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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • Glad you’re both okay fingers crossed you get your early scan Lillian 
  • Thanks ladies I’ll let you know what they said ... I thought I’d update you on Ollies pooing so we put him back into a onesie sleep suit now so can can’t get to it and he’s had no accidents since being home ... he needed a poop before bed and I kept asking him and put him on the potty but he just sat there happy and pooped when I put his nappy on 🤦🏼‍♀️ So I defo don’t think he’s ready yet 
  • Keep putting him on Daniel never did anything on the potty but now he won't let me take him off potty if he needs to go potty so just keep putting him on it and say try going 
  • Hope your scan went well Lillian xx
  • Thanks Louise they saw a gestational sac and yok sac and everything was fine I’m just a little behind than I thought but not by much maybe half a week ... I have another scan in a few weeks to see baby hopefully 
  • That’s brilliant! Am really pleased all is well. How many weeks did they say you were? 
  • They said 5-5and a half she said if I went back next week she’s sure there would be a baby (obvs if everything goes ok) but there protocol is to rescan in two week 
  • The pain is from the ovary that I ovulated from. 

    I also think that it means we did conceive when we DTD and I miss timed it .. I think baby will be a boy cuz it must have been late in my cycle lol 😂 only time will tell because they can only really date it from the dating scan 
  • I’m Glad they put your mind at rest. Does that fit in with your dates? 
  • Yeah it’s only really 4 days apart anyway Hun. with Ollie I was certain I ovulated late so new my due date would be pushed back at least a week or 10 days which it was. I have such serve Acne from being pregnant my face actually hurts 😔 
  • Congratulations Lillian glad everything’s looking good for you xxx 
    Charlie continues to be a demon at bed time we had the same thing tonight except he got so exhausted from screaming that he crawled into his bed by himself just before I left for work at about half 8. 
  • Ladies what a night we have had .. Ollie fell on his arm and wouldn’t stop crying .. took him to hospital and turns out he had a pulled arm .. a semi dislocation that just popped back into place ! Broke my heart seeing him in so much pain but as soon as they did it he was pain free! 

    On the way to the hospital .. my twin sister also told me that she also pregnant !! I’m absolutely over the moon I’m so happy to share this with her !
  • Oh poor little man, god he’s ok now.
    that is amazing news, will be so special to share it with her 🥰
  • Glad ollies ok now xx 
    fantastic news about your sister! How many weeks is she? 
  • By LMP She’s just 5 weeks n I’ll be 7 weeks Tuesday but probs more like 6 tomorrow if I go from conception n 4 for her by clear blue weeks as she got 1-2weeks  ... vey close 

    i know he was super brave 

  • Aww so you could be in at the same time then 🥰❤️ I was pregnant with my best mate when I had Olly but she lost hers at 12 weeks I would have loved to have a pregnancy pal. I’m glad ollie’s okay chick xxx
  • Glad ollie is OK. 
    Go on holiday on Monday with liams mum and dad. Going to feel strange going away without Liam as this will be a week without him as he could get the week off
  • Aww that will be nice tho they make take him for you so you can have a nice rest ! X

    ladies this brown spotting is driving me insane ! Still having it .. I know I had it with Ollie and it went on a while but I don’t remember it going on this long !
  • I'm going with I think they know I won't leave Daniel that long. 
  • Hey ladies hope you’re all okay 😘 
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