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Second Trimester November - January

edited Nov 18, 2019 3:41PM in Pregnancy
Here’s our new thread for ladies in their second trimester from November - January


  • Hey! How are you?
  • I need to catch up on the previous chats.  Been off for a few days how is everyone doing? How are those precious babies?.

    hope everyone is doing well, my nausea has stepped up a notch and I’m struggling right now just want to sleep and work keeps getting in the way. 

    Ive 9 sleeps to my scan and I’ve started to freak myself out, worrying about the combined tests for downs etc and what if there is no heartbeat. I swear I get more and more anxious the closer it gets.  we still haven’t told anyone so I think I just get too into my own head at the moment. 
  • @Rockinmom2 my midwife reassured me that movement will not be regular until gone 25 weeks so no need at all to worry if you’re not feeling anything this week. When is your next scan/appointment? 
  • @Chellefish I think we all felt like that and still do to some extent! It’s very normal. Let’s hope those 9 sleeps go quickly 💕
  • hi! Glad some of you made it over. 
    How was everyone’s weekend? 
    I don’t know why, but I’ve been very anxious about the baby the last couple of days. I haven’t felt anymore movement, doubting what I felt last week was even it, and my next appointment is in a week :(
  • hello in the new thread!
  • @Sunshine8888 my appointment is November 26, so a week from Tuesday. I won’t have a scan but should get the Doppler. I think part of it is just exhaustion so my anxiety is creeping in a bit easier. Everyone but me is sick and taking care of everyone and trying to take care of myself has been quite a lot the last few days. Hoping everyone starts feeling better soon. 

    How is everyone doing?
  • We are not too bad ... I stopped my antisickness yesterday and was throwing up again this morning so took a tablet and off to get more today and I’m due back at work tomorrow after a week off sick. I’ll be 15 weeks tomorrow and I really can’t reemeber it dragging on this long with my son.

    me and hubby DTD for the first time yesterday .. yes he is a saint I think and it was ok I was so scared but glad it’s out the way lol 😂 
  • @Lillian2410 we’ve only done it once since I found out I was pregnant!! I feel awful about it but my husband seems really understanding. I think he also finds the thought a bit odd even though we both know the baby won’t have a clue what’s going on! I think I’m finally turning a corner at 16 weeks +.  The tiredness seems to be easing a bit and I haven’t felt sick for ages.  @Rockinmom2 I’d like to feel baby again too. I’m doubting myself now as to whether it was her but I think it was! Also as the midwife felt her i’m thinking surely I must be able to. As I’ve not been pregnant before I don’t really know what I’m feeling for! 
  • @Lillian2410 we never stopped dtd, just take it a little easier and not as much lol.  Sorry to hear you are still being so sick, its not nice at all.

    @Rockinmom2 hope you are getting some rest in between looking after everyone else.

    @sunshine8888 glad your tiredness is easing off, i'm sure bubs will let you know its there properly soon and you will be getting lost of movement as the weeks go on.

    I am so tired and nauseous today, been awake since 5am and couldn't sleep now I want to go for a nap but can't as I am in the office and have another 3 hrs to go before I can leave.  To top it off my jeans have just split at the thigh, so I no longer have any bottoms that fit without feeling too tight.  I hate shopping for jeans as it is being plus size now I have to try and find some that will be comfortable.
  • Well, hubby is sick right now, but once my sickness went away my sex drove went through the roof. Everything feels better for me pregnant. We didn’t DTD at all the first trimester but have definitely been making up for it the second. It’s killing me that he’s sick lol. 

    @Chellefish I’m sorry you’re having a rough day, hopefully you can find some jeans and get some rest. 

    @Sunshine8888 All the scans have shown baby has a good heartbeat and was wiggling about a lot. It would just be such a relief to feel it again. I know it can be inconsistent early on. We have a busy week getting ready for my daughters birthday this weekend and next week is Thanksgiving, here in the US, so I’m trying to focus on those things, it’s just not working lol
  • I really must make more effort to have sex. I’m just so tired after work though and as soon as I get into bed I’m asleep! Used to be such a bad sleeper - pregnancy has changed me!! 

    @Chellefish I have purchased a band to wear around my jeans 👖 so I don’t have to buy any new ones.  Have a look on jojo maman Bebe. 

    Well I think my bump is growing which is hopefully a good sign ☺️

    Can anyone else feel their placenta pulsing?? Mine is so strong in my stomach sometimes! I can actually see it moving. 

    @Rockinmom2 it’s lovely you get to hear the heartbeat again! You seem to have more appointments than we do in the uk.  I’m STILL waiting for my 20 week scan date! It’s got to be in the next 3 weeks ... hope I find out soon. 
  • @Sunshine8888 OMG yes! I actually thought I was going a bit mad the other day because I could feel pulsing from my womb area :lol:
    I'm starting to notice my belly getting a bit bigger, I've resorted to using a hair tie on my trousers because I refuse to get maternity wear just yet :lol:
  • My anxiety got so bad yesterday that I called the OB and asked to see them early. The nurse was so nice and told me to come in today for a Doppler and still keep my appt next week (we got every 4 weeks in the US until 30 weeks). I’m hoping everything is alright today. I talked to my hubby a bit and he seemed to think I was overstressed and tired (and extra hormones!) and so having a hard time managing my emotions. I’m sure he’s right. I just do not like feeling this way. I really wish I could just enjoy being pregnant. 

    In response to some of you mentioning your placenta, I can feel that, but TMI, when I orgasm I can feel my uterus pulsing too. I freaked me out the first time it happened in my 1st pregnancy so I called the dr and she said, all very normal lol. I was slightly embarrassed 😆
  • I love that some people are still in their normal jeans al be it with some additions mine have no chance and haven’t since about 10 week 😂
  • @Lillian2410 To be fair, I doubt I'll be getting away with it for much longer. I feel like my belly is in the process of popping this week (I'm 15 weeks now). I'm just stubborn/lazy and don't want to go shopping :lol: I have a few pairs of leggings/jeggings and some stretchy dresses that I'm wearing to death but I'm starting to get sick of wearing the same outfits all the time, especially for work....

  • Hi ladies, sorry not caught up, had a rough week, had a preanel abscess ( apparently all to common in pregnancy) and I have never been in that amount of pain ever , on course of antibiotic now and docs of Friday if they feel abscess hasn’t improved I will have to have surgery 😢

    how is everyone ? Hope you are all having a nice relaxing week !!! X 
  • @Rockinmom2 that’s great you’re being seen today and hopefully can be reassured. Every 4 weeks is amazing, much better than here!

    @Purpledolly0101 that’s sounds horrible, hope the antibiotics work and you won’t need surgery. 

    @Lillian2410 I’m still in all my normal clothes atm! My bump is on and off lol. I do think that will change very soon though.

    Ive had my 20 week scan date through for 10th December so not too far away! 
  • Oh my gosh @Purpledolly0101 I hope you’re alright. I’ve never heard of that. Hopefully no surgery. 

    Heard the heartbeat and had a huge sigh of relief. Not without some hysterics though. Two nurses couldn’t find the heartbeat, so they used a tiny handheld ultrasound, found it (too small to see gender) saw the heart flicker and then we able to hear it. Baby is tucked back far and with back to my back, so it makes it harder to hear (and my extra fluff) buuut, I feel much better and hopefully I can relax now
  • @Rockinmom2

    such a relief! Glad you got hearing heartbeat so reassuring @Sunshine8888 that will fly in now ! My big scan 6th jan . I’m good girls was in agony this morning trying to put leggings, shoes and socks on , there were actual tears but my mum has been taking good care of me as hubby at work !! 
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