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First trimester August to October.



  • Baby no 1 at 13+4
  • Is anyone else feeling quite 'unpregnant' at the moment? I feel really normal in my body again and now find myself worrying about that. Tummy is definitely rounded though I feel it has been about the same for the last 2 weeks or so and other than that I feel completely fine. I thought that after the 12 week scan I'd feel comfortable that there is definitely something there and growing but the niggling doubts are creeping in again. Next scan is December 6th and seems a long way away to check that things are going as they should. Cant wait for bump to start growing more quickly so I have some outward sign that there are things happening inside.
  • @Kleor it sounds like you’ve hit the glory of the second trimester! I wish I could say the same! I’m so over the tiredness and sickness and I’ve had a cold for so long now, it just won’t budge.  It’s quite normal not to show much at this stage. I think a lot of my bump is still bloat atm.
  • @Kleor I feel the same except for the new headaches, I have my booking appt tomorrow morning and have such dread as I've started to feel normal again. I've had scans at 7 and 10 weeks because I'm so nervous after mmc last time around. I feel like I'm huge and have put on about a stone in weight NVM the belly!
  • Thanks for the reassurance... I had headaches a few weeks ago but they seem go have gone now. Weight remains the same or slightly lower than before I was pregnant... 13 + 5 now. I guess I should be thankful but everything seems to feel like a warning sign whether it is symptoms or a lack of them! Will try my best to relax and enjoy it while it lasts!
  • @Kleor I am also 13+5 ☺️
  • @Kleor  I know it’s hard, but if you’ve had good scans, try not to worry. The second trimester is when you’ll most likely feel your best. If I didn’t have a giant bump already, I’d feel very unpregnant. 
  • Happy Halloween from the little skeleton and me!!! 14 weeks baby #3

    ps- I like how my baby app reminds me that bumps come in all shapes and sizes 😆 good because I can barely see my feet
  • @Sunshine8888 - great to have someone else at exactly the same stage! @Rockinmom2 happy Halloween to you and your bump :smiley:
  • Oh wow @Rockinmom2 I’m quite excited for my bump to show more!! Think it could be a while longer for me though.  Crazy to think that baby will be due 6 months tomorrow! X
  • My belly is big I feel massive and already struggling to get comfy in bed so I thought I was just getting fat as I have been eating completely differently ... I have lost weight but my bump really is getting bigger 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • loving seeing your bumps grow ladies, @Rockinmom2 there is no hiding that bump lol.

    my belly is a little bloated now but my fatness hides the bump for now, think it will for a while.  3 and a bit weeks until my 12 week scan and it can't come soon enough, had my first app with the midwife and she has me at 8+6 now, just need to hold the secret in a little longer.

    the midwife just called and has advised I have to take a baby aspirin from 12-34 weeks, has anyone else had to do this?
  • How is everyone doing?? I thought I’d have so much to catch up on, but you all seem as busy as me!! Not much new here, my belly is starting to feel uncomfortable, it’s tight and heavy. 

    @Chellefish I haven’t heard that before about baby aspirin. Did they say why?
  • Nothing much to report here! Can anyone else see their stomach pulsating if they lie flat? I’m wondering if it’s because placenta is forming on the front and can see the blood pulsing? It’s very strange!

    @Chellefish, I’m not sure about aspirin? Hasn’t been mentioned to me
  • My belly kind of pulsates i just assumed it was my heartbeat tho lol 😂 shows what I know 
  • Hi ladies, I hope you don’t mind me jumping on the thread! I got my positive yesterday and I’ve done a further 3 tests since 😂😂 been ttc for about 4 months after coming off coil, I thought I hadn’t ovulated this month but this last week I’ve been so tired, my boobs are so heavy and sore and I couldn’t stop peeing so did a test. 

    I’ve had mild occasional cramping the last few days, is this normal? I’m really overthinking and worrying. This will be baby number 1 for me and I really want to enjoy it I just don’t know what to expect. I’m currently 4 weekspreganbt today so very early I know.

    thanks for any advice xx  
  • Hi @Charlot-2411 congratulations !! I had loads of cramps and backache at that stage :( my midwife just said if you have anything worse than period pain or pain accompanied by bleeding then get medical advice other than that it’s normal ! How u feeling otherwise, any sickness? 
  • Thank you @Purpledolly0101 no sickness, just these cramps, tiredness (another level) and my boobs are horrifically sore! I’m trying to refrain from doing another test in the morning 😂 it just doesn’t seem real! How is everyone else doing? How far are you all? Xxx 
  • @Charlot-2411 Congrats!! Cramping is normal as long as it’s mild. I am 12 weeks and 4 days today!
  • Thank you @Rachel.a21 its like period cramps, really low down. I’ve read all over today it’s al I suppose I’m just overthinking. How has it been so far for you? X
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