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Just a chat with others who are trying to conceive too :) Part 2



  • Hey mon9! Ah we are all in the same situation! All my friends have babies! Good luck!

    Chloe6897 that's not normally a pregnancy sign. it's usually constipation.

  • I woke up this morning and my books are really sore. I had my implant taken out on the 8th of this month and on the 11th I had a period for only 4 days. The doctor did tell me that I could become fertile right away. Needless to say, my fiance and I have done the dtd 5 times since then. I'm keeping track of everything on my ovia app. But it's been 12 years since I had my daughter and I can't remember what I felt at the beginning of being pregnant with her. 

    Normally my books don't get sore. So I'm wondering if anyone else has felt this at the beginning of a pregnancy? I know it's very early for me to be having any symptoms at all but still curious. 

  • Welcome Mon9! image 14 months is a long time, have you spoken to your doctor about fertility help? Xx

  • Autocorrect is very aggravating. I meant boobs instead of books lol. Sorry ladies for the confusion

  • Hi Jamieed. It sounds like you're having withdrawal symptoms from the implant. It can take couple of months for your cycles to normalise after coming off it. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about and you can be fertile right away. 

  • I was also thinking that it could be withdraw symptoms. Which is fine. We aren't in any hurry to conceive but we aren't taking precautions either. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for my body to get back to normal. We are both 31 so obviously we aren't getting any younger image

  • I hope this will be your lucky month Mon9, wishing you lots of baby dust! image

  • I've had sore boobs all month - it's annoying how withdrawal symptoms are the same as early pregnancy symptoms!! 

    Mon9 I hope the cramps are implantation and not AF. 

    My chart looks quite like yours but (I think) I'm only 5dpo and not holding out for this month as just came off pill last month and not actively trying yet but you never know 

  • Can anyone help me what does implantation cramps feels like past few days my backs been hurting quite bad but as I type and for the last two hours my back aches badly and I'm getting cramp like pains in my stomach but feels worse then af?  Af isn't due till 31St according to ovia.... Xxx

  • I'm possibly 5dpo or more not 100% sure? Tmi warning but earlier in my knickers was white sticky cm xx

  • Hi Lauren, I think implantation cramps can be similar to AF. Some women don't have implantation cramps at all and some have them and spotting too. It can vary. White sticky cm is normal as long as it doesn't smell bad or become itchy.

  • It does feel similar to af cramps in a way just more uncomfortable and sharp! That's okay then :) wish I knew what date I ovulated on! Thanks for reply xxx

  • My cm has been interesting these passed few days. 😅 App says to test in 11 days. Partner has a gut feeling I am pregnant. Me, not sure, but I am GROUCHY and emotional. My partner raised his voice, not aggressively, but to tell me I was being mean and obnoxious (it was over something silly and snow stuff) and i cried. 😅😣😥

  • My af is due on the 26th as per ovia.. took an hpt.. bfn.. :(

    Tmi ahead.. Yday wen i went to pee.. i saw one think dark colored streak.. i cudnt guess tht color since my knickers were dark pink.. damn! So im nt sure what tht was.. nthng wen i wiped.. my cervix is unreachable too.. im 11 dpo today.. 

  • I'm confused....Af is due but two days ago i started spotting then yesterday it started to stop instead of getting heavier. So thus morning I thought if there is nothing there I'll do a test, got up and there was nothing there so i tested but was negative. I've been having sore boobs for days but feel normal this morning also been having cramps/aches in stomach for days, I'm just bit confused as it's like it's stopped instead of af 

  • And if af doesn't arrive what can be wrong image

  • Emmaloulou it could have possibly been IB! Happens around the time af is due. You might be pregnant but not got enough hormones to show up yet. It's pretty common.

    fingers crossed! x

  • I bought a Superdrug test last night and plan to test again tomorrow morning so much for me foing to wait. I woke at 1.30 and couldn't get back to sleep for ages and my head is banging

  • Thanks Emma i really hope it is fingers crossed x

  • I had a chemical last month...I bd 2 days before ovulation , had all the early symptoms but I guess implantation just wasn't successful ... I really thought that would be my month...anyway this month I dh and I had a quickie (dh is in the army so he isn't always there) 3 days before ovulation...well I'm quite unsure on whether we were successful or not but last month, I

    already started having "symptoms" but not this month and I noticed that when we bd Las month, ovulation pain seemed to last for 3 days but this time around the pain was there just on the day I ovulated so maybe the egg didn't fertilize...Im just really sad on the inside and I don't get why I should be having trouble ttc..Im just so tired of congratulating people on their bfps, I apologize if I seem rude really, and when they have babies...Im tired if being that ' aunty Krista' to everyone's kids you kno

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