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Just a chat with others who are trying to conceive too :) Part 2



  • I went to ttc medium and she told me i would get pregnant this were nearly out of this month and still notting has happened suppose when i get the clomid it will happen had any of yee been to one

  • I'm having such bad cramps tonight so think af could be making an early appearance :(

  • Hey ladies

    AF is due sometime around now. I used to be really regular, but the last few months my cycles have been anything from 21 to 28 days, so I'm not sure exactly when. The app my fiancé uses said I was due on Thursday, but I think I'm due tomorrow or Monday. I've been exhausted all week, nauseated on and off during the day, and had really light cramps. I can't work out whether it's just really weird AF symptoms or something else. Trying not to get my hopes up - we've been in this position before - but I'm supposed to be on a night out on Saturday, so going to test if there's no sign of AF by then.

  • Good luck Sakura!

    Maria, I've never been to a medium but I do believe some animals can sense pregnancy. hoping the fact that my friends cat was sniffing and walking on my belly today was a good sign haha xx

  • Maria2k15

    I also have advice from a psychic who actually happens to be my mother in law. She is very accurate with info she tells me. She told me almost a year ago that I was going to get pregnant but not yet, this was May of 2015. And more recently she told me my first pregnancy was going to be twins, a boy and girl, last month she was very firm in saying stay away from alcohol and wines and no smoking because the time was very near. I am open to all of that as well, but something to remember is things are not always set in stone, it can always change depending on choices we make. Nice to know someone else here has taken a similar route with TTC. 😊

    I still have so many symptoms and still bfn almost a week ago. I've now noticed I have weird spasming in my pelvis where my uterus is, just in the middle. Not painful. But I just have to wait I guess. I honestly try to ignore it so I don't get stressed and worry so much about TTC. Hope all you ladies are doing well

  • Scribble

    I do believe animals can sense many things we cannot. They can see UV light which we cannot with our eyes as well as having heightened senses. Kind of like how they act towards new people and act protective or very lovable towards them.

    The kitty walking on your belly or maybe laying in your belly as well more than normal I think could definitely mean something. But don't worry yourself 😊 although I thought you were already pregnant lol buy I guess I got a little mixed up with all those bfp our group has been announcing.

    Fx 😊😊😊

  • So i hve alrdy began gtng the signs of af approaching.. tummy cramps n pressure on the lower belly.. the witch wil b here tomorrow.. 😢

  • My tarot reading also showed very strong signs of a family... im jst waiting for tht to come true.. 

  • So I took my last hpt this morning and guess what?? I got my BFP!!😁 Good luck to all you ladies😊💞

  • Ahh congrats Chloe 6897 👶🏻👶🏻

  • Oh chloe6897 thats amlazing news!! Congratulations xx

  • Thankyou Sj83 & Emma2531 xx

  • Congratulations!! :) 

    i am now moving into seventh week waiting on AF to arrive after stopping pill on 17th Dec. Fed up 

  • Mcscamp just try to stay positive with my second I went two months with  no af then had one then fell pregnant doctors told me though even though I wasn't having a af I could still fall pregnant 

  • Thanks. I know rationally I should just be calm and relaxed about it but I hate  not knowing what's going on. Just in bad form this morning that's all. 

  • Wow congratulations Chloe6897!! Great news!

    Chaitz don't worry, if af shows up it just means you get to have fun trying some more for the next cycle. Don't get discouraged 😊

    Oh I have a friend whose wife became pregnant rather quickly and he swears this did it, after they dtd his wife put her legs up for 30 mins, no urinating for the hour that followed and no bathing for 2 hours after.

    Also it's important to put a few pillows under your bottom to let gravity give the swimmers a hand. So I think I'll give it a try, can't hurt.

  • Congrats chloe !!!

    Thanks kagome.. i hv been doing al tht u jst mentioned.. hasnt worked yet.. i had super creamy discharge with a little brown in it only wen i wiped.. sorr

  • Thanks ladies!😘

  • My phne decided to post bfre i was dne.. sorry tmi.. so i guess my af is abt to mke an appearance.. i might b away frm this forum fr a while... wnt to jst nt think abt mkng a baby fr a bit.. i hve literally hve had EVERY symptom pregnancy cmes with.. its beginning to get a little frustrating.. im sure i al understand.. 

  • Hiya Chloe6897, huge congrats! Fancy kicking off our brand new October 16 Birth Club? We promise there will be more ladies along to join you soon...(hopefully more from this lovely thread).

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