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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 4

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3 peeps, as the third part of the thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • So I'm NOT pregnant this month, AF has just arrived and im feeling so upset about it, just fed up of everyone around me seeming to get pregnant and I'm not and feel like I'm not going to be able to give our son a sibling, which is probably selfish because some of you ladies don't even have one yet so I'm lucky to but it's so upsetting every single month that af arrives And the larger the age gap between children gets and I really didnt want that 😢

  • Sorry AF showed it's ugly face. I do hope you get your BFP soon

  • Thank you hun. I really thought this month was the month which probably made it worse when it showed up 😩Xx

  • Mummytoeric I completely understand how you feel I had a complete breakdown yesterday when my best friend told me she was 16 weeks pregnant and they were only trying 1 month! It breaks my heart every week my period starts. I am at the hospital on tues they are doing the die test to make sure I have no blockages etc. Stay strong xxxxx

  • It's just so annoying when it's so easy for others! Like this woman on my Facebook who I went to school with she's got two children already and she's just got with another guy about 5/6 weeks ago and she's just annouced there having a baby, after not even two months of being together! And she's pregnant just like that and theres me having to work so hard to get pregnant and it still not happening 😩 I don't know why but I just thought I was pregnant this month and just upset me even more, just getting fed up with it 😢 Good luck at hospital hun let us know how you get on Xxx

  • MummytoEric praying for you hun. Think of this as a new start. Have you tried conceive plus? I really recommend it. Have you got pcos or being tested for anything else? I'd been trying for 2 yrs. Tried everything almost possible. Then saw conceive plus reviews on amazon and my husband ordered it himself actually. We got preg the 1st time using it. I had given up by the time I found out. 

    And yes it will be hard seeing what feels like everyone else getting preg  or new babies on the block etc. I was broken at this point and when my sis in law announced her pregnancy I completely broke down! I then just accepted that I will only have 1 son. 

    Praying for you. Xx

  • Lizzy good luck with your tests hope nothing is blocked. Xx praying for you too. Xx

  • Hi both, 

    thanknyou for your thoughts they couldn't do the test as they struggled to find my cervix then the opening was too small to insert the tube..... Losing all hope now if the doctors can't find it DH little swimmers have no hope 😢

  • Have they told you to come back at all lizzyp2? It may be just timing because it Obviously changes throughout the month? It will happen! hopefully you guys can try that concieve plus stuff this month? It seems to have done the job for others? Daisy87 was trying for 2 years and then tried that and first month it worked so its worth a shot?! wishing you all the luck! 😊

    And daisy87, thanks Hun, yeah I tried the concieve plus this cycle and that's probably why I thought i was pregnant because I thought it had worked for everyone else so 😩 But we are going to use it again this month so fingers crossed! It's such a horrible feeling thinking that I'll never be able to give our son a sibling 😢xxx

  • No they just told me that they would make a note on my file called the doctor and she is away for two weeks starting today then I'm away so I won't know anything now for a month. They told me I had to go up to CD10 in my cycle previou the doctor had mentioned that the could but me under to have a look around so I am wondering if they will go down thy route. 

    DH is not going to go for concieve plus so I will have to try and use it without him noticing if that's possible!! 😂😂

    you will get there mummytoeric you have shown you can with your little boy but understand how you feel xxx

  • Hey all - I've been away for a bit AGAIN as I've been so busy at work.... What did I miss? Sharyoh - did I see you had a BFP??!! 

    no news from me here - in my fertile window now and armed with conceive plus (does anyone else have trouble keeping it "in" with the applicators? TMI, haha!) so we'll see what happens!

  • I feel absolutely broken just fomind out my step daughter is pregnant and my husband is about to become a grandad I honestly don't know if we can get through this. 

    I never imagined the TTC journey to be so difficult 


  • Good luck motherofcats I've not tried using it so can't offer any advice I'm afraid xxx

  • Motherofcats welcome back! Yes i did get my BFP. The trick with it application is to use it just before bding. And i used it while laying down in bed so i didn't get any sips. After the do i remained on my back for awhile. Most of the time i used it we bd'd at bedtime so all i did was wipe n roll over. I do hope you get your BFP soon

  • Oh no lizzy I'm so sorry to hear that, stay strong though!! It's easier said than done I know my sisters just come out again and said she's pregnant again after only trying for a bloody month and I was honest and just said I am happy for you but it's just annoying for me as we've been trying since January and nothings happened yet and she started telling me to do all these things and I was like yes I've done all of them and more and nope they haven't worked, some of us aren't that lucky to fall pregnant in the first month 😩 i know it must be so hard for you, before when i fell pregnant with my son after trying for so long I just gave up and started having fun with my other half instead of just focusing on getting pregnant then it just happened... use that conceive plus and maybe book a weekend away as a surprise for him in your fertile days? dont worry I didn't tell my partner at first About conceive plus because I thought he just wanted to "let it happen when it happens" so at first It was so dark I just pretended it was nornal lube and he didn't even notice 😂 so try that! just have some fun and maybe something could happen Xx

  • How you doing mummytoeri? My AF is due Friday and I'm due to go on holiday Saturday! 

    I did a test last night BFN..... Looked two hours later and there was definitely two lines and pink (one was very faint) tested with First response this morning and big fat BFN so last night must have been an evap Line. 

    Where are you in your cycle? 

    hope this month is your month xxx

  • Hey Lizzyp2, really sorry for the late reply, we went away for a week, phone and stress free! In my ovulation days 🙈 so I'm really hoping it's worked this month 😩 on Ovia it says I've got 9 days until test but I know that I ovulated earlier than it says on the app because i done a test.. So roughly about 5/6 days maybe till I can test? How're you getting on Hun? I got really excited for you when I saw about the two lines!😱 Fingers crossed for you lovely xx

  • Hey ladies hope you don't mind me joining 

    little about me I'm 23 and on month 15ttc and had 2 mc along the way I'm on cd7 and have just started taking seven seas trying for a baby today does it matter that i haven't took them on my period? 

    I also had my bloods done last month to see if i ovulated but my progesti level was only 30 

    any advice would be appreciated 😘

  • Welcome Emma, i think i know you from another other page. It doesn't matter when you started taking it, just keep taking it regularly. I stated taking it in feb16 and i got my BFP 4months later, i also used conceive plus the last month of ttc.

    progesterone level of 30 post ovulation is normal. I had mine done and it was 29.9 at 4dpo and i got my bfp that month. Hope this helps.

    Baby dustimage

  • Il try anything as I reay want to be pregnant Would love to be a mummy and actually stay pregnant, we have sex on all the right days and still nothing but i had a mc in March and had one last October and got my normal period in January so I'm guessong my body is out of sync from my mc in March? 

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