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  • I'm capol cuddles and TV with my little boy when he's not very well 
  • Warm drinks, lots of cuddles and rubbing her back.  Tell her verbally how this will help make her better always works!
  • Rub their back
  • Tucked up on the sofa under the duvet with plenty of fluids and ice cream
  • I always try and feed my girl chicken soup, just the ticket!
  • It has to be the dummy and blankey
  • Lots of cuddles and lots of water !
  • We usually have loads of cuddles, offer fruits, calpol or paracetamol if they have fever and encourage them to drink water.
  • My children are now grown up, but when my granddaughter was poorly, I sat by her bed in the dark singing lullabies to help her get to sleep.
  • When my children are poorly, I set up a day bed on the settee. 

    I fetch the children's pillows and cover from their bed and recreate the bed, but on the settee. I prop them up nicely, as they lay on the settee watching any film or YouTube channel of their choice. 

    Plenty of snuggles and me constantly asking "are you okay?", "would you like anything?" over and over lol.

    If my children have colds, they will snuggle up with a warm hot chocolate to drink. 
  • lots of snuggles, wrapped up warm, a duvet day is always good. Regular use of Honey and snuffle babe is a must, make a chicken soup and try to give as much fluid as possible 
  • I snuggle up with them, watch a movie and stroke their hair that always soothes my kids and they fall asleep 
  • Cuddles and herbal tea.they drinking warm lemon water every 15-30min even if that's only one sip. Chest and back massage to help lungs. Also I am making honey, lemon and garlic water and giving table spoon of this liquid every morning to boost system.
  • Disney songs, a cuddle and whatever toys she wants including mummy's phone  :D 
  • a nice steamy bath and then warm drink and a good snuggle up together whilst reading a book or watching a film, Plus something to eat that they consider a treat
  • I massage my little ones chest feet and  back when he has a chesty cough. This helps soothe him before bed
  • Rocking on my knee swaddled in a cosy blanket, and singing or speaking softly is how I soothe my little ones.
  • Plenty of fluids to drink, and making sure the bedroom is not too warm or stuffy .
  • I steam up the bathroom by running a bath and keeping the door closed. I also put some children’s olbas oil in a bowl with some warm water. It always clears and soothes my son. Then it snuggles in front of the Tv on the sofa.
  • lots of drinks to sip, a hot water bottle and a warm bath 
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