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This is a thread for the lovely folks from our January 2019 Babies thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning 1 and heading into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler born around January 2019, do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you! 



  • Hello everybody. Hope all had a lovely new year xx
  • Happy new year.
    Oh my, I am not ready to call Emily a toddler yet! x
  • Oh i know lou. Cooper started walking over new year 🙈 he has a mad half hour every night like a dog where he just gets up and runs round like a loon. 
  • @ChelleH83, that is so cute. Emily is so close to walking but not there yet. She had a settling in session at nursery today and just crawled over to the toys and never noticed me leave 😥😥
    Not ready to leave her such long days 😥
  • Happy new year ladies! I am also not ready to call Brodie a toddler! 😣 She's still dinky, she looks so weird standing all the time ha. Not walking quite yet though.

    It is horrible when you start leaving them Lou but you get used to it surprisingly quickly. Good luck if you're back soon! x
  • Happy new year everyone!

    Well I had my first day back at work today. I'm exhausted and am settled into my bed with a cuppa and a French fancy. Logan was snoring away when I got home. I miss him!! 
  • You survived Jen! It's horrible leaving them isn't it? No matter how much you enjoy working etc, you just miss them. Are your working days quite long? 
  • Morning. .. Just wondering, have you guys stopped bottles now? I feel like I should be doing this but Brodie only takes wee sips from her cup all day so I'm worried she's not getting enough fluids. She is only getting a bedtime bottle at the moment. I'm hoping to give that up in a month or so. 
  • @colpage127 I was going to ask the same question! And what cup do you use? Evie’s literally having 4 bottles 2oz a time and barely eating anything other than porridge in the morning. I got her weighed today and she has lost a little weight. Health visitor advised me to give her gold top milk and drop a bottle. She’s having around 10oz a day and barely eating 😭 
    can’t imagine her downing a beaker of milk but🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Don’t really want to drop a bottle as she’s drinking so little and such dry poops because of it! But we  approaching 12 months and I’m aware she shouldn’t have many bottles... what would you do?Xxx
  • I've tried every cup under the sun Zoe honestly. She's just lazy  She's never held her own bottle during a feed or tried to feed herself etc so she doesn't get why she's to drink out of her cup herself! Try and get dairy products into her... Yoghurts, cheese etc. I used to put formula in Brodie's porridge or weetabix. She now just has full fat milk but if you're worried about weight I'd go with formula! Brodie is Crap eater also, she hardly eats anything compared to other babies her age. I've not had her weighed in ages though so dunno if she's dropped centiles or that. She would live off  soup if I let her! But hardly drinking at all. Not water, not milk, I've even tried some diluting juice just to get her to seem interested. Nope... She's not interested. 
  • Cooper has a bottle at nursery and bedtime still. If they drinking out of it i wouldnt worry about switching ti a cup. Cup wise he pinches whatever skye is using, luckily she only drinks water too, he has tommee tippee sippy ones, nuby soft spout ones, nuby 360 ones, sports bottle and a little normal open plastic cup.

    Will evie eat little and often @Zoenew? Does she refuse finger foods as well as spoon feeds? Skye wouldnt be spoon fed and was finger foods from 6 months, just small portions of whatever we ate. Im sorry i cant advise, mine have all been above the 95th centile and stayed there. Must be worrying for you if she's lost weight xx
  • Emily still has 3 to 4 200ml bottles of formula a day. If her teeth are bothering her it is the only thing that soothes her, I give her a tommee tippee cup with water in when she eats but she doesnt drink much. I will switch her to cows milk next week when she is 1 :) xx
  • So are you just gonna give her the cows milk out of a bottle ? I'll maybe give her some during the day out of a bottle and the rest from a cup. She is preferring the nuby soft spout cup out of them so far. But it's just a few wee sips. My other daughter just glugged cows milk out of a cup as soon as she hit one. She loved food though.

    Brodie prefers to be spoon fed stuff. Will eat some finger foods but not much. 
  • I will probably give her a bottle on a morning and night and try to encourage a cup in the middle. I cant see what harm it does waiting until they are ready. My mam said when I was little I used to come back from kindergarten and always have a bottle of milk x
  • @colpage127 @ChelleH83 so Evie’s 10oz of formula (over 4 bottles) today includes 3oz for porridge! She’s just off food. She did well at dinner this evening (for her) probably not what the average baby eats though. She does prefer finger foods but it depends on the day 😂 she has also got better with the spoon I must say. It’s more the milk I’m worrying about because if she dosent eat, I haven’t got the luxury of topping her up with a nice big bottle. And there’s no way she’s drinking ozs from her 360 cup! I need to look into something else I suppose. 

    Health visitor said put a little orange or apple juice in beaker to encourage her drinking if that helps any of you? Evie does sip her water throughout the day but not massively. 

    Evie has been taking up to 6 steps the past 4 nights! And started crawling at 9.5 months so I think this is why she’s lost the weight because she’s tearing around crawling or making me walk with her. Also had a cold for a whole MONTH! Struggling to suck the bottles. 

    Trying to justify everything to make me feel better 🙈😩

    Of thinks could get a bit easier in the food department now, that would be great. 

    Hope you were bored enough to read all of that 😅🙈
  • @LouTTC83 thats my plan. I then wean off the morning one and keep a bottle for bed until the beaker is better
  • I don't think she's gonna get better with the cup if I keep giving bottles though. She's improving and we will get there. Brodie has been unwell too Zoe, the whole of the Christmas hols. Conjuctivitis and a really bad cough which has made her throw up daily. So she's off her food a bit due to that at the moment too. I wish she would try more foods, if I give her a sandwich for example, she'll start well and have a few bites then just stops. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know she likes it and I know she can eat it but. .. She doesn't. Chelle what kind of giant kids are you having?! 😂 95th centile!! 
  • Evie’s the exact same!!! She seems like she’s loving it and then 30 seconds later she’s having non of it 😭
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