubs sister is also struggling with infertility, her first IVF will be in a few months. Then she said ‘I’m so glad you were never pregnant while she (hubs sis) was trying to get pregnant.’ 
    Luckily she runs her mouth like a motorboat and I didn’t have to say anything at all, but after I could sneak away I just cried and cried in our room. I know it’s silly and she’ll be excited, but now I know there will also be a part that’s not very excited. It sucked
  • @Rockinmom2 aww yeah comments like that are thoughtless and not helpful! I can’t help but feel super anxious. I have friends struggling to get pregnant and my best friend has had 4 miscarriages.  I feel a little bit guilty as I came off the pill, had one period and then fell pregnant. I can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen because that part was so easy for me 😬but at the same time I know I’m being silly... just wish I could relax and feel excited instead of worrying every day! 
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    @Sunshine8888 I totally get that! My two kids are happy and healthy and I got pregnant with them both on the second month trying and the same thing with this one. Just like you, I came off the pill had a period and then pregnant. I feel like I’m tempting fate. I just want to relax too and enjoy it. I try and remind myself that I’m doing everything I’m supposed to and if it happens then, that’s what was supposed to happen. But right now, Ive got no real reason to believe anything is wrong. But the hormones make it soooo hard
  • Hi ladies, so I have to tell you something TMI. 

    At 23dpo the DH and I had sex and that next day I had bleeding. It has finally gone and today, I put my finger up there to just see if there is anything else and there wasn't... 10 minutes later I had bleeding. I think I have an overly sensitive cervix.. I hope this doesn't mean I'm totally out for sex until 13 weeks... so annoyed. 

    I'm 33 with first baby. Have never been on brithcontrol- we use pull out. I did bbt and opks for 2 month to know my cycle but officially tried this month and got it right. 

    We've told my sister in law and mother in law. We spend a lot of time with them and my sister in law had twins last year, so her pregnancy symptoms were hectic and I needed someone to talk to. 

    I want to tell my friend but she is infertile and tried for 5 years with no luck so I feel guilty. 

    I also had a complete emotional meltdown with my actual sister the other day and feel so bad I haven't told her. But because of the bleeding we want to wait. My birthday is 27th September and we have a party planned. It puts me at 9 weeks so I still wont tell anyone. 🤦‍♀️
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    @TTCat33for1stbaby I haven’t dared DTD since I found out last Monday! Even DH who loves To DTD seems reluctant atm! I know it doesn’t cause harm but can’t help worrying. I think it’s quite normal to bleed afterwards 
  • Okay maybe you guys can tell me how it works in the uk as I've just moved here from germany and have no idea. So I go to my gp and they do what?

    Do they do the pap or blood test before 12 weeks? 
    What if my gp is a man or if there is no female gyn at the practice, can I go somewhere else? 

    In germany we only have one doctor practices and not surgeries with everyone there. 

    Where do I get a midwife? Do they do the bloodwork etc?

    So confused.
  • @Skylights19 go to your doctors or just ring them and they will book you in to see your community midwife, usually you have this appointment between 8-10 weeks. When you see your midwife she will do your bloods, take history etc and refer you to your local hospital for you to have a scan at around 12 weeks pregnant. You usually see your midwife again at around 15/16 weeks for more bloods and they listen to baby’s heartbeat. You will have a second scan at around 20 weeks at the hospital, then further midwife appointments until you have baby. 
  • So today I m 4weeks 2days and feel nauseous, my boobs are sore and have grown huge (I already have biggish boobs 34dd) and cannot fit in my bras! I am absolutely shattered too, I’d love a daily afternoon nap!! My hormones have gone wild and I must cry at least 3 times a day for no reason. I’m peeing like mad, and sorry if tmi but I keep getting really bad trapped wind too 🙈
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    MrsH02 said:
    So today I m 4weeks 2days and feel nauseous, my boobs are sore and have grown huge (I already have biggish boobs 34dd) and cannot fit in my bras! I am absolutely shattered too, I’d love a daily afternoon nap!! My hormones have gone wild and I must cry at least 3 times a day for no reason. I’m peeing like mad, and sorry if tmi but I keep getting really bad trapped wind too 🙈
    Mine are 34G... god help me 😂😂. My period was due last Friday and im yet to take a test. Scared to get a negative I think! Came on here to use you as motivation and test in the morning.

    Im 27, this would be my first baby. Weve only been trying for a few months after being on the pill for 9yrs so fingers crossed 🙈🙈

    My cycle is normally like clock work so hoping the extra Peeing and my fulller boobs are a good sign.
  • @natty2017 I’d be POAS right now if I were you!! I can’t believe you’ve help out that long. I’m only 2 days late and I get dark lines any time of the day now. Good luck  and let us know the result x
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    @MrsH02 I have been quite busy and not thought about it. Been disappointed before so am trying to have patience! Will update tomorrow either way 🤞🤞
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby
    i haven’t had any spotting this pregnancy but I did with both my pervious ones. I’d try not to worry. And I’m with you on telling people. I’d prefer to wait for my first ultrasound and hear a heartbeat and ideally I’d like my genetic blood work back as well. Being 33 makes me a bit nervous. 

    @natty2017 go test!!! I waited a few days before I was late but not a week!! Let us know. 

    Ive literally felt like a slug today. Beyond exhausted and I feel like such a useless mom to my kids. 
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