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  • A spoonful of manuka honey sometimes helps
  • Distraction tecniques (a good light hearted film or tv show or game we can play), encouragement (I tell her how brave she is for coping so well) and affection (lots of soothing hugs)
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    A soft fleecy blanket and tomato soup always seems to do the trick!
  • Lots of cuddles, plenty of fluids and if they will let you pop a bit of honey in warm water that usually helps too
  • We have lots of cuddles! I also rub some vix onto a muslin cloth and keep it close by. Medicine too if I think it's needed. But my daughter just loves cuddles on the sofa the most and watching her fave programmes with mummy.
  • i find a medium warm room and cuddles on the couch with a blanket.  i use olbas oil for any congestion and also warm some tea tree in an oil burner 
  • duvet on the sofa, Disney films, water bottle and lots of water to keep hydrated and lots of cuddles
  • Warm drinks, lots of cuddles and watching movies together helps keep their mind of how horrible they feel.
  • I always get a plug in diffuser for the room and use snufflebabe to soother her better
  • Lots of cold drinks and a snuggle on the sofa with a good film
  • A nice warm bath, pj's, warm drinks and plenty of cuddles.
  • Home made soup and shaped croutons, vicks, child's ibuprofen or similar, cough mixture, soft tissues, plenty of drinks, stories, cuddles, heated blanket and tv.   
  • We have a special 'get well' blanket that they snuggle under. It works like magic.
  • Thankfully my daughters rarely ill, we normally have a little warning when she’s coming down with something as she becomes very clingy. I’m more than happy to oblige with hugs and cuddling up on the sofa. She also tends to bed in with us at night when she’s ill, but not until shes had porridge and honey for supper 😊. The good news is it tends to settle and reassure her, the bad news is I’m normally struck down with the same illness a few days later.

  • Lots of cuddles, kisses, douvet day watching tv and calpol.
  • Lots of cuddles and Mummy time, its also good to take their mind of their symptons  with some Disney films, maybe board games, plus a little Bronchostop Junior 
  • Biggest difficulty I have is getting them to cough up the phlegm rather than just keep having it rattling around. For some reason they are terrified of it. We just give them cuddles, vapour rubs and rub their backs for them to get them settled.
  • Put on their favourite film on, get some hot orange juice and keep them wrapped up
  • I've found that a cosy blanket, a hot lemon & honey drink and some Vicks on the chest works well for mine!
  • When my boys are ill, I let them jump in my bed, every children loves sleeping in there parents bed, where it always feels more cosy and snug.

    I then put a film on and make hot chocolate.
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