Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 8

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage Part 7, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Do let us know if that's not the case.

We'd like to wish you all well and lots of baby dust.



  • good luck with your scan hope all went well today xx 

  • Thank you everyone! I'm so happy everything went well and we're having a baby boy <3



    All healthy and happy 😊 we're over the moon and our soon 3 year old boy is very excited he'll have a little brother to play with. Our 15 months old girl is not bothered 😂 

    I'm thinking of you all and wishing you many bfps very soon. We'll all enjoy our little miracles soon! xxx

  • Eirthiel ahh you and baby boy have put a huge smile on my face thank an amazing scan pictures, so glad everything is going so well, I really hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy all the best xxxx

  • Beautiful scan picture Erithiel. 

    So happy for you, I hope you can now enjoy every bit of your pregnancy. 

    Baby dust to all xx 

  • Aww what a fab scan pic of your Lil boy erithiel.Looks like he's sucking his thumb bless.Bet you are so happy x x 

  • Oh wow Erithiel that is amazing! so glad baby boy is healthy and looking like he is sucking his thumb and nice and relaxed in there 😊 xx

  • Aw Erithiel what beautiful scan pics! Like auntienat says you've put a smile on my face too! And restored hope that it will happen for us all one day too! 

    I'm currently cd36 no AF and no bfp either! My grandad died this morning too so been a bit down in the dumps as he's the third loss in 13 months for my family xxx

  • Beatiful pix Erithiel! congratulations on your baby boy!

    Sair, congrats on the bro!

    nalc, sorry for your loss.

    Caron, welcome and sorry for your loss.

    honeyangel, I read that if your temperature remains elevated for 18days, it means you're pregnant. that is, if you can wait that long. ;)

    tami, very glad you saw your baby's strong heartbeat and that the bled was a minor issue.

  • So I had the US at 5+6 yesterday. Still couldn't see the baby but was told the pregnancy sac looked good and the yolk sac is measuring well. There's also no bled in the uterus so not sure why I have been spotting brown. Hopefully it'll stop soon. My next US is in 2 weeks. this is going to be a long 2 weeks. We were past this stage (though we didn't get to see) the last time as my baby died at 7wks. Hopefully we'll be able to get past this time.

  • I have to add that I'm extremely relieve that it's going as well as it can for now as I've been thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong (ectopic, chemical etc).

  • Hi DBear, 

    Yes waiting to test is going to be hard. I'm home alone, very tempted to test as hubby not here to test block. 

    I'm very glad that things are going well with your pregnancy. I hope the next two weeks fly by for you. 

    The group has been doing well with bfps and smooth pregnancies. I hope this carries on. 

    Nalc12, very sorry to hear about your losses. 

    Condolences to you and your family. 

    Baby dust to all xx 

  • Thanks honeyangel. It's hard to resist testing. Hang in there for a few more days? Also, i think first response is better for early test, as mentioned by many ladies on this thread.

    Phillisdsa, you're very positive in the light of things. hope you'll get your bfp soon!

  • Thanks Dbear, and that's positive news from your ultrasound! Fx for you!

    I know how you mean though, as I tested a couple of days before af due have been constantly thinking it will be chemical etc etc.

    nalc, so sorry for your loss!

  • Erithiel- what a lovely scan Picture, congrats on your baby boy. So cute that he is sucking his thumb (or looks like it) xx

    Dbear- Positive news on scan, that 2 week wait for next one will be a long one for you. Xx

    Nalc- Sorry for your loss xx

    HoneyAngel- I have also read that if your temp rema elevated past DPO18 that is is likely you are pregnant. Allthough this is not always the case, I got to DPO19 and was not pregnant. Xx

    As someone said before, we seem to be going strong on BFP's and ongoing pregnancies lately, Lets home it carries on and we are all preggers by the summer. Xx

    I'm DPO6 and can't wait for my BFP but at the same time dreading it because I know that until I'm past 15 weeks I won't be able to relax at all and if I have any sort of bleeding I will S**t myself. The EPU wont know what's hit them lol. X

  • SweetCherryPie, 

    I'm feeling just like you, I'm waiting for my bfp. I've told my hubby that if I get a bank, I'm probably gonna cry. 

    So he has advanced warning to have some treats nearby. I have five more days to go until I test. 

    When Thursday comes, I will wait an test in the evening once I'm back from work. 

    Let's keep the baby dust flowing x

    Baby dust to all xx 

  • DBear, I've jus ordered some gone onto Amazon. Got myself a pack of first response. 

    I have clear blue digital at home. And another brand that claim to be the same as the ones used in hospitals.

    I'm really hoping for a BFP. 

    Baby dust to all xx 

  • Sorry for what you are going through Natalie sending hugs to you and fx your luck will change soon after these sad times you are going through x x

    Good luck for next scan DBear fx all will be fine and you will see Lil bubs this time x x

    Fx for your bfp Honeyangel when you test.I used first response for this Lil one 5 days early it's so hard waiting never heard of them myself until came on here I recommend them to everyone now ha ha.Good luck x x

    Hope everyone is keeping well babydust and hugs to all x x

  • Thanks nicky it's been an awful year so far hoping good things are to come. 

    Hope your next scan goes well DBear! 


  • Hope the year gets better soon for you Natalie x x

  • Erithiel what beautiful pictures I soooo love baby feet!!!

    Sorry to hear of a family loss nalc:( Let's hope you get some good news soon:) x

    Dbear hope things continue smoothly for you and glad you had a positive ultrasound:)

    Good luck honeyangel and Cherrypie when you test!🍀🍀

    Hope everybody is feeling well😊

    Im currently cd7 and had a nice normal AF so hoping this cycle follows the normality of AF!!

    Im gutted as due to this bloody doctors strike I received a letter Saturday morning cancelling my Gynea appt until June 😡 I cannot express how pissed off I am grrrrr I needed my miscarriage results explained and awaiting mine and hubby blood results to check we aren't dodgy chromosome carriers dus to mc baby having Trisomy 16. Personally I think we aren't carriers as our 3 children are all perfect!! Would seem unusual to suddenly become a carrier unless perhaps age changes things! Going to ring Gynea and blast them tomorrow as I'm 39 and haven't got another 2 months to hang around waiting for tests to be carried out😢

    Rant over!!! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend 😊

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