Just finished O heading into 2 week wait

I just ovulated yesterday and now in the 2 week wait..once again! So just wondering if anyone wants to join in the journey 😄 We'lol keep our fingers crossed for each other and see if we can get our bfp together! 



  • Yep, I'm 4dpo. I hate this part!! I managed to get a faint bfp at 9dpo with my 2 girls before so I'll be testing from the weekend. I'm not sure if we caught OV this month, my husband came back from working away on the day I OV'd but not sure that was a little too late. Fingers crossed though, and good luck to you! x

  • Hi Jackobell,

    I to ovulated yesterday so am in exactly the same boat as you! :)

    wishing you all the luck and baby dust x

  • It's great when you have others in the same boat as you! I had some really nasty evaps last month, I obsessed about the same test for days thinking it had to be a positive but obviously it wasnt. I'm so nervous to test before missed af this time. I think if I can wait till 12 dpo to test that would be alright. My fingers are crossed for you girls!! xx

  • Virgo- the egg lives for 12-24 hrs so you never know 😊

  • 2DPO here. Those evaporation lines are soul destroying. Im only usingdigital from now on. At least its definitive either way. Never using early test again

  • Soul crushing is a good word for the feeling

  • What number pregnancy would this be for everyone? It'd be my third, but first with my new partner! Funny isn't it, you'd think after two I'd know what was doing yet here I am, back for support, opks, hots and vitamins all at the ready 😂 X

  • Hi ladies can I join in. I'm ovulation day today I believe. 

    For me the next pregnancy would hopefully be my 3rd live child as I have also had 3 mcs over the years only one of them recently. 

    it's not been a good few weeks for me tbh. I had my last early mc early May, since then I had been getting a lot of pains on my left side low dow. I did inform the doctor but they weren't worried. my pains continued all through my next cycle but we carried on ttc. I went back to the docs on the day I started AF and she checked my urine for infection which came back clear and also referred me for a scan. I continued to have light AF that trailed off to spotting that lasted about 8 days from start to finish. I of course did a hpt that came back negative. My scan appointment was for last Thursday and she found a mass where I have been getting the pain and refered me to the local EPU to find out if it was an eptopic. So Friday I had an internal exam and they sent me for blood HCG that came back as less than 1 so defo not a current eptopic. They sent me for another scan yesterday which confirmed again the mass which is located somewhere between my uterus and my ovary but they can't tell if it's in the tube or not. I'm now waiting for a call to see when my next appointment will be to discuss the next steps. Also we didn't stop ttc as I didn't know this could be something seriou. I'm so frustrated. sorry rant over. 

    Hopefully I will get to see you ladies get a nice BFP this month. 😉😉

  • Hi Ladies 

    So nice to finally find a new group going through the same things! 

    I ovulated on Monday or yesterday  I THINK..and hope. Friday had a very faint line on ovulation strip and i ran out of them, i have new ones now and all negative so must have happened!

    Only had sex on Monday really hoping i caught it and am lucky! Yesterday i had pains in my right side like dull ache and movement. Has anybody else had this? On Monday i also had EWCM.  Feeling positive but who knows this is our second month of trying. 

    I am taking SS trying for a baby have been since May. 

    Lets hope for some BFP :-) 

  • Oh and this will be our first baby! Got married in Feb. 

  • Hi babywatch congratulation on your wedding I also got married recently end of April. it sounds like u ovulated Monday I guess, I they totally neg now or still 2 lines ? Xx

  • Thank you! Congratulations too on your wedding. 

    just one line now so negative totally. 

    Feeling positive for this month but last month I was too. X 

  • Too early for any "symptoms" so to speak but I've spent all day with aches upper legs (my usual place for period pains) a stonking head ache, a mood to match and I'm EXHAUSTED - 10 Hours sleep last night and I don't feel like I've had a wink 😣😣😣

    Congratulations on both your marriages ladies! I hope this is the month for us all x

  • thank you! I don't even know if it's possible to know this early.. I've done too much googling! Now I'm so confused by it all.

    fingers crossed for us all! X 

  • It's highly highly unlikely lovely. The sperm and egg would have met but not implanted yet, should happen sometime over the weekend/early next week for us!

    Knowing my luck it's probably my annual summer cold arriving with it impeccable timing!


  • Oh no jr I hope it's not a cold. Fingers crossed for all of us. I spoke to the hospital again this afternoon and they now don't seam to be worried about the mass seen on the scan and will see me in 2 weeks. They are happy for me to carry on ttc 

  • Hello lovely ladies! Glad so many have decided to join the 2ww club 😊

    JR I'm the same as you, this will be my third but first with my partner. He's pretty much the father of my 2 but I'm so excited we've decided to try for our own! I hope you feel better soon!!

    Emy I'm very sorry to hear what you've gone throug. Stay strong and I know you will have a healthy baby when the time is right. Lots of baby dust coming your way! ✨😊 I also had a mc back in April which was devastating of course😞 I'm so nervous it will happen again.

    Babywanted its normal to have some achs from ovulation so thats probably what you were feeling. This month I had pretty painful O. My bf was nervous about dtd because he didn't want to hurt me but I said we had to and I just dealt with the pain lol. 

    Good luck ladies! It would be amazing to see some bfp's in this thread xx

  • Hey ladies hope you dont mind me intruding I'm ttc baby number one with two mc in 14 months Im on cd 7 and had some strong ov pains tonight on my right side and have back ache so I took a opk and it looks negative to me by the pic can u see if il ovulate soon? image

  • hi ladies hope I can join. I think I ovulated today. AF due in 15 days. This will be baby number 1 following an early mc back in Feb x good luck all 

  • Welcome both Emma's! Emma92 I actually haven't tried the opk but I w say just baby dance every other day for the week (if possible) and you should ave enough lil swimmers ready and waiting for when the egg is released. That's my strategy at least! Have fun!

    EmmaT sorry for your loss☹️ Fingers crossed for you xo

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